Strengthening nail polish

It is believed that hands, and especially nails, are a kind of visiting card of a woman. But sometimes even accuracy and careful care do not help to cope with such problems as brittleness, softness, delamination of nails. The reasons for this can be different — and the harmful effects of the environment, and professional conditions, and malfunctions in the body. Good enough in the fight against this nuisance manifest themselves varnishes to strengthen nails.

How to apply strengthening nail polish?

Strengthening varnish is a therapeutic and prophylactic agent that not only nourishes the nail plate with useful substances and strengthens its structure, but also protects against external factors and decorative varnish. Strengthening nail polishes contain the following ingredients: calcium, iron, proteins, keratin, silk threads, vitamins A, E, C and fruit acids.

As a rule, strengthening varnish is transparent and has no color, so it can be applied as a standalone product (ideal for a natural manicure) or used as a base for colored decorative varnishes. Usually strengthening varnish is applied in 1 — 2 layers.

Strengthening nails with gel polish

Recently, the use of strengthening gel nail polish, a hybrid product that combines the properties of gel and nail polish, has become increasingly widespread. It is easy to apply (as well as varnish), but stays on nails 2-3 times longer. Gel polish fills all microcracks in the nail, leveling its surface. In addition, gel polishes can contain coloring pigments of different shades, so doing a manicure with them is very convenient and practical. However, you need to dry the gel polish under a UV lamp, and remove it with a special tool.

Bitter hardening varnish

Today, from a bad habit of biting your nails, you can quickly use a special bitter strengthening varnish. Its unpleasant taste completely discourages the desire to put your fingers in your mouth, and the nourishing and strengthening components quickly restore damaged nail plates as a result.

What varnish to choose?

A good nail polish is a quality product from leading manufacturers that does not contain any “harmful” nails. Consider several popular manufacturers of hardening varnishes and reviews on their use.

  1. Sally Hansen – some note that the varnish is difficult to apply (spreads) Good nail polishand quickly chipped; there is an effect, but only after prolonged use (noticeable after 1 — 2 months).
  2. Trind — the tool is quite expensive, the best effect is achieved when sharing a nail balm from the same manufacturer.
  3. ORLY — lasts a long time on the nails, quite effective, but some do not like the pearly sheen of this varnish.
  4. «Smart enamel» — the tool helps most consumers, however, many note that the varnish is not resistant (requires frequent renewal) and quickly thickens in the bottle.

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