Ombre manicure 2017 - fashion trends and the best ideas of the season

Ombre manicure 2017 is becoming extremely popular this season. A feature of the style is the use of two or more colors, where there are transitions between them. These tonal transformations are characterized by smooth and blurry fragments that create a truly mesmerizing effect.

Ombre manicure 2017 — fashion trends

Among the current images there are no restrictions both in form and in color, on the contrary, creativity is welcome. Ombre nail design 2017 is represented by such trends that are in demand among fashionistas:

  1. Nude shades remain in fashion, it can be light beige, rich light brown.
  2. There are options when a contrasting tone is added to beige to make nail art more expressive.
  3. Transitions from light shades to rich berry shades are welcome. Such colors are especially relevant in the summer season, they will give the image brightness.
  4. Ombre manicure 2017 will be relevant, where overflows are applied within the same color shade, for example, from light green to coniferous green, from lilac to deep purple.
  5. A new option in gradient coloring is a linear variation, which will be in demand in only one color. Linear application is not characterized by a smooth flow, on the contrary, it has clear boundary contours. The main thing is to take as many similar tones as possible, where one strip borders on the other in ascending order to a dark shade.
  6. Vertical ombre manicure summer 2017 is not focused on a specific color, and even more so on the method of application. The main thing is that the color changes from the left to the right edge. You can apply the same design for each finger, or a color transition from thumb to little finger.
  7. Horizontal application — transitions are focused on only one nail, but you can get creative with this option. You can apply a simple method, when all the nail plates on the fingers are made the same, or on three, make a certain transition from top to bottom, and on two, a mirror image of this horizontal gradient.
  8. The combination of colors can be used in the jacket. It is performed mainly in beige and pink shades, which go well with white. However, you can move away from the classics and choose bright colors that look great in sunny weather.

ombre manicure 2017 fashion trends

Ombre manicure 2017 — fashion trends

ombre nail design 2017

Manicure 2017 ombre for short nails

Short nail plates need to be highlighted with a special varnish that will make them visually longer. The technique of applying ombre on short nails 2017 involves the following points:

  • varnish must be applied to a third of the height of the plate, and transitions should be made not along the entire length, but in certain areas;
  • it is worth applying glitter to focus on the shiny part, and not on the short length;
  • the coating should have a smooth color transition, then attention will not be focused on a short nail;
  • large rhinestones will not fit into the image, it is better to do ombre nails 2017, where small sparkles are used.

manicure 2017 ombre for short nails

Fashionable gradient for long nails 2017

Long well-groomed nail plates look luxurious, but if you choose the right combination of colors for them, you can highlight them even better. Ombre manicure 2017 is used in the following variations:

  • french — looks expressive on long nails with any shape. It can be a gradient on sharp nails 2017, on oval or square ones;
  • a vertical or diagonal transition of shades is used, which consists of bright colors;
  • in colors you can endlessly fantasize, because long nails are the canvas where you can express yourself.

fashionable gradient for long nails 2017

Gradient on nails 2017 — new items

For young ladies who want to create ombre nails 2017, the fashion ideas of the season are presented in the following variations:

  • romantic style — pastel shades of varnishes perfectly emphasize femininity and naturalness;
  • French ombre manicure 2017 remains a relevant option, because such a design will fit perfectly into any bow;
  • the matte version is popular, the gloss has moved to another plan;
  • each nail plate with its own tone — a specific color palette is selected, where each finger presents its own color.
  • different styles on one hand are welcome — vertical and horizontal.

gradient on nails 2017 new itemsombre nails 2017 fashion ideas of the season

French manicure ombre 2017

The leading positions in popularity are occupied by french nails with a gradient of 2017, which are characterized by the following trends:

  • the classic version is made in white, beige and pink. Such overflows look very gentle and natural;
  • for an evening look, you should take bright shades of scarlet, lilac or experiment with black;
  • French ombre manicure 2017 is welcome, where there is a play of textures. The main part is done with a glossy or transparent varnish, and then complemented with a glossy finish. These fragments are accompanied by a smooth transition, which creates a picture of the «starry sky».

french manicure ombre 2017

Ombre nails with rhinestones 2017

Nail art is original in itself, but the 2017 ombre manicure with rhinestones looks even more impressive. When creating such a design, it is recommended to consider certain points:

  • do not focus on all fingers, you can select one or more;
  • such a decor can be decorated with the base of the nail plate or its tip;
  • you should stick to minimalism, you don’t need to completely decorate your fingers with rhinestones.

ombre nails with rhinestones 2017

Ombre manicure 2017 with a pattern

Drawing drawings will help to make the gradient on the nails 2017 even more spectacular. It is recommended to take into account such nuances:

  • if you combine colors with drawings, then you should not take more than three colors so as not to get a blurry effect;
  • for the expressiveness of the picture, it is worth using varnishes of a different texture than the main coating. For example, the base can be applied with a glossy varnish, and the image can be matte, or vice versa;
  • you can choose the colors of the picture to the tone of the coating, or vice versa, opt for a contrasting option;
  • ombre manicure 2017 may contain floral, geometric, abstract motifs.

ombre manicure 2017 with a pattern

Manicure 2017 ombre with rubbing

A beautiful ombre manicure 2017 with a rub is extremely popular. He adds fine shiny dust to the color overflows, which brings the effect of a silver and golden surface. For such a unique brilliance, they love rubbing, because dust particles are neatly located on the nail and add shine. The ideal option would be to decorate several fingers with a rub of a dark color, and make others in a light tone of this color.

manicure 2017 ombre with rubbing

Bright ombre on nails 2017

The 2017 gradient manicure, made in bright colors, is able to make rich colors even brighter:

  • a colored jacket can become a variant of bright nail art, thanks to a smooth flow from dark to light;
  • smooth gradient transitions in the horizontal version make the drawing bright and spectacular, and yellow, orange and other rich color shades are perfect for summer time;
  • Glitter or rubbing can add brightness, the main thing is not to overdo it with this shiny element.

bright ombre on nails 2017

Delicate ombre manicure 2017

To give tenderness to the image, you can make a fashionable ombre manicure 2017, made in nude tones. It can be beige, cream, caramel, coffee or other colors. Their beauty lies in the fact that they are able to hide the flaws of the nail plates and visually emphasize their shape. Natural color is appropriate everywhere, if you add it with sparkles or casting elements, then it is perfect for a festive event. However, when choosing a delicate varnish, you should not opt ​​for an overly pale version.

gentle manicure ombre 2017

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