Leopard manicure - the best design ideas for short and long nails

In recent seasons, animalistic nail art has been very popular among fashionistas. Leopard manicure deserves special attention, which gives the image expressiveness, catchiness and sexuality. He is able to act as a bright accent.

Leopard manicure 2018 — trends

The real trend of this season is leopard manicure 2018. It is used by many stylists, when creating original nail art, they are guided by the following fashion trends:

  • an extraordinary variety of colors. On the eve of summer, bright saturated colors become especially relevant, while one tone or a combination of several at once can be used;
  • demanded are such design solutions that are as close as possible to natural natural shades, these are those that resemble the colors of a leopard, beige, brown, muted yellow and orange;
  • when applying fashionable nail art, a variety of design options and techniques can be used. It can be a leopard French manicure, moon design, ombre, the use of glossy and matte finishes, shiny powder;
  • when creating such nail art, it is recommended to carefully consider under what wardrobe items it is planned to be worn. It will go well with solid colors or with products containing a similar print. If the clothes contain any other pattern, for example, floral motifs, it is better to refrain from choosing such things, since the image may turn out to be overloaded.

leopard manicure 2018 trends

Leopard manicure 2018 — trends

leopard manicure 2018leopard print nail design

Leopard manicure for short nails

Short nails will look more catchy if a neat and beautiful leopard manicure is applied to them. There are such variations of this type of design:

  • the drawing can completely cover all the nail plates;
  • can be located only in certain areas, for example, on the lateral surface of the nail;
  • can alternate with a single color coating that will be applied to several fingers.

leopard manicure for short nails

Leopard manicure for long nails

You can create an extremely spectacular bow if you use elongated leopard nails to complement it. They can be made in the following ways:

  • covered exclusively with animal prints;
  • made in the form of a jacket, and the spots can cover both the tip and the main part of the nail;
  • a similar design can be applied when creating moon nail art;
  • since long nails provide great scope for the realization of the most daring fantasies, they can contain all sorts of additional decorative elements. It can be rhinestones, sparkles, kamifubuki, glitter powder.

leopard manicure for long nails

Leopard Manicure Ideas

Stylists, creating a leopard nail design, use a variety of design solutions. Among them are the following:

  • animal print can be located on the entire surface of the nail plate or only in a certain part of it;
  • the drawing can be combined with some other design, for example, a green cat’s eye traced on one nail will look very interesting. As a stylish detail, there can also be an image of an animal on one of the fingers;
  • leopard manicure can be effectively decorated with rhinestones, sparkles, sequins;
  • spotted print can be made in different shades, both close to the natural color of the leopard, and bright saturated colors, for example, red, blue, pink;
  • the usual jacket or moon nail art, decorated with spots, looks very original;
  • the combination with gold looks extremely impressive.

leopard manicure ideas

Leopard Manicure Ideas

leopard nail designleopard print manicure

Manicure with leopard pattern

A leopard print manicure can make an image incredibly catchy and attractive. The drawing can be made using different techniques, it is delivered in the following variations:

  • all nail plates can be spotted and contain the same design;
  • spots can be voluminous, applied with a glossy or matte finish;
  • the base and the pattern can match in color or be drawn in similar shades or make up a spectacular contrast.

leopard print manicure

Manicure with leopard pattern

beautiful leopard manicure

Leopard manicure with rhinestones

To make the leopard print nail design even more spectacular, stylists use rhinestone decoration. The following placement options are allowed:

  • rhinestones can completely cover any finger, often the ring finger, they are not contained on the rest of the nails;
  • with the help of rhinestones, a certain area can be highlighted, they can serve as a border between the main part and the tip when creating a jacket, between the hole and the base when a moon leopard manicure is applied;
  • rhinestones can be lined with a pattern or pattern, it can be a vertical line separating different types of images or coatings, original curls.

leopard manicure with rhinestonesleopard print nail design

Red leopard manicure

A leopard manicure with red will come out truly luxurious, it is perfect for complementing evening bows and will attract everyone’s attention. Among the variations of its design, the following can be noted:

  • spots can be drawn in red, which are depicted on the basis of a different color. At the same time, it is recommended to choose discreet pastel colors as a background, similar in color, for example, raspberry, a black or white base will look good;
  • some nail plates may be painted red, while others will contain an animal print.

red leopard manicure

French leopard nails

A very stylish and original variation of the usual jacket is a French leopard manicure. It can be formatted in the following ways:

  • the main part is dyed in pastel seasoned tones or completely transparent, and there is an animal print on the tips;
  • it is possible to combine a spotted pattern on the tips and with a bright base, in which case an incredibly catchy and memorable leopard print manicure will come out;
  • the main part can be painted in the color of a leopard, and the tip can be made in any solid colors, often black.

leopard french nailsfrench leopard manicure

Leopard manicure with holes

Lunar nail art can also be made in an extraordinary design, this is a leopard manicure with gel polish or applied using a conventional coating. Common design solutions include the following:

  • the wells may contain a mottled pattern;
  • there may be a classic transparent hole, combined with an animal print on the main part;
  • all kinds of colors can be used to draw the hole: black, white, yellow, orange, red and other shades.

leopard manicure with holes

Black leopard manicure

One of the interesting ways to make a leopard style nail design is to use two finishes for its application: glossy and matte. At the same time, this design looks extremely impressive in black. The following variations are allowed:

  • glossy leopard spots applied on a matte base;
  • covering the nail plate with gloss, and on top the location of spots made with matte varnish;
  • leopard black manicure can be combined with other elements, such as rhinestones, transparent stripes, gold powder.

black leopard manicure

Pink leopard manicure

Extremely feminine and romantic look nails with leopard print, made in pink shades. Common design techniques that are used in their design include the following:

  • the pink base is relevant, which can be made both in muted light pink shades, and in the most vivid ones, such as rich pink or raspberry. In this case, spots are applied to it, painted in red, black, white or any other tones;
  • Another option would be a leopard print nail design, which involves applying pink spots on a base of a similar color or some other shade.

pink leopard manicure

Leopard manicure with gold

Incredibly luxurious and rich look nails with a leopard pattern, which are complemented by decorative golden elements. Among them are the following:

  • application of gold-colored varnish;
  • applying golden sparkles or sequins;
  • creating a design using a special shiny powder;
  • one or more fingers can be dyed with gold, they can alternate with or be combined with an animal print when it is applied over a golden base;
  • certain patterns and curls can be traced with gold.

leopard manicure with gold

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