Nail design with blue and white polish is a trendy nail art for any season. The combination of these colors is also suitable for the cold period as the completion of a festive outfit or a winter everyday look, as well as for the hot season, because the ensemble of blue with white lacquer fits perfectly into the beach and summer bow. In addition, blue and white manicure is a fashionable color scheme for nails. After all, the shades complement each other perfectly.

Stylish manicure with blue and white polish

Today, stylists offer a large selection of original nail designs with blue and white polish. With the help of such flowers, you can make a beautiful festive and elegant manicure or everyday nail-art, which will unusually complement a casual bow. Let’s see which blue and white manicure is the most popular today?

White and blue french manicure. As you know, fan-french is an actual nail design. After all, a colored French manicure looks so unusual and original on both short and long nails. Today it is popular to make such a design with a transparent base varnish, and highlight the edge of the nail with a transition from dark blue to white. An inverted jacket also looks very stylish — a moon manicure with a white base and a blue hole.

Blue and white manicure with drawings. The most diverse and beautiful design is considered to be with patterns or drawings. In this case, both white and blue varnish can act as the basis. Floral abstractions and unusual curls are considered popular drawings. Stylists complement this design with sparkles, powder, glitter.

Blue and white marine manicure. The nautical theme is considered a classic design in blue and white. Such a manicure can be done with complex patterns, decals, or in the form of simple stripes using varnish or foil. Rhinestones, sparkles and fashionable molding will complement the marine theme on the nails in an unusual and original way.

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