Manicure with fruits - photos of beautiful solutions for the summer and not only!

With the onset of the summer season, every fashionista wants to bring something bright and unusual to her look. This applies to nail art creation as well, fruit manicure is one of the newest fashion trends of this summer and is distinguished by its freshness and originality.

Manicure with fruits 2017

This season, stylists show their imagination to the fullest, creating a summer 2017 manicure with fruits. For this type of nail art, the following features are characteristic:

  1. The design can be embodied in absolutely any color scheme, in accordance with which this or that type of picture is chosen. It can be a sunny orange orange, a juicy apple, a ripe melon, multi-colored grapes, a watermelon, made in pink and green colors.
  2. The drawing can be applied in one of several ways: original fimo sticks, traditional lacquer coating, stickers that create a flat or three-dimensional 3-D image are used.

fruit manicure 2017

Manicure with fruits 2017

summer manicure 2017 with fruits

Fruit Manicure Ideas

Fashionistas who decide to reproduce fashionable nail art on their nails can use one of its variations:

  • fruits on the nails can be depicted as a whole or in a section. In the latter case, the reproduction of certain details will look very impressive. For example, a watermelon in a section contains seeds, and when an orange is applied, its slices are drawn;
  • one of the latest trends has been to apply voluminous drops that look very original and create an indescribable effect;
  • such a manicure with a fruit pattern can be combined with some other type of nail art, for example, a jacket or a moon;
  • marigolds look very extraordinary, on which the image of any berries is added: cherries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries. This combination will bring new colors to the color palette and help make the image even brighter.

fruit manicure ideas

Trendy Fruit Manicure Ideas

fruit on nails

Manicure fruits on nails with drops

Extremely popular among the fair sex is the “fruit with drops” manicure. To create it, a special application technique is used, which implies the observance of the following steps:

  • drawing on the nail plate of the main pattern, which is used both flat and voluminous;
  • then drops are applied, which are necessarily made voluminous, they act as the main accent and highlight of the original design;
  • in the case of combination with another type of nail art, details characteristic of it are created: for example, the tip of a nail for a jacket and a hole for the “moon”.

fruit manicure on nails with drops

French with fruits on nails

Fashionistas who are fans of French nail art can not change their addictions and use a French manicure with fruits. It can be embodied in such variations:

  • combination with a classic jacket, where the tip is painted over with white or some pastel shades, and a pattern is applied to the main part of the nail plate;
  • fruit french manicure, in which the tip of the nail plate is made in a similar color scheme to the picture, for example, orange, like an orange, or yellow, like a lemon.

french with fruits on nails

Fimo fruit nail design

There is a way that greatly facilitates the creation of fashionable nail art through the use of a special technology — this is fimo-fruit on the nails. Fimo are special sticks, having a length of about 5 cm, in the center of which there is a certain pattern. Having cut off a thin strip, the master applies it to the nail plate, thereby obtaining a finished image. From above, the nail is covered with a transparent varnish, if necessary, it is supplemented with other necessary details.

fimo fruit nail design

fruit stickers for nails

You can create a nail design yourself, without resorting to the help of specialists, if you use “fruit” nail sliders. They are applied to the main coating, and on top are covered with a lacquer fixer. They are characterized by such distinctive features:

  • ease of application;
  • practicality, they stay on the nails for a long time;
  • the possibility of additional decoration with rhinestones, stones, sparkles;
  • Looks great on both colored and transparent bases. Varnish is chosen both similar in color and contrasting;
  • one, several or all nails are decorated with drawings, depending on individual preferences;
  • voluminous manicure with fruits — there are both flat stickers and voluminous ones that create the effect of modeling. The latter look especially harmonious on long nail plates.

fruit stickers for nails

Bulky fruits on nails

Owners of long nail plates will especially like the nail design with fruit, which has a three-dimensional effect. The picture stands out against the background of the main cover and acts as a stylish nail art accent. In some cases, it has a significant volume and looks like a molding applied to the nail plate. When creating such a design, it is recommended to adhere to the following points:

  • choose a varnish of neutral shades, since a three-dimensional picture attracts attention in itself, so an overly catchy coating overloads the image;
  • in addition, for the same reason, an abundance of rhinestones and stones should be excluded.

voluminous fruits on the nails

Fashionable fruit manicure

Girls who decide to do a “fruit” manicure on their nails can be 100% sure that they will not be left without attention. This nail art is perfect for creating a beach or bright everyday look. If it is decorated in a strict minimalist style, then it will fit perfectly into a business bow. When creating a design, they adhere to certain fashion trends, for example, you can use saturated colors, combine different color combinations, apply sectional images.

Nail art is perfect for complementing bright youth bows; such wardrobe items are perfectly combined with it:

  • light and flying dresses and sundresses made of flowing fabrics, such as chiffon;
  • denim products: jeans, shorts, shirts, vests;
  • things made of cotton, linen, made in a free style;
  • when choosing clothes, it is recommended to give preference to plain things or those that are similar to marigolds in color;
  • in the absence of a strict dress code for a business image, it is allowed to create a design that is made in soothing discreet colors.

trendy fruit manicure

Bright manicure with fruits

One of the best ways to stand out and create a memorable look is to make a bright summer manicure with fruits. It can be created in the following ways:

  • the use of bright varnishes, contrasting in color with the image;
  • the use of the drawing itself as a catchy accent, which is applied to a transparent or pastel base;
  • the picture can be supplemented with bright zones, with the help of which the tip of the nail plate stands out when creating a jacket or a hole, if moon nail art is made;
  • bright fruit nails are created by applying such spectacular pictures: bright yellow pineapple, sunny orange orange, rich lemon and lime containing a contrasting combination of watermelon pulp and peel, apples of various colors.

bright manicure with fruits

Fruit cut on nails

Extremely original and extraordinary is a manicure with fruit slices. It can be made in the following variations:

  • contain a full sectional image (watermelon, orange, lemon cut in half);
  • individual slices can be drawn, either one or several;
  • a fruit manicure may include alternately applying a complete image, for example, a watermelon, and a sectional pattern to the fingers;
  • characteristic is the reproduction of the smallest details: for example, watermelon seeds or orange fibers, a peel in an incision;
  • Kiwi looks incredibly impressive in the context, where green flesh and black small seeds are drawn. At the same time, kiwi is very successfully combined with such types of design as a jacket or “moon”, seeds emphasize certain areas of the nail plate: the tip for a jacket or a hole when creating a “moon”.

cut fruit on nails

Manicure with fruits and berries

You can add brightness to the image if you make summer nails with fruits and berries. There are such variations of execution:

  • a combination with berries of a similar color scheme, as an example, a red apple with a cherry;
  • fruit manicure using berries that contrast in color;
  • berries can be located on one finger with the main image or alternate on different fingers;
  • greatly facilitates the task of applying pictures using fimo sticks or all kinds of stickers.

manicure with fruits and berries

Two-tone fruit manicure

One of the best ways to create a beautiful fruit manicure is to do it in two primary colors. It can be made in the following variations:

  • shades can match in color and harmoniously complement each other;
  • a manicure with fruits, decorated in two colors, contrasting with each other, will look very catchy and impressive;
  • tones can be used to decorate the base and the image, or a drawing can be made in two colors;
  • drawings that differ in volume look incredibly original, for example, a juicy peach in a section on one finger and grapes, consisting of small circles of grapes on the other.

two-tone fruit manicure

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