Pedicure design - fashion ideas of this season for every taste

Beauty and grooming from the ends of the hair to the nails of the feet is the key to a beautiful appearance and good mood. Pedicure is an important component of the general idea of ​​the sleekness that a modern woman needs. The pedicure design will help your look to be complete and extraordinary.

Pedicure design 2018

Each season is marked by the dominance of certain trends. This year is rich in diversity, therefore, to our female happiness, we can choose coverage and patterns based on the mood or style direction of the image:

  1. Combinations of different techniques, complex images, three-dimensional structures are in the lead.
  2. If we talk about the color palette, then for a strict business style, a pedicure is dominated by a monophonic pastel design.
  3. Leading deep rich colors with enhanced brilliance, interspersed with sparkling elements.
  4. Nail art with drawings is still the favorite choice of the fair sex.
  5. Options abound with gluing decorative particles — rhinestones, kamifubuki, sequins and so on.

pedicure design 2018pedicure solid color design

Nail design pedicure

In the last few seasons, even the most whimsical fashionista will be able to find a nail polish option that she will like. The development of nail art is taking place by leaps and bounds, new various techniques and methods appear every year. Embodies pedicure design ideas in a very different way:

  1. The classic jacket does not leave the leading position.
  2. The freshness of the nautical design is ideal for holidays.
  3. Modern trends allow the use of coatings in both delicate and bright colors.
  4. One of the most extraordinary variations is marble decor.
  5. Stylish geometry and an extraordinary ombre are not inferior to their positions.
  6. Fans of a catchy pedicure cannot do without shimmering rubs, sparkling rhinestones and sparkles this year.

  nail design pedicurepedicure design ideas

Pedicure gentle design

The most versatile version for weekdays and holidays is a pedicure with a delicate design. It easily fits into the concept of any bow, remaining out of place. With seeming simplicity, pale tones can boast of elegance. Pale blue, mint, peach, pale pink, powdered, cream, lavender neatly decorate nails without attracting attention with a riot of colors. Volumetric knitted manicure, interspersed with broken glass, connection with a floral image only adds elegance to the coating.

gentle design pedicuregentle design pedicure

French pedicure design

Strict and at the same time unsurpassedly elegant French pedicure is a great way to emphasize the beauty of the legs. The idea originally from the 90s has not lost its relevance, only consolidating its strong position. And if the classic version involves a natural color coating, bordered by a white tone circle, today’s French pedicure design departs from the usual framework:

  1. The border along the edge may be in the form of an angle.
  2. The master makes a characteristic «smile» thin or wide.
  3. Often, the border between the plate and the free edge is duplicated by a foil strip, a scattering of small sparkles.
  4. It is often proposed to combine moon and French pedicure.
  5. The combination of colors in the jacket has no restrictions, although the version with black, red, white, golden tones remains popular.

pedicure french designfrench pedicure design

Pedicure design with rhinestones

It’s easy to shine when your legs are decorated with a spectacular pedicure design with rhinestones. Single inclusions or a scattering of «diamonds» look equally impressive:

  1. A popular option is to lay out one rhinestone at the bed of the nail.
  2. In special cases, a completely decorated nail can be sparkling particles.
  3. A popular version is when an angle, a chain or a triangle of rhinestones of different diameters is built on the thumbnail.
  4. Crystals can randomly decorate the sides of the nails.
  5. Rhinestones lay out simple figures — a butterfly, a bow, a heart.

pedicure design with rhinestonespedicure design with rhinestones

Glitter pedicure design

Those who like to stand out from the gray crowd and glamorous radiance should not ignore the catchy design of a sparkling pedicure with sparkles. Small shiny particles of foil will luxuriously decorate and transform even the most faded coating:

  1. Recently, one or two nails have been covered with sparkles, although there are options with complete shedding.
  2. Clients are more fond of beautiful sequins of silver or golden color, although their range has a limited range, ranging from pale pink to deep purple.
  3. Golden particles look especially chic in bright colors. An example of him is a chic red pedicure with a design in the form of sparkles scattered over the coating.

pedicure design with sequins

Marine design pedicure

Expected throughout the year, summer holidays beckon with the softness of the sea waves and the warmth of the sun-warmed beach. Preparation for it should include the design of a beautiful pedicure, because your legs will be on public display. Suitable summer pedicure design — in a relaxed and spectacular marine style:

  1. The classic version includes blue, red and white lacquer.
  2. The simplest option is a blue-white-red stripe on one or two nails, alternating with a plain coating.
  3. On a light background, a symbol of relaxation in tropical conditions can be depicted — a palm tree, a starfish, a shell.
  4. Drawing an anchor, a dolphin and a steering wheel will beautifully complement the design of a pedicure in marine tones.

marine design pedicuresummer pedicure design

Pedicure bright design

If a pale classic is not your option, turn to a rich palette of bright colors:

  1. Exciting red, elegant burgundy, rich crimson, mysterious purple, refreshing coniferous — a stylish pedicure design for fashionistas with a mystery.
  2. If you want a light and airy mood, use an optimistic coral, invigorating orange, captivating turquoise or cheerful yellow.
  3. When your soul needs rainbow colors, decorate your feet with multicolored plating.
  4. The showiness of catchy tones is beautifully emphasized by the combination with a varnish of a delicate color, with a matte texture, with a sparkling casting.

bright design pedicure  stylish pedicure design

Pedicure design rubbing

Sparkling glitter on the nails gives an airy feeling of celebration and bewitching intrigue. If the long-awaited hot summer is in full swing, and you are attracted by the fun of parties or the tranquility of a beach holiday, do not deny yourself decorating your legs with nail art using a spectacular rub. The latter is a brilliant fine powder. It is applied by rubbing, which makes a beautiful shining surface appear on the surface of the nail. The options that a pedicure design with a rub can be are varied:

  1. Rubbing «Maybeetle» is rich in color embodiment and has a chameleon effect, rich tones from yellow to purple shimmer elegantly in the light.
  2. Powder «Northern Lights» is similar to the previous version, but limited to dark colors.
  3. Holographic rubbing, consisting of very small particles of a silvery hue, has the effect of 3D volume.
  4. Metallized grains are involved in the mirror powder, which, when rubbed, form an integral mirror surface.
  5. Rubbing is applied to all nails or only one or two fingers. For example, a pink design pedicure is often decorated with a single nail with holographic powder.

  pedicure pink designpedicure design rubbing

Pedicure design ombre

The design of the pedicure adopts the main manicure trends, among which one of the most noticeable is the ombre, or gradient. This is what they call a gradual, blurred transition from one color to another, which creates a spectacular picture:

  1. The trend is to combine a bright tone with white, for example, a red or blue pedicure design that turns into a milky matte or enamel.
  2. An interesting option is when the transition occurs between shades of the same color.
  3. Ombre fits into the concept of the classic version if there is a gradient between discreet shades, for example, powder and cream.
  4. Rubbing, sparkles, rhinestones can participate in the creation of an ombre. Combination with other techniques is shown — French, moon, modeling, etc.

pedicure ombre design

Geometry pedicure design

One of the most relevant and sought-after options for fashionable pedicure, which in recent seasons is decorated with well-groomed nails of clients of pedicure masters, is geometric patterns. Boring and so unattractive in school days, lines, shapes, outlines and their combinations create original images that remain a trend and do not leave the tops of nail art. Today’s versions of what geometric design can be are diverse:

  1. Along with the trend of rich nail decoration, there is a trend towards minimalism, when, for example, a black pedicure design is decorated with several randomly arranged light lines.
  2. Zigzags, a repeating strip, a pile of squares have a beautiful effect.
  3. Geometric decor can be made in the form of a multi-color stained glass window.
  4. As an option — the location on a monochromatic coating of particles with the effect of «broken glass».
  5. The union of geometry with the negative space technique looks original when the pattern is made up of transparent elements.

geometry pedicure designblack pedicure design

Pedicure marble design

Modern technologies and trends in nail art have stepped far ahead, using sometimes unexpected sources of inspiration. An example of this is marble design. The most spectacular option is the white design of the pedicure, on which fuzzy stains are displayed in black, which makes the nail really look like a facing mineral. There is a black and purple pedicure with a design in combination with white or silver stains, as well as a combination of different shades of orange, blue, pink. Marble decor can decorate each nail or be part of a combi-pedicure in a single form.

pedicure marble design

Pedicure design with kamifubiki

If you’re looking for festive decor, look to the one that always accompanies fun — confetti, or kamifubuki, which translates from Japanese as «paper storm»:

  1. Nail art uses round polymer confetti of various sizes and colors. Recently, triangular, diamond-shaped and square kamifubuki have appeared.
  2. The design of a pedicure with kamifubiki can have various incarnations. Particles are more often used on the thumb, laying them out on the side of the plate or in front.
  3. Confetti can decorate the base of the nail.
  4. Often, beautiful circles are used in a combined design, in combination with French, moon, geometric pedicure.

pedicure design with kamifubiki

Pedicure design with dots

Cute and so familiar polka dots got to the nail design. Simple and uncomplicated dots can create a luxurious pattern. A variety of diameters, colors and arrangements will allow you to be bright and extraordinary without the use of complex techniques:

  1. Dots can form simple flowers, rainbow arcs, complex ornaments.
  2. Often, dots are part of a geometric pattern.
  3. With the help of peas, you can create a logo for famous brands.
  4. If you want a trendy pedicure design, just choose a polka dot print style, for example, black or blue on a white background, red on a black background, transparent on a dark finish.
  5. The dots perfectly coexist with kamifubuki, rhinestones and painting.

pedicure design with dotstrendy pedicure design

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