sharp nails 2016

In 2016, sharp nails are back in fashion. I would like to immediately note that in the last few seasons, this form has lost popularity due to its unnaturalness. However, this year stylists believe that everything is fashionable that is unusual. The pointed nails of the master prefer to perform small lengths. Although the extended «claws», according to stylists, will emphasize creativity and individuality. But in any case, the choice of a stylish design of sharp nails 2016 will be more important.

Sharp Nail Design 2016

If you have made such a non-standard choice as sharp nails, then the 2016 manicure on them should be appropriate. Of course, you can make a single color coating. But if you want to be on trend, then you should add a touch of originality to such a design, for example, by switching from a matte to a glossy shade. But let’s see what sharp nails are trendy in 2016?

Gzhel, Zhostovo, Khokhloma. Any art painting in a traditional style will be a very beautiful and stylish solution. It can be not only Zhostovo, Khokhloma and Gzhel patterns, but also Gorodets, Petrikovsky and other styles.

french. A win-win will be the choice of French manicure for sharp nails. In the 2016 season, any option is relevant from classic to fantasy. But in any case, highlighting the pointed edge with color looks very stylish and neat.

Aqua manicure. The most unusual, elegant, but at the same time true to the sharp nails of 2016 is the aquarium design. Stylists advise using various materials, such as acrylic molding, voluminous glitter, and large glitter. Aqua manicure with 3D effect is also in fashion. Such a design in itself looks very interesting, and voluminous drawings will add originality and originality to a stylish nail-art on a pointed shape.

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