Turquoise manicure 2018 - a list of the best ideas for nails of any length

Beautiful pastel shades in the image always refresh the look and emphasize tenderness, romance, femininity. Especially such solutions are relevant in small things and additions. And a stylish choice today is turquoise manicure 2018.

Turquoise manicure 2018 — fashion trends

In the new season, fresh and romantic design has gained a universal character. Such solutions are relevant both in the cold season and in the warm season. The main advantage of sophisticated nail-art is its expressiveness, even considering that the beautiful shade belongs to the pastel delicate palette. At the same time, the colors of the sky-sea scale can act as both a background and a decoration. In modern style, ideas using several colors are considered popular. Let’s review turquoise manicure 2018 — trends:

  1. With white. If you want to emphasize the tenderness and romance of the color, then the choice, as a secondary, varnish of a light classic shade, will be excellent. And in this case, colored details will act as an accent.

turquoise and white manicure

  1. With black. Ideas with a dark color of the classic palette look more catchy, but no less stylish. This option will perfectly complement both everyday urban style and sophisticated combinations for going out.

turquoise and black manicure

  1. With silver. The tandem with a cold metallic shade remains relevant this season. And here you can choose both varnish or silver-colored gel, as well as decor or decoration.

turquoise manicure 2018 fashion trends

  1. With bright varnish. In a trend catchy contrasts. And in choosing a rich pastel color, any bright colors of the blue palette, yellow varnish, fresh green, and even deep marsala or wine will be an actual addition.

turquoise manicure 2018 trends

  1. With pastel shades. Pastel colors always look harmoniously in combination with each other. Ensembles with pink, lavender, neutral nude and blue are considered especially relevant.

beautiful turquoise manicure

Turquoise manicure 2018 on short nails

A beautiful pastel color will perfectly emphasize the accuracy of the natural length. And in this case, the most relevant will be a monochromatic coating. A matte top will add even more neatness. Both saturated and light colors will be appropriate here. If you are attracted to a design with decor, then the trendy turquoise manicure 2018 can be supplemented with rhinestones or a pattern on one finger, for example, the ring finger in the Feng Shui style. The gradient will add originality to the whole appearance. And if you have wide nail plates, it is better to make transitions vertical.

turquoise manicure 2018 on short nails

Turquoise manicure 2018 on long nails

Girls with long nail plates have a place to “roam around”. Due to the large surface, you can embody any fantasies, using rich decor or focusing on concise solutions. However, it is worth considering the main style of the image. If you are going to a party or a gala event, rhinestones and stones that lavishly adorn several fingers will become an actual addition. A monochromatic manicure with turquoise lacquer 2018 will be a win-win for every day. Do not forget about fashionable finishes — rubbing, sparkles, drawings, foil, gradient and others.

turquoise manicure 2018 on long nails

Turquoise Manicure Ideas

A beautiful delicate varnish is perfect for the base of bright and contrasting decorative solutions. Today, stylists also play with a monochromatic coating in an original way, for example, with a matte top. However, it is important to pay attention to the shape of the nail plates. Soft borders are considered the most relevant. But for long lengths, tapered edges are a stylish choice — a sharp shape or «ballerina». Due to the variety of original and interesting types of finishes, the craftsmen embody amazing ideas that will make the whole bow memorable. Let’s see the most fashionable manicure in turquoise tones:

  1. Broken glass. The effect of fragments on the nails in combination with a pastel shade looks very gentle and elegant. In this case, a transparent iridescent decor is considered relevant. But stylists also use mirror foil.

turquoise manicure ideas

  1. According to Feng Shui. A good solution to dilute a monochromatic design is to highlight one or two fingers with a different color or decor. You can use false decorations, drawings, color transitions and any other ideas.

turquoise manicure

  1. Tiffany style. Fashionable nail-art, where fresh color is the main detail, remains the interpretation of the popular brand of women’s accessories. The main difference here is a plain background and an addition in the form of a white bow and ribbon.

turquoise manicure 2018

  1. Lace effect. A feminine romantic theme is perfectly complemented by a lace pattern on a beautiful background. And in this case, you can use any color for decoration, but black and white remain the most relevant.

manicure 2018 turquoise color

  1. Marble. Stylish pastel color is considered relevant for the interpretation of marble stains. Stylists also include a pattern with the effect of natural stone — turquoise.

beautiful turquoise manicure

Turquoise French manicure 2018

French style design remains a classic in contemporary nail art. The traditional color scheme with a white “smile” and a neutral background suits any combination, but acts only as an addition. And to add attractiveness and expressiveness, stylists use contrasting shades and decor. Fashionable turquoise French manicure 2018 is popular in several solutions. The most stylish is the selection of the edge of the nail with colored varnish on a colorless or white base. In such a concise choice, you can add stones and rhinestones, rich patterns and any shiny finish.

turquoise manicure french 2018

Matte turquoise manicure

The non-reflective coating always makes the handles look neater. And such a solution is relevant for any form of nails, since it will visually make even the sharpest corners neat. Summer turquoise manicure 2018 with a matte top can be diluted with contrasting or other pastel shades, for example, in the Feng Shui style. Volumetric and textured additions — acrylic molding, beads, patterns with velvet sand — will stylishly fit on a surface without gloss. Fashionable on a plain background will be the effect of water splashes. In this case, a glossy colorless varnish is used.

matte turquoise manicure

Turquoise manicure with rhinestones

Sparkling crystals will add sophistication and sophistication to the design. Such ideas always look attractive and spectacular. A few seasons ago, rhinestones were considered a purely evening decoration. However, in recent seasons, stylists offer interesting solutions for every day. In this case, the actual choice would be nail-art with a concise decoration — on one finger, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bholes or one pebble on the edges of the nail plates. An evening bow will perfectly complement a stylish turquoise and black manicure. Popular options are lace patterns, frame, velvet monograms.

turquoise manicure with rhinestones

Turquoise Glitter Manicure

The simplest, but very stylish addition is sparkles. And modern nail-art features some stylish tools that will add a beautiful shine to your nails. One of the most popular remains a clear varnish with a fine or large finish. In the trend and powder, which must be applied to the sticky surface, fixing the top. A beautiful turquoise manicure 2018 is presented in ideas with a stretch — an abundant application of sparkles at the root of the nail with a gradual dispersion towards the edge or vice versa. Another fashionable solution would be the Feng Shui style.

turquoise glitter manicure

Turquoise manicure with rubbing

Rubbing powder has become a popular type of finishing for stylish nail design. Pigments of different shades are presented on the modern market. Turquoise manicure summer 2018 will perfectly complement the mirror rub. This decor can be used both on all fingers, and selectively. Gentle and romantic look nails with pearl pigment. The original solution would be a brilliant stretch with iridescent color transitions. Holography will also be a good choice for Feng Shui nail art. With the help of rubbing, you can highlight a French smile or hole, make simple patterns and even ombre transitions.

turquoise manicure with rubbing

Turquoise manicure gradient 2018

Gradients in the design of the nail has become a fashionable solution that will always emphasize the originality and originality of the style. In the hot season, bright ideas using contrasting shades are considered relevant. In the cold season, stretch marks in one color scheme or in an ensemble with discreet colors — black, white, nude — have become a fashionable solution. A turquoise and white or nature manicure will perfectly complement a romantic look at any time of the year. To add expressiveness to such nail-art, you can use rhinestones, drawings and other finishes. The trend was ombre with green, yellow, blue.

turquoise manicure gradient 2018

Solid turquoise manicure 2018

Monochrome nail polish is considered a lifesaver for any occasion. Such an element in the bow can act both as an addition and as an accent, if you use rich shades. Turquoise summer manicure 2018 is presented in the most catchy colors. To add neatness, you can complete the design with a matte top. Monochromatic nail-art looks great with a shiny finish. But in this case, it is worth using a finish with a fine texture, so a pearl or mirror rub will be the most suitable. Monochrome is suitable for both long and short lengths.

plain turquoise manicure 2018

Marine turquoise manicure

One of the most popular in the summer season is a thematic image in a marine style. A beautiful turquoise manicure 2018 will stylishly complement this look, as the rich shade perfectly complements the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe ocean and coastal zone. This color will easily complement the interpretation of the azure lagoon and waves with delicate white foam. And in this case, you can use the idea of ​​\u200b\u200ba gradient in combination with other colors of the blue palette. Images corresponding to ship or beach paraphernalia will be relevant. Volumetric textures are in trend, for example, visualization of shells using acrylic modeling.

marine turquoise manicure

Turquoise manicure with a pattern

Catchy images and patterns always attract attention and emphasize the individuality of the style in the image. Ideas for a turquoise manicure are very diverse, since a fashionable shade can act both as a background and directly as a pattern, it goes well with both contrasting and discreet colors. Some of the most stylish were the images of insects, birds and flowers. Delicate butterflies have become a fashion trend. If you have a more austere style, complex geometry in contrasting colors is a great choice. Lace patterns and monograms do not go out of fashion.

turquoise manicure with a pattern

Turquoise moon manicure

Hole highlighting has become a trendy alternative to the classic French design. In this case, the underlined crescent can be played up in an original way in terms of shape, color schemes or finishes. The most fashionable manicure in 2018 is turquoise — a plain coating with a transparent hole. The idea with a white crescent looks more gentle. Minimalism is also in trend — with a transparent base and a colored hole. But if you are looking for original and unusual solutions, then a concave or geometric shape, edging with small rhinestones or pixies will be a stylish choice.

turquoise moon manicure

Turquoise foil manicure

One of the most popular decorating tools in contemporary nail art is foil. And the stylish design can be decorated in several variations. Bright turquoise manicure 2018 is perfectly complemented by liquid foil of contrasting or multi-colored colors. But in this case, large-scale decoration is not recommended, it is better to add one or maximum two fingers. Delicate and romantic style will support ideas with shiny thin ribbons. They can be glued on a plain coating or combined with other pastel varnishes. With the help of foil, a jacket or holes will turn out great.

turquoise foil manicure

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