White manicure 2018 - fashion design ideas for nails of any length

White manicure 2018 is a real fashion trend for the upcoming summer. It enjoys well-deserved popularity among the fair sex of all ages due to its versatility. Nail art looks stylish both in a single color version and in combination with other colors.

White manicure 2018 — fashion trends

One of the most common options that is often used by stylists is white nails design 2018. The following fashion trends are relevant for this year:

  • monophonic exquisite nail art that looks incredibly stylish through the use of snow-white color;
  • nails may have a smooth structure or they may have protruding elements, for example, made in the form of modeling;
  • on a snow-white background, all kinds of drawings look unsurpassed, which can be geometric, abstract, made in the form of floral, floral, animalistic ornaments;
  • if you want to create a luxurious spectacular design, you can use the application of golden or silver patterns;
  • for the summer seasons, a white marine manicure 2018 is ideal, which is made by applying blue stripes and thematic patterns, such as anchors or shells.

white manicure 2018 fashion trendswhite nails design 2018

White manicure 2018

White manicure 2018 for short nails

Lovers of neat, discreet nail art will be able to use this option as a white manicure 2018 for short nails. It has the following distinctive features:

  • the design can be monophonic, made using glossy or matte finishes;
  • the invariably relevant solution remains French or moon nail art, which looks incredibly elegant on shortened nail plates;
  • can be decorated with rhinestones, sparkles or sequins, but it is worth considering that a discreet design is recommended, it is better to take decorative elements in limited quantities.

white manicure 2018 for short nails

White manicure 2018 for long nails

Lovers of catchy and attention-grabbing bows will be able to create a manicure in white color 2018 on elongated nail plates. Among the characteristic features of this design are the following:

  • such a form of nails as pointed, square, rounded is allowed, it all depends on the individual wishes of a particular girl;
  • nails can be concise and painted exclusively in snow-white color, due to its freshness it will be catchy and memorable in itself;
  • long nails provide stylists with the opportunity to fully express their imagination and create real masterpieces, various compositions on them;
  • laying out with stones is common, which can be placed on the fingers discreetly, in the amount of several pieces, or are used in plentiful decoration;
  • white manicure 2018 can be used in combination with all kinds of colors, which can be light pastel or bright saturated;
  • one of the most spectacular combinations is the combination with black;
  • a variety of patterns can be applied to the nail plates, containing geometric, animalistic, abstract, floral and floral motifs;
  • The ombre effect looks extremely stylish, which can be done in similar light shades or bright and contrasting ones.

white manicure 2018 for long nailsmanicure in white color 2018

White manicure 2018 — fashion ideas

Creating a stylish manicure in 2018, white varnish can be used in a variety of combinations. The most common and popular are the following ideas:

  • combination with black, which looks incredibly elegant;
  • one of the most feminine and romantic options is a jacket and manicure 2018 with white holes;
  • to create luxurious evening bows, decorating with gold or silver is ideal, which can be done using coatings or sparkles;
  • additional attention to nail art can be attracted if you use a rub that can give an iridescent effect;
  • another way to create a catchy bow is to decorate with rhinestones, kamifubuki or sparkles;
  • this season does not lose its position on the fashionable Olympus ombre, which can be performed in a horizontal or vertical version;
  • pearlescent coating will help to give a glossy shine;
  • the marble structure of the nails looks incredibly interesting.

white manicure 2018 fashion ideasmanicure 2018 white varnish

Black and white manicure 2018

The real trend of this year is the fashionable black and white manicure 2018. The combination of these two shades is invariably associated with classics, elegance and sophistication. The undoubted advantage of using this design is the ability to use it not only to complement everyday outfits, but also to go to the office. Such nail art will easily fit into even the most strict dress code. There are such design variations:

  • black and snow-white shades can alternate among themselves on different nail plates;
  • colors can change each other in the form of stripes;
  • on a snow-white background, all kinds of patterns made in black can be drawn. These can be openwork lace patterns or geometric patterns;
  • the design may include decoration with rhinestones.

black and white manicure 2018trendy black and white manicure 2018

White french manicure 2018

You can create an extremely stylish white manicure 2018, made in the form of a jacket. It can be designed in the following variations:

  • using a traditional transparent coating that can cover the main part or certain elements are stained with it, for example, a heart located in the middle of the nail plate;
  • common combination with light pastel shades;
  • if a fashionista wants to bring brightness to the image, she can use saturated colors, such as aquamarine, red, yellow, lavender and any others;
  • french looks unsurpassed on its own or in combination with moon nail art;
  • the main part can be separated from the tip with a strip lined with rhinestones.

white french manicure 2018

White manicure with gold 2018

If you want to create a catchy, memorable bow or organically complement an evening outfit, you can use a white manicure 2018, complemented by gold elements. Among stylists, such variations of its design are in demand:

  • the drawing of lace openwork elements in gold looks unsurpassed;
  • any nail plate can be completely covered with gold varnish;
  • a perfect solution would be a white manicure 2018 with stripes made with a golden coating;
  • with the help of a golden coating, a jacket and moon nail art can be made out.

white manicure with gold 2018

White manicure 2018 with rub

girls who want to look stylish and extraordinary can apply such a design solution as a white manicure 2018 with a rub. This additional element can be applied over a snow-white background, it can be used to shape any specific nail plate. Manicure 2018 pink and white is one of the most organic combinations, these two shades are very harmoniously combined with each other.

white manicure 2018 with rubbing

White manicure 2018 with sparkles

Many stylists resort to such a solution as the current white manicure 2018, made with sparkles. These decorative elements can be applied to the fingers in the following ways:

  • glitter can completely cover any one or more nail plates;
  • certain patterns and curls can be laid out with sequins, it can be stripes or a lace pattern;
  • sequins are used to decorate the jacket, this design looks incredibly impressive. Shiny details are located at the tip of the nail plate.

white manicure 2018 with sparkles

White manicure 2018 ombre

The real hit of this season is considered to be a white manicure with a design of 2018, which contains an ombre effect. The design can be applied in different variations, among which it is worth noting the following:

  • horizontal arrangement of the gradient, in which the snow-white shade flows into some other;
  • vertical ombre, which suggests a corresponding transition from one tone to another;
  • white ombre manicure 2018 can be combined with similar shades, it is beige, cream, light pink, all kinds of pastel colors;
  • such an option as bright saturated colors is also allowed, while the ombre comes out extremely bright and spectacular.

white manicure 2018 ombre

White marble manicure 2018

Lovers of feminine and romantic bows will be able to create a delicate white manicure 2018, made with a marble coating. Among its characteristic features are the following:

  • on the surface of the nail plates there are stains that imitate the surface of marble as much as possible;
  • marble patterns can have a wide variety of shades, these are delicate pastel colors, and bright colors that attract attention.

white marble manicure 2018gentle white manicure 2018

White mother-of-pearl manicure 2018

Such a spectacular design as a beautiful white manicure 2018 can be applied using a pearlescent coating. It is characterized by a special delicate structure, which gives the nail plates femininity and sophistication. Nails acquire an iridescent surface. Mother-of-pearl can have a snow-white color or be transparent with a slight pastel tint, which is applied over the main background.

white mother-of-pearl manicure 2018

White manicure with kamifubuki 2018

One of the most spectacular solutions will be nail art, complemented by such a decorative detail as kamifubuki. These shiny elements can be made in the form of circles or have some other shape. The color scheme is characterized by an extreme variety, for example, red and white manicure 2018 looks incredibly impressive, where scarlet circles are located on a snow-white background.

white manicure with kamifubuki 2018

White manicure 2018 with rhinestones

Outside the influence of fashion, such a decorative element as rhinestones continues to remain. They can be combined with any other decorations, applied to different coatings, for example, a white 2018 manicure with acrylic powder and rhinestones looks very stylish. Registration is carried out in the following ways:

  • rhinestones can completely cover one or more fingers;
  • with the help of rhinestones, I can lay out patterns, stripes and curls;
  • rhinestones can separate one part of the nail plate from another, for example, the main part from the tip when creating a jacket or the moon zone when applying moon nail art.

white manicure 2018 with rhinestonesmanicure 2018 white varnish

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