Pink pedicure - a selection of the most beautiful solutions for the summer

Women always strive to look perfect. To this end, they thoroughly monitor their appearance from toes to hair, making every effort. One of the important details is well-groomed toenails, especially in open shoes. Pink pedicure is perfect for the spring-summer season.

Pink pedicure 2017

Pink is one of the hottest nail polish colors this season. But do not think that we are talking only about the traditional rich shade. It could be:

  • pale shade;
  • powdery;
  • rose quartz;
  • color «Barbie»;
  • fuchsia;
  • acid.

Fashionable pink pedicure 2017 involves not only a monochrome coating. Actual use of rhinestones, foil, scattering of sparkles of different sizes and colors, the application of thematic drawings and abstract patterns. This season, designers have offered a variety of options. Even mixed techniques are allowed (when several decor options and several varnish colors are used at the same time).

trendy pink pedicure 2017

For romantic and gentle natures, designers advise using pastel shades. A pale pink pedicure will not look boring, but neat, it will emphasize the well-groomedness and beauty of your feet. In one design, you can combine several different tones, for example: powdery, mint, blue, yellow. Paint each nail a different color, highlight two or make a slide design.

pastel pink pedicure

The ombre technique has also become very popular. It involves a combination of at least two colors (both close in tone and not so) with a smooth transition between them. The absence of a border creates a stunning effect of infusing one shade into another. It can be applied both vertically and horizontally (often a darker tone is used at the base, and the lightest one is at the tip).

For a holiday on the azure coast, a design made with clear horizontal lines is suitable. And the more colors it combines, the richer and more original it looks. The stripes may be straight or slightly curved, extend from one end to the other, or be interrupted. Colors are used both pastel and saturated, bright. They have a nautical theme that is easily visible, which makes them even more suitable for a summer vacation.

pink pedicure with a marine theme

Pink Pedicure Ideas

Lots of ideas and techniques. A summer pink pedicure can be the highlight of your overall look. Most of the drawings can be done not only in the salon, but also at home on your own. There are design options that are more suitable for relaxation, while others will become relevant in everyday life, including trips to the office, and there are universal ones that are suitable for both occasions. The option will look original when the pattern on the nails acts as a continuation of the print on clothes or shoes.

pink pedicure ideas 2017

Although not very original, but the floral and floral motifs on the nails look fantastically beautiful in the warm season. Both light and dark varnish will be an excellent basis for such a pattern. Often it is applied only to the thumb, but you can continue it on the rest, only in a more simplified version. It can be one large flower or a whole clearing of small ones. You decide! The main thing is that the end result is amazing.

pink flower pedicure

For young girls with body and soul, stylists suggest using applications and stencils with their favorite cartoon characters in the design. Often these are Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Chip and Dale and others. Slide design will be the most suitable in this case. On a light base, the pattern is best viewed. This option will perfectly cheer you up and is perfect for a vacation or walking with friends in casual clothes.

pink pedicure with cartoon characters

Pink pedicure with rhinestones

To create a fashionable and expressive look, a soft pink pedicure with rhinestones is suitable. These decorative elements can be of various sizes, shapes and colors. They give the design a rich look. To make the performance perfect, you should pay attention to some nuances:

  1. Pink trendy pedicure with rhinestones should not be heavily overloaded. It is best to choose a specific pattern.
  2. This decor is best worn with open shoes, otherwise the pebbles can quickly crumble.
  3. If you have small nail plates, choose small rhinestones. Then the pink stylish pedicure will be elegant and not bulky.

pink pedicure with rhinestones

Hot pink pedicure

When, if not in summer, is it worth using juicy palettes for nail design to the fullest? A beautiful pink pedicure is a great solution. This color will give tenderness and lightness. Bold girls can apply acid shades, for more restrained natures, rich tones, such as fuchsia, magenta or Barbie color, are suitable. They look especially beautiful on tanned fingers.

hot pink pedicure

Pink french pedicure

French nail art will probably never go out of style. This design option is considered the most versatile and is suitable not only for everyday life, but also for special occasions. Pink and white pedicure looks very neat, gentle and well-groomed. To diversify it, you can lay out a pattern of rhinestones on the thumbnail or decorate with foil.

pink french pedicure

Pink glitter pedicure

Sequins are extremely relevant this season. They can be in the composition of the varnish or sold separately in jars. A variety of sizes and colors allow you to create incredible patterns. Girls who are especially fond of shine prefer to lay out the entire nail plate with them. Pink pedicure can also be decorated with this type of decor.

pink glitter pedicure

Pink matte pedicure

Matte finish became a trend last year, and this year it has become even more popular. Often the design is monochromatic, but to make it even more interesting, use foil stripes, rhinestones or sparkles. Matte beautiful pink pedicure looks very original and fresh. Manicure in the same performance will support the overall theme and make the image expressive. It is worth noting the fact that such a varnish does not look very good on very short nails, so if your length does not allow, it is better not to use it.

pink matte pedicure

Pink pedicure with gold

The glitter of gold has always given a woman a special grandeur. It will not be superfluous to add a touch of wealth to a pedicure with pink varnish. Glitter, foil, rhinestones of the corresponding color can act as «precious» elements. They can decorate the nail of the thumb or middle finger. An excellent and stylish addition will be a miniature ring or ankle bracelet made of the same metal.

pink pedicure with gold

Pink pedicure with a pattern

If you want to play with contrasts, go for a pink and black pedicure. For this design, it is best to use more saturated shades of the base color. Geometric patterns and bitmaps look great in this color scheme. A stylish option would be French-style nail art in any of its performances. The richer the pattern, the less it needs to be supplemented. But in some cases, you can add a small amount of pebbles.

pink pedicure with black

Pink pedicure with silver

Silver, like gold, is a favorite jewelry for women. In some cases, a pedicure in pink with a sheen of white metal looks more gentle and aristocratic than with yellow. If the nail design is very expressive and bright, then the model of sandals should be more concise. Otherwise, the overall ensemble will be too overloaded. You can add a metal decoration if it does not contradict the image.

pink pedicure with silver

Pink pedicure with holes

Lunar design has been in fashion for more than a season. Every year it only acquires new nuances and color schemes. A pink pedicure on the legs with a highlighted root hole looks extremely stylish. Many execution options:

  1. You can leave the root hole uncovered.
  2. Line the hole completely with rhinestones or separate it with an arc of pebbles. It will turn out elegant and original.
  3. The base is best highlighted with a contrasting color.
  4. A pedicure will look stylish and fresh, in which the main coating of the nail is glossy, and the hole is matte, or vice versa. At the same time, it looks better when the color of both varnishes is identical.
  5. It is allowed to mix a jacket with a lunar design. In this case, both the edge of the nail and the base are highlighted in the same color.
  6. You can make a double crescent by highlighting the hole with two thin arcs.
  7. The hole can be traditional rounded, concave like a crescent or in the shape of a triangle.

pink pedicure with holes

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