Stamping for nails — the best ideas and novelties of this season


Stamping for nails - the best ideas and novelties of this season

In the world of nail art, there are many techniques and methods for decorating nail plates, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the relatively new methods of applying a pattern is stamping — a unique technology that quickly gained popularity among qualified stylists.

What is stamping?

Although stamping for nails appeared in the world of manicure several years ago, today not all girls know about the existence of this technique. The term «stamping» means a unique method of applying drawings, with which you can depict almost anything on the nail plates. Professional stylists who have already learned how to work in this technique, thanks to it, even the most ornate patterns are applied to the nails in just a few seconds. This method of decorating claws is also available for ordinary fashionistas.

To make a stamping manicure at home or a beauty salon, you will definitely need several special tools, such as:

  • a special plate with images that need to be transferred to the nail plates;
  • a scraper used to remove varnish residues from the claws;
  • stamp for drawing images on nails;
  • two types of nail polish — one of them should become the base, or foundation, and the other should be the color of the picture itself. To make the design more beautiful and expressive, it is advisable to choose contrasting shades.

what is stamping

Nail design 2018 — new stamping

Trends in the world of manicure are constantly changing, and not always those drawings that were in trend yesterday remain popular today. On the contrary, the change in current trends is simply amazing with its tremendous speed, so girls who want to always stay on the crest of the wave need to follow them very carefully.

Nail design 2018, in which stamping is one of the most popular decoration methods, is very diverse. With the help of this and other technologies, stylists apply all kinds of images, among which you can find geometric and animal prints, sophisticated monograms and curls, flowers, dots, twigs and much more. Pictures of dogs and puppies will gain particular popularity this season, which is associated with the onset of the respective year.

nail design 2018 stamping

Stamping manicure on short nails

To create beautiful and sophisticated nail art, you can use different stamping stencils, and they are suitable for both long and short nail plates. As a rule, owners of short nails are embarrassed by this feature and very often simply cover the plates with plain varnish, without trying to reproduce the original images on them. In fact, this is fundamentally the wrong approach — there are many stencils with which you can create a very interesting design on short claws.

So, a beautiful manicure with stamping for nails of small length can be performed in one of the following directions:

  • floral motifs. Large single flowers do not look on short nails; it is correct to give preference to small scattering;
  • geometric drawings. Various shapes and vertical stripes not only give the nails a beautiful and interesting appearance, but also visually increase their length;
  • any other drawings that do not take up too much space and do not overload the nail design.

manicure with stamping on short nails

Manicure with stamping on long nails

Long nails give their owner ample opportunities to create various types of design. Due to the sufficient surface area, almost anything can be applied to them — large and small flowers, all kinds of monograms, lace and curls, images of animals, and so on. On the eve of the New Year or other thematic holidays, stamping manicure often takes on a different meaning — symbolic Christmas trees and snowflakes, snowmen, tree branches and much more appear on the nails.

manicure with stamping on long nails

Stamping manicure — ideas

The use of stamping technology has greatly facilitated the life of nail art masters and modern fashionistas who take care of their nails on their own. With its help, you can apply the brightest and most unusual pattern on the plates in a matter of seconds, because the stamping ideas are so diverse that among them every girl can easily choose what she likes and suits.

stamping manicure ideas

stamping french

For those girls who are ardent fans of the perfect clarity and evenness of lines, stamping French manicure is perfect. It is not difficult to make it — you need to take special stencil plates with the appropriate pattern in the form of an arc and carefully transfer them to the tip of the nail. The beauty of this method lies in the fact that the smile line on all fingers is perfectly even and equal in thickness and size, and its color can be any, depending on the individual preferences of the fashionista.

stamping french

Stamping with glitter

Any stamped design can be spruced up with glitter. This option is perfect for a party dedicated to the New Year or any other event. Absolutely any kind of nail art with stamping can be made shiny and sparkling — in all cases, its owner will noticeably change and be able to be in the spotlight.

stamping with glitter

Stamping with acrylic powder

An incredibly beautiful stamping manicure can be obtained using acrylic powder to create it. In this case, you need to apply the drawings on the nail plates in the usual way, and then, without waiting for the coating to dry, sprinkle the image abundantly with acrylic powder. It is very convenient to apply it with a pusher, holding your fingers directly over the jar, so that all unused residues are immediately poured back.

If you did everything on time, and the varnish did not have time to completely dry and harden, the powder will stick to the coating, giving the nail art a special charm. This design looks just great, and it is suitable not only for special occasions or going out, but also for everyday wear. To make such a manicure look neat and presentable, do not forget to shake off the rest of the powder with a brush at the very end.

stamping with acrylic powder

Color stamping

Bright color stamping nail art looks playful and flirtatious. It can complement the image of a girl who likes to be in the spotlight and stand out from the crowd. You can make such a manicure in two different ways:

  • painted stamping. This type of manicure is performed in exactly the same way as an ordinary one, but after applying the image to the nail plates, it must be painted with colored varnish. This part of the procedure is complex and time-consuming, therefore, not all girls are available. In addition, coating with colored varnish requires incredible accuracy, because any careless movement can catastrophically ruin the appearance of nail art;
  • color pattern reprint. In this option, a color pattern is immediately transferred to the nail plates, which is much easier than coloring with colored varnish according to the image.

color stamping

Black stamping manicure

The most popular stamping nail design is done in black. This option is absolutely universal, because it can be combined with any coatings and images. Black stripes and patterns look best on a white background, however, modern stylists also use them to apply images on red, yellow, blue and other coatings.

black manicure stamping

Delicate stamping manicure

A romantic and gentle stamping manicure, ideal for a date with a lover, is usually done in pastel colors. So, lilac, pink or light blue images applied on a base of white, cream or pearl colors look very cute and attractive. In some cases, nude shades are used to create such nail art, or the pattern is applied to the plate without coating.

Patterns for this design may be different. When creating it, floral motifs, images of tree branches, fruits and berries predominate. Often, stylists use abstract monograms, lace or curlicues that do not carry much meaning. Delicate design with stamping very often becomes the choice of young brides, because it perfectly complements the elegant wedding look and makes it even more solemn and appropriate for the occasion.

gentle stamping manicure

New Year’s stamping

On the eve of the most magical night of the year, the fair sex often decorates their hands with nail art with the appropriate design. So, New Year’s stamping manicure can be based on images of cute Christmas trees, snowflakes and snowmen, Christmas tree decorations. Since many people associate the New Year with the symbols of Catholic Christmas, on the nail plates at this time of the year you can see the famous red and white candies or cute angels.

New Year's stamping


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