Oval nail shape


oval shaped nails

Oval nails look very gentle, noble, elegant and natural. For those with long fingers, the oval shape gives a complete outline. For owners of short fingers and a wide nail surface, oval nails are more suitable than any others. In addition, with this form of nails it is more convenient both at home and at work.

Oval nail design

With the help of a well-chosen design, you can visually lengthen or shorten your fingers. There are some simple secrets of oval nail design:

  1. For the base, it is preferable to use discreet pastel colors — beige, pale pink, light olive or lemon. They can also act as a stand-alone cover.
  2. The use of stripes looks very advantageous and original. You can experiment with their slope and location.
  3. The plate will visually expand if a multi-layered or three-dimensional design is applied.
  4. Looks beautiful on oval nails angular or cut off fan-french.
  5. Short nails “love” bright colors, just don’t decorate them with colorful ornaments, on a maximum of 1-2 nails, and even then slightly.
  6. Ombre looks good.
  7. Recently, reverse french has become a decoration of nails.
  8. Stamping looks beautiful on the entire area of ​​​​the nail plate.
  9. Rhinestone decoration looks very elegant.

Oval shaped nails

Today, many people prefer to increase their nails instead of a weekly manicure in order to “mess” with them less and less often. You just need to correct them from time to time. The extension is performed with acrylic or gel using tips and forms. An oval shape is obtained by symmetrical cutting of the corners of square extended nails. Extended oval nails are perfect for a moon manicure.

French on oval nails

One of the most popular types of manicure for oval nails is a French or so-called French manicure. It consists in the use of white and transparent varnishes and looks very feminine and gentle. However, recently absolutely any colors have been applied to the edges of the plate, which, however, looks original and beautiful.


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