While some fashionistas think that today’s stylists have run out of ideas and can’t come up with anything new in the beauty industry, we found 34 proofs that this year has broken all records for beauty trends!

Even 35, given our previous article on wavy lips!

And although in most cases ordinary Instagram users have become their legislators, a good half of them have already migrated to the catwalks of Fashion Weeks and even to the streets of the city. But still, we must warn you — looking at them, you can lose your senses and speechlessness!

1. Eyebrow feathers

Well, what do you say? But this trend for a long time “lihomanic” the expanses of social networks, where beauty bloggers competed in the options for their styling and decor.

And while you decide which option you like (read — shocks you) the most, only owners of thick eyebrows will be able to experience this beauty for themselves.

2. «Dragon» eyebrows and eyebrows-thorns

Can’t get your brows done? Well, then take on a new trend!

3. Eyebrow wigs

You are haunted by the laurels of supermodel Cara Delevingne, but you don’t want to go with painted eyebrows? So false eyebrow wigs are a real find for you. No, but what — we somehow cope with false eyelashes and nails, and the creators of false eyebrows guarantee that this beauty will last on your face from 3 days to 2 weeks!

4. Holographic hair

But what to do if their owners have only recently finished watching cartoons about unicorns?

5. Arrows «unicorn horn»

And here is a suitable makeup for the color of your hair!

6. Holographic hands

And all because not every fan of unicorns is an artist!

7. Unicorn Horn Manicure

The image must be completed!

8 Fake Freckles

If earlier freckles on the face were considered rather a disadvantage, then this year they can rightfully be considered the most sought-after beauty trend. And if the sun has not kissed you, then you can draw them with a brown pencil or do something more radical — go to a tattoo parlor!

9. Shiny armpits

With one amendment — unshaven …

10. Colored or shiny eyebrows

For those with an adventurous spirit…

11. Makeup «wet eyelid effect»

Alas, in everyday life, “wet shadows” have proven themselves not from the best side — after a few minutes, such makeup flows or accumulates in folds. But for a sensual photo-set, this is it!

12. LED false eyelashes

Let’s call a spade a spade — such LED eyelashes are nothing but garlands. By the way, they also glow at night, blink, shimmer and sparkle, and to fix them on the eyelid, you just need to use special glue.

13. Eyebrow with double arrow

When you managed to draw perfect eyebrows and want to emphasize it one more time…

14. Makeup «glitter tears»

What a spectacular!

15. Shiny arrows

To shine at 100%.

16. Minimalist lip stripe

The trend from which the whole Instagram trembled! The main condition is to apply a strip on the lips so that visually it resembles a ring!

17. Glitter on the tongue

Disgusting, uncomfortable and tasteless, but for the sake of one frame it is quite tolerable!

18. Shiny beards

Glamorous male response!

19. Solar blush

According to experts, the popularity of this trend is yet to come!

20. Smeared lipstick or lollipop lips

But still, how bold and erotic at the same time — until recently, a sweet lollipop touched your lips, and you did not notice how lipstick was smeared …

21. Drop from the lips

Would you risk it for one shot?

22. Shaved pattern on the back of the head

This is wildly cool!

23. Marble lips

For snow queens!

24. Makeup for the ears

Well, that’s it, goodbye earrings and cuffs — today Instagram fashionistas adorn the lobes, the contours of the ears or even the whole ear with shadows!

25. Makeup with stickers

And what, convenient for those who have not mastered the brushes and endless palettes!

26. Makeup for eyes, lips and manicure with pom-poms

Solid and terribly uncomfortable mimimi!

27. Rainbow strands

Will you risk?

28. Booty in sequins

This spicy trend was launched on Instagram by British artist Mia Kennington under the hashtag #glitterbooty. It seems that this time the men are not at all against our new whims …

29. Pixel coloring

It had to happen sometime!

30. Eyebrows-pigtails

Well, this part of the face simply does not give rest to stylists, and now they have decided to braid pigtails from the eyebrows. Yes, yes, we were not mistaken — real braids are now weaved on the eyebrows!

31. Wavy eyebrows

Looks like our eyebrows will soon have to worry in earnest!!!

32. Corset in hair

If pigtails are now weaved on the eyebrows, then pigtails on the hair have lost their relevance. Now they are woven only in order to then pull the tape and create a kind of corset!

33. Fur on nails

It is worth noting — artificial! We understand your feelings, but we needed to prepare you for the main bonus…

34. Nails with a hairstyle and a portrait of the owner of a manicure

Yes, Korean Dain Yoon, who became famous on Instagram for her make-up illusions, and, seeing which we almost went crazy, outdid herself by creating the most disgusting beauty trend of this season — hairy selfie nails!

Well, we warned you that you could pass out!

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