It’s no secret that unkempt hands and nails can spoil the impression of any, the most carefully selected look and makeup. For manicure, as well as for clothes, there is a fashion that is changing rapidly. So, what are the fashion trends for summer manicure in 2013?

Summer manicure 2013

The main idea of ​​​​manicure for the summer of 2013 is naturalness. This effect can be achieved with the help of matte or transparent varnishes in pastel shades, a single-color coating. The naturalness of the manicure also implies short nails, only 3-4 cm.

French manicure for the summer of 2013 remains in vogue. In this option, a base of pastel colors is recommended in combination with bright colors (yellow, orange, hot pink) or emphasize the contrast with black varnish in combination with a light base. French manicure in a classic version also does not go out of fashion in the summer 2013 season.

Another original version of a fashionable summer manicure for 2013 is an inverted French manicure. The nail hole is painted over, and the main part of the nail plate is covered with another varnish. In this way, you can combine any colors and shades.

One of the ideas of nail designers for summer manicure in 2013 is a combination of different colors in the form of stripes. This option makes it possible to fantasize, combine a manicure with the main shades of an outfit or accessories. You can use two vertical stripes of pastel shades of the same spectrum and achieve a shadow effect. Another idea for a summer manicure for 2013 is from bright stripes of three colors of the same spectrum, coinciding with the main shades of the outfit. This option will harmoniously complete the whole image. Stripes can also be applied horizontally.

Geometric motifs in manicure for the summer of 2013 can be continued. For example, horizontal and vertical stripes of a bright color on a white background look beautiful. The strips can be applied diagonally criss-cross. Such cells and diamonds look original and interesting.

Remained in fashion and «Ombre» — a beautiful manicure for the summer, which looks like a smooth transition from one color to another. This manicure technique can be performed both on each nail and in a smooth transition of shade from one finger to another.

For several seasons, dark manicure has been in fashion. Summer 2013 was no exception — black, dark blue, smoky shades are still relevant.

Many designers believe that a beautiful summer manicure should be juicy, bright, especially since the summer fashion in clothes in 2013 offers floral, animalistic and other multi-colored prints and patterns. Juicy green, orange, yellow, all bright shades of red and pink, combined with elements of clothing or makeup — a trendy summer 2013 manicure.

The caviar manicure, which is extremely popular this season, is performed using very small beads that resemble eggs. Such a manicure can be monophonic or multi-colored. With the help of beads, you can create a beautiful pattern.

In 2013, it is not necessary to choose a shade of varnish for makeup, accessories or clothes — contrast is in fashion. For example, an orange manicure goes well with a blue outfit. You can safely experiment with other contrasting solutions.

Length and shape of nails in 2013

As mentioned above, naturalness is in fashion, so super-long nails are not relevant. «Cat» nails, «stilettos», marble manicure, square shape — all this remains in past seasons. Medium-length oval or almond-shaped nails are a fashionable summer manicure in 2013. If you want to make a manicure for the summer of 2013 using extensions, follow the main rules — do not sharpen the ends, stick to a maximum length of 4 cm.

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