New Year's manicure 2018 - 28 photos of the best manicure ideas for the New Year

Well-groomed nails are an adornment of any woman, especially if a festive event is approaching. New Year’s manicure 2018 is a decoration option where you can deviate from the established rules and norms and turn to a luxurious version of nail art.

Manicure for the New Year 2018

For fashionistas who want to create an unsurpassed New Year’s manicure 2018, the best ideas are presented in numerous variations:

  • the symbol of the coming year is the Yellow Dog, so bright colors and expressive outlines should prevail in the nail design;
  • combinations of red, yellow, coral, gold and orange colors are suitable for decoration;
  • to make nail art really look festive, it is decorated with all kinds of decorations, such as rhinestones, sparkles, stones, decorative sand and flock;
  • the perfect New Year’s manicure 2018 is the one on which the symbol of the year flaunts on the middle or ring finger;
  • this year of the Dog, you can use a yellow or gold shade, it is suitable for both the base and jewelry. For example, you can create a decor using pieces of gold foil or make several nails using a mirror technique;
  • the use of gel polish and sparkles will be popular;
  • blue tones are relevant, the base looks very stylish, made in such a color, on which winter landscapes are applied.

manicure for the new year 2018New Year's manicure 2018 best ideas

New Year’s manicure 2018 for short nails

Stylish New Year’s short manicure 2018 will be a great decoration for neat small nails. We can distinguish the following variations of its design:

  • on the nail plates, you can combine several different textures. It can be a glossy pattern on a matte finish or a velvety powdery pattern on a glossy base;
  • such a length of nails will not allow you to make a large drawing, but you can do without it, for example, use loose glitter, thanks to which the nail plates will flicker in different colors;
  • you can turn to a shimmering gradient of small particles;
  • discreet nail art can also become festive if you add a couple of rhinestones pasted near the cuticle to it;
  • if, nevertheless, it is impossible to do without a drawing, then snowflakes, festive confetti, Christmas trees, snowmen and other variants of the New Year’s paraphernalia can be applied to a short New Year’s manicure 2018;
  • it is better to dwell on the version of the images on several nails, if all fingers are decorated with them, then the image will turn out to be overloaded;
  • you can use contrasting combinations, for example, it can be metallic gold and classic red, this will add expressiveness and distract from the short length.

New Year's manicure 2018 for short nails

New Year’s manicure 2018 for long nails

The manicure for the New Year 2018, the Year of the Dog, looks extremely impressive, made on elongated nail plates. It comes in the following variations:

  • at this length, you can experiment with different shades of red, yellow and blue, shades of green look fashionable and harmonious;
  • any color can be easily complemented with rhinestones, sparkles and various shimmering stones;
  • the most successful form of nails will be almond-shaped or oval;
  • New Year’s manicure 2018 can be discreet, but original, for this you should turn to a plain design, where only one finger will be decorated;
  • all kinds of drawings are relevant — smiles, snowflakes, Christmas trees, snowmen and other vivid images;
  • do not ignore the image of the main symbol of the year, which may be present on one or more fingers;
  • in the winter of 2018, flock nail art will be in fashion, which gives the nails a velvet effect;
  • you can use the technique of sand application;
  • lovers of the classics will like marble or moon nail art, which combines different techniques;
  • the fashionable New Year’s manicure 2018 «cat’s eye» looks elegant and luxurious, for a celebration it can be supplemented with a special pattern or pattern.

New Year's manicure 2018 for long nails

Manicure ideas for the New Year 2018

Before making your choice and using the ideas of New Year’s manicure 2018, it is recommended to decide on a projectile so that they harmoniously combine with each other. Preferably, festive nail art includes Christmas motifs or fabulous patterns. These are all the elements of the holiday: images of Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden and a snowman, garlands and Christmas decorations. It is recommended to move away from the monochromatic version and resort to a more colorful one, with bright colors and expressive patterns.

manicure ideas for the new year 2018New Year's manicure ideas 2018

New Year’s manicure 2018 — the best ideas with a dog

In addition to the color scheme, the choice of patterns is of great importance. For the upcoming holiday, New Year’s manicure 2018 with a dog will become especially relevant. It can be formatted in the following ways:

  • can be combined with classic nail art, such as a moon or an elegant jacket;
  • it is best to apply the image on one or more fingers to avoid congestion;
  • the animal may have a cartoonish appearance or be close to the natural image of a dog.

New Year's manicure 2018 best ideas with a dog

New Year’s manicure 2018 with rhinestones

Rhinestones fit perfectly into any nail design, with such a decoration a fashionable manicure for the New Year 2018 will also look great. When designing, it is recommended to take into account the following points:

  • you can use any size of these shimmering elements, but do not get too carried away with the abundance of glitter;
  • it is recommended to use this decor in a minimum amount. For example, rhinestones are often laid out near the cuticle and form a smile or attached to the tips of the middle and index fingers;
  • a common option is when a triangle is formed from rhinestones in the middle of the nail and a wave across the entire base.

New Year's manicure 2018 with rhinestones

New Year’s manicure 2018 french

A win-win option for a festive evening will be to make a beautiful manicure for the New Year 2018 in the form of a jacket. It looks great on oval or almond nail plates, short to medium length. The following current trends can be noted:

  • for a celebration, a moon jacket, decorated with sparkles and stones, is well suited;
  • in a jacket, you can move away from classic colors, and opt for bright shades, for example, on a blue palette;
  • the smile zone can be decorated with silver and gold hearts, flower petals and different wavelengths. Gold is always luxury and elegance, and silver adds tenderness.

New Year's manicure 2018 french

Bright New Year’s manicure 2018

To make the image really stunning, you should choose a bright New Year’s manicure 2017-2018. The following variations can be distinguished:

  • for an evening dress in red, green and blue shades, you can pick up a discreet matte or glossy nail art, and make a bright accent in the form of sparkles, camoufubuki or openwork paintings;
  • pink and beige tones in French manicure can be supplemented with bright loose glitter;
  • New Year’s plain manicure 2018 for a festive celebration can become bright if you add glitter to several nails or beautiful drawings in rich colors.

bright New Year's manicure 2018

Manicure color for the New Year 2018

When deciding what manicure to do for the New Year 2018, the choice of color is of no small importance. The upcoming year of the Yellow Dog welcomes the presence of bright colors. When designing nail art, it is recommended to consider the following points:

  • you can resort to all shades of red, especially juicy berry flowers;
  • a good idea would be a yellow and terracotta shade, which is the best match for the symbol of the coming year;
  • blue, blue, white, green are considered relevant, from such colors a suitable Christmas or New Year pattern is created;
  • Golden and silver tones will add festive sparkle, they can be used for decoration or for applying the base coat.

manicure color for the new year 2018

Manicure for the New Year 2018 yellow shades

The undoubted favorite of the celebration is the yellow New Year’s manicure 2018. There are such variations of it:

  • among the possible shades, you should opt for a golden color, because it really looks festive;
  • this color can be present in different types of coating: sparkles, loose glitter, foil or film, or just golden varnish;
  • gold goes well with other colors, so you can stop at a few shimmery coatings, stripes or golden-colored holes combined with other shades;
  • you can apply a classic yellow tone, a similar varnish can decorate one or more fingers;
  • various combinations are possible, yellow goes especially well with white, beige and pastel colors.

manicure for the new year 2018 yellow shades

Red New Year’s manicure 2018

To create a catchy, memorable bow, a beautiful New Year’s manicure 2018, made in red colors, will be an excellent solution. It can be perfectly combined with white snow patterns, decorated with special sliders. To make the nail art even more elegant, rhinestones, sequins, foil and sand are used in silver and golden hues.

red New Year's manicure 2018

Blue New Year’s manicure 2018

A very common option is the blue New Year’s manicure of 2018. He is able to bring a cold, winter touch to the image. There are a lot of options for creating it, among them the following can be listed:

  • you can opt for a bright blue varnish, which is effectively complemented by sparkles or iridescent mother-of-pearl;
  • if the brightness is not to your liking, then you can choose a pale blue color or a pale shade of blue;
  • in blue, the gradient New Year’s manicure 2018 looks great with the addition of all kinds of paraphernalia of this holiday. It can be winter patterns, snow-white snowflakes, elegant Christmas trees, garlands, balls and toys.

blue New Year's manicure 2018

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