love yourself psychological technique

Who among us has no problems! But in order to reduce them, psychologists say that a person needs to love himself: a special psychological technique has even been created for training.

What is the essence of psychotechnics?

As a rule, those who did not receive enough love in childhood do not love themselves. They are ready for self-sacrifice, for giving up blessings and comfort for the sake of their children (parents, husband, etc.). At the same time, they do not see anything special in themselves, they do not consider that they are worthy of attention and care, and those around them, meanwhile, shamelessly use the best qualities of such people. So, it’s time to figure out what it means to love yourself, and take a step towards yourself.

  1. First, look at yourself in the mirror (do this when you are alone at home) and understand that you are who you are, and this is your charm, because there is no other like it. Smile to yourself, even if the first time the smile is forced and even a little pathetic. Be sure: in a week you will be happy to smile at your reflection in the mirror.
  2. And now call yourself an affectionate name, praise yourself for something (at least for borscht, which only you make so tasty).
  3. To understand how to love yourself, use the following tips: write on a piece of paper in a column all your best personal and simply human qualities (responsiveness, commitment, compassion, the ability to embroider, etc.). Well, if you dial five dozen of them. And now on the other — what you don’t like about yourself (also 50). Read, and now burn this sheet and forget about it, but reread the sheet where your best qualities are written every day.
  4. You still want to figure out how to accept and love yourself — go to the hairdresser, get a new haircut, manicure, wander around the shops, buy at least one new little thing. Also, go to a jewelry store and try on a pretty ring. It is not necessary to buy, but even trying on will improve your mood. Now go back home and look in the mirror again: isn’t the woman who is reflected in it good? Isn’t she worthy of love and attention? That’s it. Therefore, first you yourself will love yourself, imbued with respect for yourself, and then, you see, the rest will understand that you deserve all the best in this life.

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