black dress manicure

A black dress is one of the main things in the basic wardrobe of a modern fashionista. Depending on its style and length, you can successfully wear a black dress both to work and to a party, or an official reception. That’s why a black dress is good because it is the best basis for a variety of sets, for example, with a strict jacket — this is a great business look, and for the evening it is worth adding jewelry, makeup and heels — and you are the center of attention at the holiday.

A black dress is a great versatile wardrobe item, and of course, to make it look different every time, you need to carefully select accessories and jewelry. And, of course, no set will look truly complete without a good manicure.

Manicure for a black dress

Despite the seeming versatility of black, there are several limitations for a manicure under a black dress.

First of all, consider for what reason you are doing a manicure. If you are going to a business meeting, then a classic French manicure is ideal for a black dress. Also, as an option, you can use natural shades of varnish — beige, pink, peach.

If you are going to a celebration or a party, then a manicure for a black evening dress should take into account the style and fabric that was used when sewing the outfit. That is, if the dress is long and luxurious, then you can afford a long manicure, and if the dress is cocktail, but short nails will look better.

A good option for an evening manicure can be shades of lacquer to match jewelry (silver or gold), as well as purple and dark red.

If your dress has a white color in addition to black, and you want an extraordinary manicure for a black and white dress, then you can connect your imagination and make a drawing, for example, white on a black base. You can also use the principle that in a manicure for a black and white dress, you can use the color that is least in the outfit.

What should be given up?

There are no strict taboos in manicure for a black and white dress. But there are some stylistic limitations. For example, putting on a chic evening dress, the shade of manicure should be in stylistic unity with the outfit. That is to be also expensive and refined. And in no case do not get carried away with sparkles, as they “cheapen” the manicure and the image as a whole.

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