Manicure in pastel colors - 42 photos of a beautiful pastel manicure for every taste

Every girl who cares about her appearance definitely pays attention to her hands. Beautiful and well-groomed handles are an elegant addition to the image, making it as expressive as possible. So, many girls choose a gentle manicure in pastel colors, emphasizing feminine charm and charm.

Manicure in pastel colors 2018

In each season, trends in decorating nail plates change dramatically. Numerous shades of pastel remain relevant almost always, as they create an atmosphere of tenderness, romanticism and airiness around the fair sex. Manicure in pastel colors, 2018, is incredibly diverse — young ladies and older women can safely choose from the following options:

  • french or moon nail art, in which the tip of the nail or hole is covered with gel polish of one of the shades of pastel, and the main surface is covered with a transparent coating;
  • in the coming season, one of the main trends in the world of manicure art has become an emphasis on the cuticle. Nowadays, it is often emphasized with the help of a charming and delicate pastel;
  • Gradient 2018 is performed in different colors and combinations, but the main hit of the season was an ombre manicure in muted shades from the pastel range. In addition, this type of design is accessible even to beginners, since blots and roughness in it are not as noticeable as when using bright and saturated colors;
  • vertical ombre also does not give up its positions. When choosing such a nail art, each nail is painted in different colors from the pastel range — mint, pale pink, blue, light yellow and others;
  • The current trend of 2018 was a manicure in pastel colors with marble patterns, or marbling. This design is superbly refreshing and makes the look light and charming;
  • spring manicure 2018 in pastel colors can also be created using floral motifs. At the same time, on short plates, you can use only small-sized drawings, and on long plates, you can realize your imagination in all possible ways.

manicure in pastel colors 2018manicure in pastel colors 2018

Manicure for short nails 2018, pastel colors

Any girl can make a manicure in pastel colors for short nails, since it does not require any special skills and abilities. Even a plate covered with plain varnish in such nail art looks simply charming, so many young ladies give their preference to such nail art.

In addition, since all shades of pastels are light, they visually increase the area of ​​​​the nail plate, resulting in the feeling that the claws have become longer. To achieve an even more noticeable effect of increasing the length, you can use the gradient technique, vertical stripes, small dots or rhinestones and highlight the hole with a contrasting shade.

manicure for short nails 2018 pastel colorspastel manicure for short nails

Manicure in pastel colors on long nails

A beautiful manicure in pastel colors for long nails can be created using a huge number of techniques. A sufficient area of ​​the nail plate allows you to create bright and original patterns, use contrasting inserts, all kinds of geometric patterns, knitted ornaments, exquisite floral motifs, lace, curls and much more.

A manicure in delicate pastel colors helps to smooth out some of the audacity and aggressiveness that comes from girls with long nails. With such a coating, even the longest claws become graceful and sophisticated, so this type of nail art will be appropriate in absolutely any situation. In addition, it goes well with most wardrobe items and a variety of accessories.

pastel manicure on long nailspastel manicure for long nails

Pastel Manicure Ideas

Each specialist in the world of nail art will be happy to offer his client a delightful manicure design in pastel colors that will emphasize her femininity and natural charm. In the arsenal of nail art masters there is a huge number of variations of such nail art, among which it is not difficult to choose the right option. Although most pastel shades look too faded and soft, when applied to the claws, they begin to play in a completely different way, giving the young lady’s handles a beautiful and well-groomed appearance.


pastel color manicure ideasPastel manicure design

Delicate manicure in pastel colors

Beautiful gentle manicure in pastel colors is ideal for romantic dates. Often this type of nail art is chosen by young brides who do not want to give their preference to traditional snow-white patterns. A gentle manicure in pastel colors is almost never overloaded with decorative elements, although if the master and client wish, it can be supplemented with a small amount of rhinestones, charming curls, lace imitation, twigs or miniature flowers.

gentle manicure in pastel colorsbeautiful gentle manicure in pastel colors

Multi-colored manicure in pastel colors

To add brightness and expressiveness to the design of the nail plates, the use of coatings of different colors can be used. Often, with the help of this technique, a spring manicure in pastel colors is created, which will create the appropriate mood on the first warm days. When choosing such a nail art, in most cases 2-3 accent fingers stand out in a different color. If a fashionista wants to draw attention to her hands and stand out from the general crowd, she can give preference to a design in which all claws are covered with multi-colored varnishes from the pastel range.


multi-colored manicure in pastel colorsspring manicure in pastel colors

Pastel manicure with a pattern

A gentle and beautiful manicure in pastel colors is often complemented by bright and original drawings. With the help of such pictures, which can be applied with a brush or a stencil, a fashionista can demonstrate her own personality and mood. As a rule, manicure in pastel colors is complemented with graceful flowers, hearts or images of cute plush animals.

If short nail plates are mainly decorated with small drawings that do not attract much attention to themselves, then long nails often depict large and catchy elements that become the main focus of nail art. Meanwhile, large drawings should not be applied to each nail, it is recommended to highlight 1-2 accent fingers with them, and simply cover the rest with plain varnish or gel polish.

pastel-colored manicure with a patternbeautiful manicure in pastel colors

Matte manicure in pastel colors

Fashionable manicure in pastel colors will become even more feminine, sophisticated and concise when using a matte finish. Such nail art is especially loved by nail artists — they appreciate varnishes and gel polishes with a matte texture for ease of application and incredible durability — compared to traditional glossy coatings, they can last 30-40% longer.

From an external point of view, matte nail art is also very different from glossy — it does not shine, does not attract attention and makes women’s hands neat and well-groomed. With this design of nail plates, you can appear anywhere — at work or school, a gala event or a club party, a romantic date or a business meeting.

pastel matte manicure

Manicure in pastel colors with rhinestones

Coatings from the pastel range are much better than others in common with the brilliant decor of rhinestones. To create such nail art, pebbles of any size can be used, both transparent and multi-colored. If large rhinestones in most cases are laid out only on accent fingers and form the desired pattern, then small ones usually cover the entire surface of the nail plate and give it an exquisite shine.

Manicure, pastel colors, with sparkles or rhinestones, ideal for going out and special occasions. In everyday wear, it may be inappropriate and, moreover, often causes discomfort due to the fact that rhinestones cling to clothes and other objects. For this reason, many young ladies, choosing an option for every day, give their preference to other types of design.

manicure in pastel colors with rhinestones

Monochromatic manicure in pastel colors

A classic manicure in pastel colors, in which all the nails are covered with a solid varnish or gel polish, is a great way to always look great. Such nail art is appropriate in absolutely any situation, it is great for complementing an evening or romantic look, especially if the young lady chose a feminine dress of the same color shade as the coating on the nail plates.

A monochromatic manicure in delicate pastel shades can be easily applied at home. Thanks to soft, muted shades, the coating fits well, without voids and roughness. When buying a good gel polish with a quick action, you can make a similar nail art right at home in a matter of minutes.

monophonic manicure in pastel colors

Manicure with geometry in pastel colors

Geometric images of various shapes and sizes can add rigor and sophistication to any type of nail art. As a rule, small elements and vertical stripes are chosen for short nail plates, which visually lengthen the claws and make them elegant and sophisticated.

Lines of almost any color shades that contrast with the main tone will suit the coating from the pastel range. So, a manicure with pastel colors and silver looks very interesting, which has recently broken all records of popularity and won the hearts of many of the fair sex.

pastel geometry manicure

Manicure gradient, pastel colors

The gradient technique of decorating nail plates, in which one shade smoothly transitions into another, has been one of the most popular types of design for many years. It also looks interesting in pastels — here a blend of two muted tones or a lot of iridescent transitions are created, in which the colors do not differ much from each other in intensity.

As a rule, an ombre manicure in pastel colors is performed with a sponge, with which the coating is shaded over the selected surface. In this color scheme, the following transitions are mainly used — from pale yellow to lilac, and vice versa, from pale pink to light blue or mint.

pastel gradient manicure

Lunar manicure in pastel colors

There are no rules in lunar design today. The base of the nail plate can be highlighted with a lighter shade, and the main surface with a darker one, and vice versa. The combination of soft pink and golden shades looks interesting. In addition, any girl can independently create a simple manicure in pastel colors, covering her claws with cream or pale blue varnish, and leaving the hole untouched.

moon manicure in pastel colors

French manicure in pastel colors

A charming jacket with a soft pink or blue smile line replaced the classic French nail art a couple of years ago. Today, very often it becomes the subject of choice for young ladies who are going to a gala event or a romantic date. The smile line highlighting technique is often combined with other types of nail plate design. So, pastel-colored French manicure with rubbing on accent fingers is very popular among girls and women.

French manicure in pastel colors

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