Kamifubuki for nails - what is it and how to use them?

In modern nail art, there are many original and unusual tools that help to make a beautiful and stylish design. One of the most fashionable types of nail decor has become kamifubuki — attractive sparkles that will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to even the most modest manicure.

What is kamifubuki?

Today, this type of decoration is called differently — confetti, sparkles, foil figures. But officially, the stylish decor is called kamifubuki. This tool is a scattering of round, diamond-shaped or hexagonal thin metal plates of different sizes and colors. As a rule, in one set there is a combination of three shades, both of the same palette and contrasting ones. With kamifubuki, the design is universal. It is perfect for both evening looks and everyday bows. And today the masters offer an unlimited number of interesting ideas.

what is kamifubukikamifubuki design

Kamifubuki for nails — how to use?

Decorating with small sparkles is not a difficult process. However, it is important to carry out the sequence of certain actions correctly so that the manicure reliably decorates your hands for a long time. Kamifubuki on nails look beautiful on ordinary varnish. But using the gel, you give a guarantee of wear resistance and durability. To decorate your fingers with stylish decor, use a toothpick or dots. Do not place large circles on the bends of the plate. But let’s see how to use this tool correctly:

  1. Preparation of the nail plate. After removing the cuticle, make sure that the surface of the nails is fat-free and even. Give the desired shape and make sure that there are no irregularities and textures.
  2. Background coverage. Apply base gel. After pre-drying under UV light, cover the nails with color. The fingers on which you will apply the decor can not be covered. But this is a personal matter for everyone.
  3. Apply top and decor. After the second UV drying, apply a transparent top coat. Place decor on top. Remember that the surface must be sticky in order for the plates to adhere well. After completing the desired kamifubuki patterns with a dots or toothpick, proceed to the final step.
  4. Anchoring. Be sure to cover your nails with a fixative on top. Then the plates will be even and smooth, and the decor will be even more brilliant. Dry your fingers in an ultraviolet lamp.

Kamifubuki Manicure Ideas

Such an easy-to-use and very beautiful decor will add a playful and perky mood to the whole look. The design of kamifubuki nails is unique in that due to the different size of the finish, you can come up with different original compositions. Colored metal plates look stylish with other decorative tools — rhinestones, powder, acrylic modeling and more. But choosing this particular type of decor, be sure to think over your manicure. And to make this task easy, do not give up the advice of stylists:

  1. According to Feng Shui. Confetti is an ideal choice for highlighting one or two fingers in the feng shui technique. Here you can beat the style only with the help of finishing, covering the nails in one color, or add contrast to the ring finger with another varnish.
  2. kamifubuki on nails

  3. Velvet manicure with kamifubuki. A stylish solution is the combination of the effect of velvet on the nails and beautiful confetti. Skillful craftsmen place round plates directly on the velvety surface.
  4. manicure ideas with kamifubuki

  5. Design for all nails. Decorating all the fingers completely, your pens are sure to attract attention. Do not worry that this idea is only suitable for an evening ensemble. In a casual bow, a beautiful manicure will become a bright accent.
  6. kamifubuki nail design

  7. New Year’s style. Metallic sequins will perfectly fit into an elegant bow for the New Year. The most popular idea was the use of circles in the form of Christmas decorations. Designers preliminarily paint a tree with colored gel and complement it with kamifubuki.
  8. patterns from kamifubukov

French and kamifubuki

French manicure is considered a classic in modern nail art. Often, such a design is complemented and decorated with various types of jewelry, giving a laconic solution sophistication and originality. A white jacket with kamifubuki has become a fashion trend for the last season. You can also highlight a smile directly with confetti. But such an idea looks less neat, which is its highlight. Metal colored circles and rhombuses have become a fashionable idea for a colored and fan jacket. By using only gold or silver décor, your design will be dressy.

french and kamifubuki

Kamifubuki drawing

The idea with patterns and brilliant images looks original and extraordinary. The most popular are motifs in floral and plant themes. The trend is drawing a kamifubuki tree. It can be a Christmas tree or a fabulous oak tree with openwork round leaves. Unusual flowers look no less attractive. With the help of small circles, you can make a more accurate drawing. Skillful craftsmen create voluminous compositions by stacking confetti on top of each other. The simplest are the drawings in the form of a month, sun, moon.

kamifubuki drawing

Lunar manicure with kamifubuki

The fashionable design with the highlighting of the holes looks very unusual. Brilliant decor can be used both for decoration and for the base. Manicure with kamifubuki holes is relevant in a non-standard form. And in this case, there are many variations. The trend is a flat stripe above the crescent and a geometric shape — a triangle, a square, a rectangle. The concave hole, decorated with sparkles, looks very stylish. When choosing a tool in bright colors, it is worth leaving the background light or colorless, which is important for everyday design. For an evening style, dark and rich varnishes are suitable.

moon manicure with kamifubuki

Matte manicure with kamifubuki

The glossy finish will stylishly complement the matte finish of the nails. The trend is a monochromatic coating of all fingers with the addition of confetti in the style of Feng Shui technique. It is not necessary to decorate all the nails, because in this way you will cover the entire effect of the matte top. The design without gloss looks very neat even in dark and bright shades. Masters especially recommend this solution to owners of short nails. For long claws, matte kamifubuki gel polish in light and neutral colors is relevant. For an evening style, a decor combined with rhinestones or pearls would be a good choice.

matte manicure with kamifubuki

Black manicure with kamifubuki

The most spectacular and beautiful is the design in black. If you cover all your nails with a completely dark varnish, then the shiny multi-colored plates will look very expressive. Even opting for a light decor, you will add images of elegance and elegance. A dark manicure with kamifubuki will complement your everyday look. But here it is better to get by with more restrained ideas. A good solution would be the French style. Feng Shui design is also considered relevant, where one or two fingers can be highlighted in a light color with decor.

black manicure with kamifubuki

Blue manicure with kamifubuki

In recent seasons, the heavenly palette has been considered a trend in choosing colors in manicure. The blue shade is stylishly suitable for both the warm season and the cold season. A beautiful glossy finish will stylishly complement a rich or pastel color. Even a solid color cover with moderate use of confetti will look amazing. If you’re looking for something a little more original and eye-catching, stick with a one-color gradient. An alternative choice for strict combinations would be a blue manicure with kamifubuki. Any shade is in fashion — deep sapphire, sea wave, electrician.

blue manicure with kamifubuki

Golden manicure with kamifubuki

Add luxury to your everyday look with the help of gold color on the nails. When choosing a color palette of finishes for such a design, it is worth stopping at a set of metallic colors. In such a set, shades such as mother-of-pearl, pearl, candy pink may also be present. Then confetti kamifubuki will add tenderness and romance to the nails. To make nail-art more rich and catchy, choose a finish with a combination of gold and bronze. Gold decor looks very nice on a mirror rub or black base.

golden manicure with kamifubuki

Purple manicure with kamifubuki

Saturated deep color has not lost popularity for several seasons in a row in the art of nail-art. Purple manicure can be bright and delicate, dark and moderate. And if you add a little sparkle to your fingers, then this design will stylishly complement an evening bow or add sophistication to everyday looks. A fashionable solution with purple varnish has become a kamifubuki-rhombus manicure. Multi-colored confetti or decoration in several shades of the same color palette are suitable here. The trend of the last season is the northern lights rubbed design. It is better to combine two catchy tools in the Feng Shui style.

purple manicure with kamifubuki

Pedicure with kamifubuki

A beautiful fashionable finish is also relevant for decorating toes. If you think that kamifubuki manicure are design ideas only for the warm season, then you are deeply mistaken. In the cold season, you need to pay attention to the legs no less. After all, you can go on vacation to hot countries, visit a sauna or spa salons. Well-groomed legs will please the beloved man at home. The popularity of multi-colored plates in pedicure is due to their varied size, which helps to decorate each finger. However, the idea of ​​decorating only the thumb remains in trend.

pedicure with kamifubuki

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