Warts on the hands - causes and treatment with pharmaceutical and folk remedies

Warts on the hands, the causes and treatment of which have been studied quite well, are a serious cosmetic defect. They not only look unpleasant, but can also interfere with everyday life. Tubercles can occur throughout the body, but statistics show that the limbs suffer from them in most cases.

Warts on the hands — causes

The disease affects the skin and mucous membranes. Warts on the hands, their causes and treatment, medicine is actively studying. The researchers managed to find out that the disease appears due to the human papillomavirus. The latter lives in almost every organism, but manifests itself only when the immune system is weakened and cannot give a worthy rebuff to the pathogenic microorganism.

warts on hands causes

Why do warts appear on the hands? Mainly because the limbs are the most injured and more often than other parts of the body come into contact with potential carriers of the virus. HPV is transmitted like this:

  • when shaking hands;
  • through railings and handles in public places;
  • as a result of contact with poorly disinfected instruments in beauty salons;
  • through dirty dishes;
  • when visiting public pools and baths;
  • against the background of increased sweating of the hands.

What does a wart look like on a hand?

As a rule, warts on the hands, the causes and treatment of which are described in the article, look like dense formations that slightly rise above the surface of the epidermis. The diameter of the tubercles varies from 0.1 to 1 cm. The color of the formations differs little from the shade of healthy skin. Bulges are also single, but in most cases they are formed in groups.

The main types of warts look like this:

  • ordinary;
  • flat;
  • palmar-plantar or spines;
  • senile.

common wart

It looks like a hardened hard bubble. Its height does not exceed 0.5 cm. The tubercles are painted grayish or brown. A wart on the finger and back of the hand may form. In most cases, ordinary or as they are also called — vulgar — formations are found in young people. Near the main — maternal — bubble, «children» often appear.

common wart

flat warts

These spots are round or irregular in shape. In addition to the back of the hands, they affect the face, chest area, shoulders. Flat warts on the hands are painted in a light brown color, but as a rule, the shade of the tubercles does not differ from the healthy epidermis. The formations slightly rise above the skin — only a couple of millimeters and sometimes cause discomfort.

flat warts

wart thorn

It is considered a variety of ordinary formations. Palmar-plantar warts appear on the hands and feet. Outwardly, they look like small spikes rising above the skin. Their structure is dense. The spikes can be painful and almost always cause discomfort. When the top layer is exfoliated from the wart, black dots are visible on the surface.

wart thorn

Senile keratoma

These warts on the hands have different causes and treatments than other types. The fact is that such formations are seborrheic keratotic growths. In the initial stages, keratomas look like spots, which eventually transform into growths with seborrheic scales on the surface. When dry particles fall off, papillary growths remain on the skin. Like other types of hand warts, senile keratomas are benign.

senile keratoma

Warts on the hands — treatment at home

Knowing the causes of warts on the hands, and its treatment can be discussed. Therapy required is not the most difficult, but it is still not recommended to prescribe medications on your own. Before getting rid of warts, you need to consult with a specialist. The doctor will select the most suitable therapeutic regimens. Otherwise, you may run into a number of problems:

  1. Due to improper and inept treatment, scars and burns can form on the skin.
  2. Incorrect therapy sometimes leads to the spread of the virus to healthy areas of the epidermis.
  3. Although the risk of transforming a wart into a malignant formation is small, it is advisable to conduct a histological examination before removing it, and this can be done with the help of professionals.

How can a doctor help get rid of warts on the hands? There are several main types of drugs that effectively cope with the virus and the consequences of its activity:

  1. Antivirals. They come in the form of ointments or tablets and act on the problem from the inside.
  2. Necrotizing. Drugs that destroy the growth due to the toxic effect on its cells.
  3. Immunostimulating. Such drugs contribute to the production of interferon and the activation of the immune system.
  4. Keratolic. Medicines that destroy the cells of education.

A wart on the finger can also disappear under the influence of alternative medicine. Onions and garlic work well. To turn foods into medicines, they need to be marinated in vinegar for a couple of hours, and then tied to a sore spot. If you don’t feel like walking with a plate of onion or garlic, you can simply treat the tubercle with juice, which is most actively released in the place of a fresh cut. Raw potatoes can be used as a good alternative to these fragrant medicines.

Ointment for warts

You can choose a good ointment for warts on your hands from the following list:

  1. Salicylic. This is one of the most popular and effective anti-inflammatory and painkillers. Such an ointment is applied only to the affected areas 1 to 2 times daily. A slight burning sensation when using this product is normal.
  2. Panavir. A drug that knows perfectly how to treat warts. It is widely used in medical practice. The course of treatment with Panavir is at least two weeks. The ointment is light and does not leave greasy marks on the skin.
  3. Oxolinic. It has a strong antiviral effect. The main active ingredient in it does not allow the division of the virus. Apply the ointment twice — three times a day. It can also be used on mucous membranes. The duration of the course of treatment depends on the degree of infection.
  4. Vartoks. The composition of the drug includes urea and glyceric acid. These components soften the tissues of the wart, and the latter dies off. With the help of Vartox, formations can be eliminated in a short time. For maximum effectiveness, the product should be left on the affected area overnight.

Cauterization of warts

cauterization of warts

This procedure can be carried out at home using special solutions. A good remedy for warts can be found in this list of drugs:

  1. Verrukatsid. Suitable for removing small build-ups. One treatment is enough to achieve a positive result.
  2. Iodine. With its help, warts are cauterized 1 — 2 per day for 7 — 10 days.
  3. Ferezol. It is applied pointwise and once, but if the build-up is large, several treatments may be required. The active substances of the solution cauterize the formations and disinfect the skin around.
  4. Kollomak. The drug is based on salicylic acid. You need to apply it on the wart drop by drop 1 — 2 per day for 3 — 4 days. The treatment course should not last longer than a week.
  5. Celandine. The bright orange juice of the plant has long been famous for its cauterizing properties. The celandine from warts is applied 3-4 times a day. Such treatment can last up to 14 days.

How to quickly get rid of warts on the hands?

Dermatologists offer several ways to deal with growths. Here’s how to remove a wart quickly and effectively:

  • surgically;
  • physiotherapy methods;
  • with the help of immunomodulatory therapy;
  • special preparations.

Although surgery is an effective method of treatment, of all the methods described above, it is considered the least popular. The fact is that the procedure for removing the wart turns out to be painful — that’s why it is carried out under local anesthesia — and after it the patient has to endure a long rehabilitation period. In addition, the infection may penetrate into the postoperative wound with a greater probability.

Removal of warts with liquid nitrogen

A modern technique that allows you to get rid of formations due to cryogenic technologies. Removing warts with nitrogen has many benefits. The main one is the possibility of precise impact. Nitrogen enters only diseased tissues, while healthy epidermis remains intact. This procedure is assigned when:

  • the wart bleeds;
  • education begins to interfere with normal life;
  • the growth periodically hurts;
  • there is no possibility to resort to another method of treatment.

Laser wart removal

A painless procedure that is very popular today. Before removing the wart, no preparatory measures are required. To remove a small formation, a single treatment is enough. In rare cases, a course of treatment is prescribed. Since the laser beam does not touch the surface of the skin, rehabilitation after the procedure is not required.

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