Velvet manicure — simple and evening design ideas for nails of any length


Velvet manicure - simple and evening design ideas for nails of any length

To date, there are many ways to beautifully and interestingly decorate the nail plates. Often, young ladies of an older woman do a “velvet sand” manicure, which looks very stylish and attractive, and, moreover, has a number of other advantages.

Velvet manicure 2018

Fashion trends in the world of manicure art do not stand still, and current trends change with each season. In 2018, the “velvet sand” manicure became a real hit, in which the nails have a specific texture reminiscent of noble velvet. This effect can be achieved with the help of flock powder, which is the smallest threads of different colors and lengths. At the same time, in order to get a velvet manicure, it is necessary to use flock powder with the shortest threads. If you take a longer variation, the nail will look like a shaggy sweater.

In 2018, velvet sand is very actively used by both nail art masters and those fashionistas who take care of their hands on their own. As a rule, not all nail plates are covered with this type of decor, but only accent fingers. In addition, the velvet pattern on the nails, mainly on a floral theme, is very popular.

The color scheme of such nail art in the coming season may be different. Incredibly relevant are pastel shades, combined in groups of 2-3 tones. Bright red, pink and wine manicure do not give up their positions, which emphasize the femininity and seductiveness of their owner. In addition, in the business environment, one of the most popular options has become a manicure in gray tones, which can be either light and muted, or dark and intense.

velvet manicure 2018velvet manicure

Velvet manicure for short nails

In 2018, not long, but neat short nails are in fashion, emphasizing the femininity and unique charm of their owner. They can be decorated in various ways, including using velvet sand, which does not require any special skills and time-consuming.

Velvet sand on nails of small length looks very cute, gentle and romantic. As a rule, in this case, all fingers are covered with such powder, giving them a special texture. A manicure looks very interesting, where velvet sand is applied only to accent nails, and all the rest are covered with plain glossy varnish or gel polish. In addition, multi-colored marigolds, for example, painted in different colors of the rainbow, can also be sprinkled with sand.

Short nail plates do not have enough area to accommodate bright and interesting patterns. However, they can depict original monograms, curls, grid and various abstractions. Looks good on short nails and knitted manicure «velvet sand», however, it should not be too overloaded.

velvet manicure for short nails

Velvet manicure on long nails

Long velvet nails look great. If all the nail plates are covered with such a coating, such nail art is not everyday and will only be appropriate at some kind of solemn event. In this case, stylists recommend giving preference to deep and intense color shades — burgundy, wine, dark blue, emerald green and others. Any of these colors should resonate with the chosen holiday attire and not stand out from the image as a whole.

In addition, any pattern that the fair sex will like can be applied to long nails. This technique can be easily combined with other ways of decorating claws. So, it looks very interesting in an ensemble with a moon or French design, rhinestones or stripes, geometric elements or negative space. According to the masters of manicure art, the most luxurious combination is the tandem of velvet sand and liquid stones, which fill the evening look with unusual charm and some mystery.

velvet manicure on long nails

Velvet Manicure Ideas

The effect of velvet nails always looks very interesting, even if all the plates are only covered with a plain varnish of one of the universal shades. The combination of this method of decorating nails with other techniques can give simply amazing results, so the masters come up with the most incredible designs for their clients, suitable for both special occasions and everyday wear.

velvet manicure ideasvelvet nail effect

Red velvet manicure

The charming velvet nail design looks great in red and its many shades. Such a manicure is not everyday, but it will fit into the framework of a solemn event with ease. Red fingers with a velvety texture can coexist with a glossy finish, rhinestone patterns, shiny pebbles, golden pollen and many other decorative elements.

red velvet manicure

Black velvet manicure

The black color of the coating is considered universal, as it is suitable for complementing business suits, as well as evening dresses or casual wear. Since many girls consider this color scheme to be gloomy, nail art masters actively complement the monochromatic coating in this color with various decorative elements.

Velvet nail polish gives nail art a unique texture and true charm. Although such a design looks simple, restrained and concise, it always finds its place in the image of a modern fashionista. In addition, it can be combined with other techniques for decorating nail plates. So, the “velvet sand” manicure looks good with a moon or French design, stones and droplets, stripes and many other elements.

black velvet manicure

Blue velvet manicure

A huge number of girls and women choose a velvet coating for nails in blue and its many shades. This option is one of the most preferred, because it looks great with any wardrobe items. Blue is the color of stability, deep nature, serious reflections. Since ancient times, women of noble birth have chosen for themselves toilets of a deep dark blue hue.

Today, the same trend has spread to manicure art — with the help of nail art in blue tones, complemented by exquisite velvet decor, you can emphasize nobility and high social status, demonstrate to others your individual style and the ability to select all the components of a fashionable image with high quality.

blue velvet manicure

Matte velvet manicure

The smallest particles of velvet sand are best attached to matt shades of varnish and, in addition, the chosen design is drawn much easier on them. Meanwhile, a matte manicure with velvet sand has a very significant drawback — all impurities stick to it very quickly, as a result of which it quickly loses its appearance. This is especially true for light shades of the coating, with dark gel polishes the situation is slightly different — in most cases they remain in their original form for about 3 weeks.

matte velvet manicure

Velvet Ribbon Manicure

One of the novelties of recent years has become a manicure, where velvet sand forms a kind of ribbon. This design looks restrained and concise, but at the same time it has a certain zest that cannot go unnoticed. This nail art is absolutely universal — it looks good both at a gala event and in everyday life, and it is not forbidden even in an office with a strict official dress code.

In addition, nail art masters often use special tapes for nail design in their work. Experts complement them with a beautiful manicure with a velvet pattern, which gives it even more charm. This design is great for any situation and always looks advantageous.

velvet ribbon manicure

Velvet monograms on nails

A beautiful “velvet sand” manicure, the patterns on which can be absolutely anything, looks very interesting, bright and attractive. Very often, stylists use gel paint to draw the desired patterns on the nail plates, after which they apply acrylic powder on top of it, polymerize the material and chip off the remnants. Top such drawings are not covered. Velvet monograms, if they are made in white, are perfect for the image of a young bride, and in other shades — to complement the evening dress.

velvet monograms on nails

Shell manicure with velvet sand

On the eve of a summer beach holiday, the velvet pattern on the nails is often decorated in a marine style and decorated with shells. This design element looks great in combination with acrylic powder and velvet sand. The shell looks very bright and spectacular, so it should not be done on all nail plates. It is much better to decorate accent fingers on one or two hands with this element. This manicure looks great in any color scheme, but the most preferred are pastel shades, such as beige, cream or pale pink.

velvet sand shell manicure

Velvet roses on nails

Manicure «velvet roses» looks amazing. It is considered ideal for going out and special occasions and is perfect for the fair sex of any age and social status. You can make this type of nail art as follows:

  1. Perform a hygienic manicure.
  2. File the nail plates and give them the desired shape.
  3. Cover nails with degreaser.
  4. Apply ultrabond.
  5. Carefully apply the base.
  6. Cover the nails with red gel polish in one layer.
  7. On the accent fingers, use gel paint to draw a flower resembling a fluffy rose.
  8. Sprinkle another wet gel paint with velvet sand.
  9. Dry your nails in a lamp and shake off the remaining sand with a fan brush.
  10. Lubricate the cuticles with oil.

velvet roses on nails


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