Minx manicure

If you want to make your nails stand out and also dream of sparkling at parties, then the Minx design is just what you need. With him you will have a stunning success.

New design idea

Like any branch of human activity, the nail industry does not stand in one place. Every year, manicure and pedicure specialists present new and interesting ideas. One of these finds is the minx manicure, which appeared not so long ago, but has already become quite popular among the fair sex.

If we characterize this innovation in a few words, then we can say that this is a very bright and immediately conspicuous manicure. It is absolutely not suitable for those girls who are used to being in the shadows and do not like to be noticed or talked about. After all, these are special, unique films that are noticeably different from the designs and varnishes we are used to. Using a special technology, they can cover natural, gel and acrylic nails.

For the first time, the Hollywood minx manicure appeared. The film was developed by CND. In just a few months, he became very popular in the United States of America, but today he is «respected» by fashionistas around the world. Most public people, especially artists and movie stars, prefer this particular nail style. A minx manicure is also suitable for everyday style.

How to do minx manicure?

To perform such a manicure, you need to have:

  • special composition for degreasing the nail plate;
  • minx film, shaped to fit your nails;
  • an orange stick for easy removal of the film from the transparent base;
  • special infrared lamp;
  • glass nail file;
  • emollient disinfectant oil.
  1. The whole procedure consists in gluing the film on well-defatted nails. Therefore, before doing a minx manicure, the nails are treated with a specially designed product.
  2. How to do minx manicure 1

  3. Before gluing, the film must be well warmed up, otherwise the effect will last much less.
  4. How to do minx manicure 2

  5. Then the film is glued to the nail.
  6. How to do minx manicure 3

  7. In order for it to take the correct shape of the nail plate, after gluing it must be carefully trimmed with a cotton pad. For better fixing, it is recommended to use an orange stick (draw along the inner contour of the nail).
  8. How to do minx manicure 4

  9. Excess film is removed with nail scissors and filed with a glass nail file. A minx manicure lamp with infrared rays will help to fix the result of the work, but if there is none at hand, then the usual one will do.
  10. How to do minx manicure 5

It is convenient that the films can be applied not only to the nails of the hands. This material is also excellent for pedicures. And the gluing process is so simple that you can perform minx manicure at home. Professional nail art masters will do this work in just a few minutes, delighting and surprising their clients with wonderful novelties in the design world.

Benefits of minx manicure

It is worth noting that the main advantage of this novelty is its magnificent collection, which has more than 300 types of designs in its assortment,How to do minx manicure including the currently most popular gold and silver colors.

Also, the undeniable advantages of minx manicure include its following characteristics:

  • the whole process takes no more than 30 minutes, even when done at home, since no additional time is required for various lubrication, chipping or drying of the coating;
  • it does not have unpleasant odors and does not cause allergies;
  • the film does not contain harmful chemicals, and they are not required for applying and removing the coating;
  • retains an excellent appearance on the hands for up to two weeks, and on the legs for up to three;
  • there is a large selection of ready-made designs for every taste;
  • there are chrome metallic colors that cannot be obtained with other known coatings.

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