New Year's manicure

Preparing for the New Year’s Eve is sometimes more exciting than the festive night itself. It is necessary to have time to think over the outfit, and do the hair, and apply makeup. If all of the above should be implemented immediately before the party, then a manicure for the New Year can be done in advance. It’s great if you have manicure ideas for the New Year, and the main task is to find a nail art master who will embody them. If you are still looking for unusual and beautiful ideas, we offer some interesting manicure options for a New Year’s party. But before that, you should familiarize yourself with the main trends in the world of manicure.

Fashion trends in manicure

It is foolish to argue that a beautiful New Year’s manicure is no less important component of a festive look than styling or makeup. Untidy nails can spoil the impression of even the most enchanting image. It’s worth starting with the actual shape of the nail plates. Forget about unnatural looking extended nails that have long gone out of fashion. The trend is natural beauty and simplicity. Neat nails of a round or oval shape are the best solution for your hands, and not only on New Year’s Eve. But you can experiment with the length. Do you want to make a manicure as convenient and practical as possible? Stick to short nails. Do you like long ones? Please!

You can fantasize not only with the length, but also with the color design. A New Year’s party is an excellent occasion to create a bright, bold image that would be out of place in everyday life. Festive outfits of juicy colors are conducive to ensuring that life-affirming colors are also on women’s nails. Feel free to color them in red, purple, gold, plum, blue and even black! Look great short nails, varnished in rich colors and decorated with sparkles. The title of a femme fatale on New Year’s Eve is guaranteed to you. Do not be afraid of the variety and saturation of colors. Everything is allowed tonight!

A gradient manicure looks spectacular with tints of golden, red, burgundy, white and purple. An experienced master can create on your nails a real masterpiece of five shades that smoothly turn into each other. Despite the absence of strict prohibitions, stylists do not recommend abusing a mix of colors. It is better if they belong to the same gamut.

Lovers of the classics can opt for a French manicure. But on New Year’s Eve, you can shift the focus from traditional color combinations to bright contrasts. French and deep, juicy, saturated color are in trend. In addition, the New Year’s jacket will look even more creative if you replace the standard two-color solution with a three-color one.

New Year’s decor

The first thing that comes to mind is the abundance of sparkles that will provide the nails with a festive glow. Beads, rhinestones, sequins and sparkling dust will certainly bring that very New Year’s flair to the image, but you risk turning into a sparkling Christmas tree, so you should limit yourself to decorating one or two nails on your hand.

There is no escape from the traditional New Year and Christmas themes. Funny Christmas trees, frosty patterns, toys, snowflakes and even Santa Claus himself with his sleigh pulled by deer have every right to show off on female nails. If drawing such patterns is an impossible task for you, you can always use special stickers.

In general, photos of manicure for the New Year, offered in fashionable glossy magazines, indicate that your own taste is the main guideline when creating it.

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