cat eye gel polish

The peculiarity of the manicure made with Cat’s Eye gel polish is that the nails seem to be made of chrysoberyl semi-precious stone. A similar remarkable effect can be achieved due to the fact that the Cat’s Eye gel polish contains microscopic metal particles. Reflections of a shade lighter than the main bright color have a different shape: stripes, diagonals, waves, stars, crescents, etc., and therefore every time the nail design created by the Cat’s Eye gel polish looks unique and resembles three-dimensional graphics.

We bring to your attention a master class on applying Cat’s eye gel polish. Believe me, such a seemingly complicated manicure is generally easy to do if you have some skills in aesthetic nail treatment.

Gel polish application technology Cat’s eye

Equipment and materials:

  • UV lamp;
  • magnet to create the effect of «cat’s eye»;
  • buff (grinder);
  • base coat;
  • varnish gel cat’s eye;
  • fixative (matte);
  • sticks;
  • soft, lint-free wipes.

Procedure sequence:

  1. We prepare the nails: remove the cuticle, give the desired shape, grind with a file, treat with a protective primer.
  2. cat eye gel polish application technology 1

  3. Apply a thin layer of base coat on treated nails. Let the varnish dry well in a UV lamp.
  4. technology for applying gel polish cat's eye 2

  5. We cover the nails with Cat’s Eye gel polish, after shaking the bottle several times so that its contents are uniform. We bring the magnet as close to the surface of the nail as possible until the varnish is dry, for about 10 seconds.
  6. technology for applying gel polish cat's eye 3

  7. Dry the created layer of varnish with a UV lamp for about 5 minutes.
  8. technology for applying gel polish cat's eye 4

  9. We apply a second layer of varnish, making out by means of a magnet, and again dry the coating of the nail plates.
  10. technology for applying gel polish cat's eye 5

  11. In conclusion, we apply a matte fixative on the nails, dry with a UV lamp. Finally, apply cuticle oil. With a lint-free cloth, gently remove the sticky layer from the nail. An unusually beautiful and stylish manicure is ready!
  12. technology for applying gel polish cat's eye 6

Note! If you have the desire and time, you can experiment with patterns. To this end, after the gel polish is applied to the nail plate, you should twist and move the magnet. Thanks to this technique, the drawing turns out to be more bizarre. Having practiced, it is possible to learn how to create very interesting effects. You can add chic to a manicure made using Cat’s Eye gel nail polish by decorating your nails with shiny rhinestones, liquid stones or velvet sand.

Important Details

In addition to the extraordinarily beautiful overflows resulting from the deep shimmer of paint with metallic inclusions, a manicure with Cat’s Eye gel polish has an additional plus. This is its strength and relative durability. If the procedure is carried out correctly, then the varnish layer on the nail plates lasts up to three weeks.

In order for the lacquer design of nails to look neat for a long time, it is important to follow a number of significant rules. Among them:

  1. Do housework only with rubber gloves.
  2. Avoid very hot water, as well as sudden changes in temperature (including when visiting a bath or sauna).
  3. Do not allow household solvents to come into contact with nails.
  4. Do not perform actions associated with a violation of the integrity of the nail coating.

Manicure specialists advise, when choosing gel polish, to give preference to products produced by well-known companies and at the same time having a biocomposition. Under such a coating, the nails «breathe», and therefore their structure remains intact and strong, and the nail plate receives sufficient nutrition.

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