ribbed fingernails causes

An impeccable manicure will adorn any woman, but our nails do not always meet all the necessary requirements of the master. First of all, this concerns the shape of the plate. Let’s carefully study the causes of ribbed fingernails in order to get rid of this cosmetic defect once and for all.

Why do nails look ribbed?

The answer to why fingernails are ribbed is pretty easy to get these days. There are special diagnostic centers that, by the appearance of the nail plate, receive complete information about the state of health of their owner. Yes, in fact, any changes in the color, shape and relief of nails are a signal of problems associated with the functioning of internal organs:

  1. Ribbed nails, especially when it comes to vertical stripes, indicate problems with the stomach and intestines. Horizontal stripes indicate problems with metabolism and hormonal levels.
  2. A bluish tint to the nail hole is a sure sign of heart problems.
  3. Well, the well-known white specks indicate a deficiency of silicon and calcium.

Uneven ribbed nails in these situations are useless to treat with cosmetics. First of all, it is necessary to identify the disease that caused the development of deviations, and cope with it. If your health does not cause concern, you should look for another reason that ribbed nails have appeared. It could be one of these factors:

  • injury;
  • too tight gloves, squeezing fingertips;
  • prolonged contact with active chemicals, household chemicals;
  • lack of nutrients in the body;
  • wrong manicure.

The last factor deserves special attention.

What if the nails became ridged due to a manicure?

Very often, we ourselves are the cause of the poor condition of the nails. And it’s not about endless diets, or health problems. The reason for this is an incorrectly performed manicure. The main rule of a woman who wants to have beautiful and healthy nails is not to use an iron nail file. This also applies to purely iron tools, and diamond-coated files. To process the edge of the nail plate, you should use a glass nail file, or a plastic buff. Such devices will help seal the tip of the nail and keep the nutrients inside. Naturally, brittleness and delamination will stop over time.

In no case should you file and grind wet nails, all procedures should be performed on a dried surface. The movements of the file must go in the same direction so as not to injure the plate.

Lovers of extensions and shellac should give their hands a rest from time to time. At least a few days a month without a top coat will help the nails get oxygenated and restore their normal structure.

There are several folk ways that will help restore a smooth surface to ribbed nails.

If the fingernails are ribbed due to trauma or external factors, they need to be helped to grow back as quickly as possible. For this it should ribbed fingernailsstimulate increased production of keratin by the body. Eat more jelly and jelly, take keratin complexes inside and apply special products with keratin on the nails themselves. With enough nutrients, all that is left is to spur the nail on to increased growth:

  1. Do a salt scrub regularly.
  2. Rub olive oil with the addition of iodine and hot pepper into the nail plate.
  3. When removing the cuticle, apply menthol or eucalyptus essential oil to it.
  4. Protect your hands from exposure to household chemicals.

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