hairstyle trends 2014

Haircuts can be very different, and it is still desirable to fit within the style and include the latest fashion trends. This year, the trend among hairstyles is the fashion for a romantic style, and for a street casual styling option. The retro bow is also back in fashion. Well, and, of course, as always, neatly styled hair remains popular and relevant as for an evening out.

And retro again

The trend of the season among hairstyles brings back the bouffant into fashion, and the bouffant should be done on the lower layers of the hair, and on top they should be neatly laid on it. All this helps to make a bow from the time of great-grandmother’s youth. The hair is collected at the back, you can also put your hair in a luxurious bun on top, or make a lush bob with a pile. The latest hairstyle trends also do not disdain the use of accessories and original hairpins, and such hairpins should be more decorative, hairpins and hairpins that hold the hair should be invisible. For particularly elegant occasions and celebrations, you can complement the styling with luxurious rhinestones and stones.

To shave or not to shave?

If in doubt, then, of course, stop cutting your hair! Women’s hairstyle trends 2014 offer very cute and elegant haircuts. It is very interesting to style a square, for example, make it in the style of the 20s or 30s and style short hair in curls, while pinning the strands in front with hairpins. For a more formal and businesslike look, you can style your hair very gently with mousse or gel and pick it up at the back, which will give a bit of a teacher’s look.

Hair trends 2014 also involve a variety of solutions regarding bangs. It can be laid on its side, left in front, or for a particularly creative effect, you can make the bangs yourself, first making a spikelet from the back of the head to the forehead and casually throw the strand of hair remaining from the spikelet over the forehead, thus creating the appearance of a bang. Wavy and curly curls have not been canceled either — they still remain relevant, because thanks to light and airy curls, you can create a very romantic and charming image in haste.

Another fashion trend is asymmetry. The short flight of stairs is cut unevenly, on one side the hair is made specially longer than on the other, moreover, you can even cut your hair on one side. The most fashionable bangs for this option is a luxurious strand laid on its side.

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