Red manicure 2017 - a photo selection of the best ideas

Manicure trends are rapidly replacing each other, bringing new ideas to nail art. Extraordinary, bright, exclusive red manicure 2017 will not leave a chance to remain in the shadows without attracting the attention of others. The most feminine color, without losing its position, is always in the top.

Red manicure 2017 — fashion trends

The color of scarlet blood and tender pulp of watermelon has always been considered bold and ambitious, it is chosen without hesitation by determined and enterprising natures, and those who prefer expressive chic and true beauty in style. Red manicure 2017 has absorbed all the latest innovations in the world of manicure, which this season should be paid close attention to. Nails in this most ardent rainbow shade are an unchanging classic, it is used mainly for social events and parties. But on weekdays, the new red manicure 2017 can be your choice, and there are a lot of them.

red manicure 2017 fashion trends

Red manicure 2017 — fashion trends

new red manicure 2017

Beautiful red manicure 2017

trendy red manicure 2017

Red Manicure Ideas 2017

The juicy shade is flawless and playful, but it requires careful selection of additional decorative products. Among the successful ideas with which bright red manicure 2017 is successfully combined, the following are noticeable:

  1. In tandem with black, such a manicure is mysterious and sophisticated.
  2. The combination with gold is perfect for special occasions.
  3. In this coloring, the most sensual jacket is obtained.
  4. Incredibly attractive red ombre will appeal to those who love everything unusual.
  5. The option with broken glass / iridescent rubbing / rhinestones is a luxurious completion of the image.
  6. Red manicure with a pattern 2017 is diverse, unusual and easily creates a good mood.

red manicure ideas 2017

Red Manicure Ideas 2017

bright red manicure 2017

Red with black manicure 2017

Black, the color is universal, goes well with any other color scheme, and especially with red. The expressive contrast created by these two tones creates a harmonious duet, which is boldly complemented by an exquisitely elegant outfit and a hairpin of unimaginable height. Seductive manicure 2017 in red with black elements has many options.

This season, close attention should be paid to the following trends:

  1. Geometry is still in demand — you have at your disposal a «Scottish cage», broken lines, stripes, a pile of shapes.
  2. Fans of minimalism will love a simple manicure, in which the nails are painted scarlet without additional decorative elements. And only one nail on each hand is black coated.
  3. Gorgeous nail art, including black kamifubuki.
  4. For a romantic look, it’s hard to imagine a more suitable option than with lace.
  5. Funny ladybugs on the nails will interest lovers of experiments.

red with black manicure 2017

Red with black manicure 2017

manicure 2017 in red colors

Manicure 2017 red with gold

The red tone is limited by the number of friendly colors. Golden refers to those shades that are loyal to the brightest tone and, in collaboration with it, form a luxurious manicure, which should be foreseen when preparing for holidays and special events. Please note that such nail art should be combined with gold jewelry. Red and gold manicure 2017 offers several interesting trends:

  1. A French manicure, in which a golden “smile” crowns red nails, is a stunning completion of an elegant bow.
  2. Those who prefer everything original can treat themselves to nails divided in half by varnishes of two colors.
  3. An acceptable option with an emphasis on the ring finger: everything is purple in the nails, and only he is in gold.
  4. Golden monograms on a scarlet background — the height of chic.

manicure 2017 red with gold

Manicure 2017 red with gold

red gold manicure 2017

Red manicure with rhinestones 2017

Having suddenly burst into the world of nail art, rhinestones still do not lose their leading positions in this branch of the fashion industry. Their glamorous shine is equally good on short and long nails. Such shiny droplets easily make a simple manicure bright and elegant. Bright red manicure 2017 with rhinestones is diverse, although the masters mainly use these stones on one of the nails — the middle one or the nameless one, lining them up in geometric shapes or fancy patterns.

red manicure with rhinestones 2017

Manicure red French 2017

French is recognized as the standard of business style and elegance. The classic version, when the natural color of the plate is decorated with a rounded smile line in white, is no longer relevant. Modern masters prefer experiments with different color schemes. This season, the palm is given to the noble shade of red — beautiful wine. A small red accent on the nails allows you to use this type of nail art not only for an evening dress, but also for a business suit, casual clothes. In addition, the red French manicure 2017 has some details:

  1. The shape of the «smile» is not only oval, the V-shaped line is also held in high esteem.
  2. The nail plate is covered with white, golden, blue or even black varnish.
  3. We must not forget about the emphasis on the ring finger.

manicure 2017 red french

Lunar red manicure 2017

Those who are forced to constantly adhere to a strict dress code can pay attention to an interesting alternative to a jacket — the so-called moon manicure. Its main feature is the emphasis not on the free edge of the nail, but on the lunula — a semicircle at its base. Scarlet can be the lunula or the entire surface of the nail. A beautiful red manicure 2017 with a bright lunula is also suitable for a business style.

In such nail art, one should not forget about additional decorative tools — rhinestones, kamifubuki. The crimson surface of the nails requires a crescent of gold or silver, white or black. The combination of all these tones is spectacular, as they are perfectly adjacent to each other. Several nails can and should be decorated with modest drawings. In general, experiments and more experiments!

moon red manicure 2017

Lunar red manicure 2017

  beautiful red manicure 2017

Red matte manicure 2017

A bright hit of the season — a matte manicure — fell in love with women who follow the pens for a sophisticated look. In its pure form, there is no usual brilliance and gloss, it is extremely refined. In view of the popularity of matte makeup, the addition of a matte manicure is super relevant. In addition, matte finish goes well with a strict style in tandem. Interesting nail art is good for both short and long nails.

Although the whole «salt» of this type of manicure is not in pure use, but in the amazing contrast that occurs when combined with shiny varnish. In this case, matte and gloss complement each other, forming an interesting effect. In red Matt manicure 2017 is one of the most interesting trends:

  1. The duo of matte and pearlescent red lacquer is very piquant.
  2. It is interesting to use negative space, that is, unpainted areas of the nails.
  3. Matte finish perfectly sets off metal elements, rhinestones, shiny rubs.
  4. Volumetric patterns, figurines, inscriptions and ornaments are again accentuated with matte varnish.

red matte manicure 2017

Red matte manicure 2017

  red manicure 2017

Red ombre manicure 2017

Those who prefer a spectacular manicure will like another current trend — ombre, or gradient nail art. Under such a manicure is meant a smooth transition of color on the nails. Red ombre manicure 2017 can be both saturated (for special dates) and inconspicuous (for everyday life). Suitable neighbors for blood colors are white, black, blue, gold, silver, pink. Of interest and manicure is a red gradient 2017, in which a transition is made between two shades of red.

red ombre manicure 2017

Red manicure 2017 with rub

Shining, incredible, magical — all this refers to a colorful manicure with a rub. Mysterious overflows of fine sparkling dust create an original optical effect of silver or gold on your favorite nails. For this, they love rubbing, there are no full-fledged analogues for it yet. Small particles applied to the sticky layer of the coating are gently rubbed with sponges, so that the dust acquires an even, flawless shine. Stylish red manicure 2017, which will involve rubbing, is ideal for holidays and elegant looks. It has several varieties:

  • uniform coverage of gold or silver rubbing the red base of all nails;
  • iridescent dust decorates only a few red marigolds;
  • glittering pollen on a few fingers contrasts with the rest of the scarlet manicure.

red manicure 2017 with rub

Red manicure 2017 with rub

stylish red manicure 201

Red manicure with a pattern 2017

And let the scarlet nails themselves attract the eye, but paired with a pattern, they are interesting and original. Moreover, fashion trends are favorable to hand-painted, without it, a monochromatic manicure is boring and monotonous. Cheerful and funny, gentle, stylish or exotic, they make the image complete and not like others. But in a red-coated pair, you are always sensual and feminine.

Red manicure with design 2017 has various variations, but the tendency to focus on one or two nails on the hand is stable. The rest of the fingers can have a monochrome coating or an elegant jacket:

  1. Floral images are a stable trend. Rose, poppies, chamomile are girls’ favorite preferences.
  2. Lines, shapes, outlines — the geometric pattern is not inferior to its position in fashionable nail art.
  3. Lace painting in white or black on a crimson background will appeal to fans of the romantic style.
  4. Fashionable red manicure 2017 may include a three-dimensional painting imitating a reptile skin design, knitting elements, drops, a rose, and so on.
  5. Red patterned manicure 2017 is a must for your favorite holidays — New Year and Christmas. Marigolds are decorated with recognizable symbols.
  6. Marble painting is popular.

red manicure with a pattern 2017

Red manicure with a pattern 2017

red manicure 2017 with design

Stylish red manicure with a pattern 2017

new red manicure 2017

Red manicure with broken glass 2017

Since last year, another favorite trend has moved into the present one — broken glass design. In fact, foil segments of different shapes and sizes are used. Located on the nails at different angles, they shine, forming an interesting effect of broken glass. Such nail art is effective for an evening look or a fashionable outfit for a youth party. In order not to overload the business image, manicure with red lacquer 2017 is only partially decorated with “broken glass”. For other cases, enchanting shine on all nails is allowed.

red manicure with broken glass 2017

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