nails 2015

An attractive, well-groomed, charming image is impossible without a neat manicure. After all, nails are also a component of the picture called «stylish woman looking after herself.»

Fashion for nails — trends 2015

A beautiful and stylish manicure should not only complement your outfit and reflect your mood, it is also necessary to reflect the recommendations of stylists in it:

  1. The shape as well as the length of the nails will carry over from 2014. Almond-shaped and oval nails are still popular. The rectangular shape will give up its positions a little, but it can still be used. The most relevant length, as before, will remain short or medium. Women who value practicality and convenience can rejoice — naturalness and comfort — above all in the image of the coming year.
  2. It is difficult to name the most fashionable colors of nail polish in 2015 for the reason that their choice is huge. But, in any case, you should pay attention to dark, rich and deep shades — chocolate, burgundy, plum, blue. They are suitable for both everyday and festive winter bows. Spring mood can be emphasized with a sunny range — orange, lemon, carrot varnishes. You can use a metallic color for a manicure, especially since it will overlap well with fashionable “metallic” makeup. The classics also do not give up their positions — matte, calm colors always look advantageous and elegant.
  3. French nails in 2015 do not leave lovers of such a manicure, they only become more juicy, changing pastel colors to bright ones.
  4. It will move to 2015 and become the leader of the gradient — the transition from a dark color to a lighter one or vice versa. If you want your pens to always receive only the highest marks, use this particular technique in manicure.

Fashion drawings on nails 2015

Every year there are more and more interesting ideas in terms of drawing on the nails, however, in the coming year, the popularity of such decoration will decrease. However, fashionable drawings on nails in 2015 also amaze with their fantasy and intricacy:

  • stylists suggest using animalistic patterns — leopard spots, zebra stripes, turtle mosaic;
  • you can decorate your nails with bows, peas, lacing, flowers, snowflakes;
  • geometry is out of competition — all kinds of lines, zigzags, squares, triangles.

If you look at the photo drawings on nails 2015, you can see that they are all thoughtful, concise, respectively, and you need to avoid ridiculous coloring.

Nail decor

Photos of extended nails 2015 are also found, but less and less. Basically, they are made for special occasions. But even if you decide on such a manicure, you should give preference to maximum naturalness.

But a variety of rhinestones, beads and sequins, even lace can be present on your nails. There can be many of them, they can shimmer, shine, sparkle, but you still need to know the measure, for example, a manicure will look good in which all nails are covered with matte varnish, and one stands out with shine.

The nail art of nails 2015 for New Year’s Eve is different — gold and silver, white color are used in the main tone and pattern. Unlike everyday manicure, a festive one can be decorated with stickers with a winter or New Year theme, for example, an image of the symbol of the year, spikelets of wheat or field plants that goats and sheep love so much.

It is important not to forget that a good manicure, first of all, depends on the condition of the nails. It is necessary not only to choose the right coating, but also to take care of the plates daily — use nourishing oils, creams, make baths to strengthen.

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