stylish nails 2014

The total fashion for everything natural and natural, of course, has reached the manicure. But at the same time, artsy design and complex compositions that cause a storm of emotions remain in demand! Bright and juicy creativity on the nails will always interest and attract attention. Stylish nail design 2014 is varied and enchanting, so we should definitely consider all the hot trends!

Stylish nails and fashion trends

Asymmetry and geometry are the two main hits of 2014! Jagged and straight lines, squares, triangles and ovals, and all this is done in contrasting shades, up to flashy neon colors.

Major tones of «caviar» will elegantly decorate your nails. You can select one or more nails, and cover the rest with a plain varnish. The most fashionable colors are mint, pink, peach, lilac and orange.

Lunar nail art has been a fashion trend for several years now! The exquisite crescent moon looks good with contrasting glossy and matte varnishes.

Stylish nail design

A manicure with ornaments on foil looks luxurious and unusual. Refined engraving on gold or bronze is somewhat reminiscent of chasing. Various stickers and prints today can be made on any subject, such as gothic, pop art or rock.

Stylish designs on nails can be presented in summer with floral and fruit motifs, and in winter with snowflakes and snowmen. Extravagant young girls, as a rule, prefer animalistic drawings, imitation of country flags, or even the image of banknotes. Now it’s all possible thanks to new application technologies, so that all your requests can be met.

The technique of working with stamping makes it possible to decorate the nails with lace. Classic lace in white and black fades into the background, pastel shades of blue, pink and beige are in the lead.

Let your imagination run wild, experiment and always be stylish!

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