Hippie style - history and features in modern fashion

When choosing a summer wardrobe or leisure outfits, many fashionistas prefer the hippie style. In recent seasons, it has received a new incarnation and a name — boho-chic. In the image and in manifestations, this is the motive of freedom and individuality in everything: in clothes, accessories, behavior and lifestyle.

Hippie style in clothes

To briefly characterize the wardrobe items that hippie clothes are presented with, we can say that this is the absence of any canons in the combination of color and shape. The main rule is the absence of any conditions and freedom of expression — this is the main emphasis of boho-chic:

  1. Dresses and sundresses of a wide cut, not constraining movements, of different lengths and colors are in fashion, all kinds of denim vests, shorts, T-shirts with printed patterns, prints and applications are relevant.
  2. The abundance of accessories and jewelry is another important accent that you should pay attention to.

hippie clothing style

Hippie style in clothes

hippie clotheshippie photo session

Hippie style dress

To create spectacular bows in the hippie style, you can use a dress — the most popular wardrobe item. They are characterized by such distinctive features:

  • can be both from thin and flowing fabric, and from more dense samples;
  • the main thing is a free and not restricting movement silhouette, which can be easily beaten with jewelry and accessories, light cardigans and vests;
  • summer dresses, which represent the hippie style, can be of any length, from provocative mini to floor-length maxi;
  • models of a non-fitted silhouette are welcome.

hippie dress

Hippie style dress

hippie bowshippie women clothing

Hippie style denim vest

Denim jackets and short vests are again many looks, they also represent the hippie style in clothes for girls. These items have the following characteristics:

  1. The versatility of a denim vest is that it goes well with many things. Hippie style will help you create some beautiful and original bows with the help of denim vests.
  2. The vest itself can be waist-length or just below the chest line.
  3. Often decorated with a large print on the back, an inscription or a sign «Pacific» — a symbol of the hippie movement of the 60s.
  4. Denim vests can be worn over sundresses, shirts, tunics, sleeveless and short sleeve T-shirts, with skirts and shorts of any length.

hippie denim vest

Hippie T-shirt

Almost no look can do without a T-shirt, except for solemn and official business combinations of clothes. This thing also represents the hippie style in clothes for girls 2018. Among the main fashion trends are the following:

  • T-shirts with large prints, ethnic images, geometric patterns, textile and other applications are popular;
  • a plain T-shirt is a great backdrop for a large number of beads, pendants and amulets, it can be worn with a skirt, underneath a sundress or in combination with jeans and shorts;
  • plain t-shirts are great clothes for hand-painting and embroidery, which is also welcome in this style.

hippie clothes

Hippie T-shirt

modern hippie stylehippie photo session

Hippie dress

Hippie style 2018 is associated with summer days, heat, freedom, music and endless joy. Such a free summer look is best expressed with the help of sundresses. They have the following characteristics:

  • can be both floor-length and mini, and with an asymmetrical cut of the skirt;
  • designers began to pay great attention to the fashion for sleeveless knitted T-shirt dresses, which can also be attributed to the aesthetics of this trend;
  • sundresses are sewn both from plain fabrics with applications or stripes, and from colorful fabrics or material with a graphic print;
  • sundresses can be complemented with T-shirts, denim vests, jewelry, accessories in the form of scarves, hats and bags, comfortable shoes.

hippie sundress

Hippie dress

hippie style 2018modern hippie style

Hippie style skirt

One of the most popular wardrobe items that hippie women wear is the skirt. When creating the right bow, skirts are given as much attention as free flared dresses and sundresses. Among the most current trends are the following:

  1. Modern hippie style builds many of its images on long flared skirts. In terms of cut, they are not much different from sundresses. It can be a wedge skirt, a sun skirt, a pleated skirt, an asymmetrical skirt with prints or a uniform fabric.
  2. Fashionable and relevant are short denim skirts with torn edges. They can be worn both in combination with summer cowboy boots and with lace-up flat sandals.
  3. A long skirt that flies in the wind is a great option to create an image, complementing it with a tunic or a t-shirt with a themed print.

hippie style skirt

Hippie style skirt

hippie women clothinghippie style outfit

Hippie shoes

Shoes will organically complement the outfit in a hippie style, it amazes with its diversity:

  • both factory models and models supplemented with handmade techniques will be relevant;
  • flat sandals with thin laces or straps, decorated with multi-colored ribbons or pompoms, are popular;
  • you can wear comfortable textile ballet flats, sneakers, ethnic-style leather slippers, wedge clogs or thick high heels;
  • many girls choose cowboy low shoes with a wide top. They are combined with both jeans and long skirts and tunic dresses.

hippie shoes

Hippie shoes

hippie chic stylehippie style 2018

hippie style wedding

In recent years, many couples have begun to move away from canonical wedding traditions, arranging outdoor ceremonies in wedding attire that is not considered classic. These outfits include a wedding dress in the style of a hippie. Here you can show full imagination in creating an image:

  • dresses for the wedding ceremony are distinguished by an asymmetrical and flowing silhouette, they seem to fly in the wind;
  • dress in light shades can be decorated with handmade lace, thin frills and raw front seams. All its beauty will be fully reflected by a hippie-style photo shoot;
  • the image of the bride is complemented by a wreath of wild flowers or a thin headband.

hippie style wedding

hippie style wedding

hippie style wedding dresshippie party

Hippie style accessories

The extraordinary hippie style welcomes a large number of accessories, such as hats, headbands and headbands, scarves and stoles, leg jewelry, rosaries and other ethnic paraphernalia. A hippie-style party can be complemented by such decorative elements:

  1. One of the most popular accessories is hats, from classic to wide-brimmed, from textile to straw.
  2. Different wreaths look original, both from natural and artificial flowers.
  3. Thin summer scarves and shawls with ethnic patterns or plain ones are also worn around the neck, combined with beads and as turbans or headbands.

hippie style accessories

Hippie style accessories

hippie partyhippie style jewelry

Hippie style headband

The headband is a wardrobe item that will organically complement the hippie chic style. The fashion for thin bandages came back in the era of the 60s, at the time of the heyday of this culture. They imitate the headbands of the Indians of North America. They are characterized by such characteristic features:

  1. Thin fabric headbands and headbands are worn immediately over the hair, can be embroidered with ethnic patterns, have bright or, conversely, muted colors.
  2. Modern headbands, which represent the hippie style, are decorated with cute ties at the back, pendants in the form of coins and various ethnic details.
  3. Another type of bandage is also in fashion — wide, knotted in the middle or imitating a voluminous turban. To maintain the style, they are also worn over the hair or complement a casually collected and fastened high knot of hair or braids.

hippie headbandhippie chic style

Hippie style bags

It is wrong to think that the bags that represent the modern hippie style are necessarily voluminous and baggy. We can distinguish such fashion trends in their design:

  1. There are small tablet bags, small banana bags that are worn around the waist, and very small knots that can be worn on a drawstring around the wrist.
  2. A large bean bag or a voluminous shapeless hippie-style backpack, decorated with embroidery, appliqués, braid and a variety of prints, scuffs and fasteners, is an indispensable and very convenient attribute.
  3. Girls also choose small models of handbags, for example, a rectangular tablet on a long belt, which is convenient to carry over the shoulder. It is decorated at the discretion of the hostess, since this direction welcomes handmade details.
  4. There is a very small bag-knot or pouch in which you can carry only small items or money. It can be attached to the belt or worn on the wrist.

hippie style bags

Hippie style bags

bag and backpack hippie stylehippie style accessories

Hippie Jewelry

This is a huge topic, since often the basis of the image is not clothes, but jewelry and accessories:

  1. So, for example, the usual discreet casual bow, consisting of a white T-shirt, classic blue jeans without scuffs and comfortable shoes, can be complemented with jewelry, and the image will play in a completely different way, the aesthetics of freedom, rebelliousness and summer roads will begin to guess in it.
  2. The brightest jewelry that represents the modern hippie style is multi-row beads, bracelets, large earrings and rings.
  3. Rings can be worn any, even incompatible with each other. The most relevant options are a combination of rings with large stones and small phalanx rings. It is acceptable to wear rings on almost every finger.
  4. Oversized hoops, tassels or ethnic hippie-inspired dangle earrings are an extremely hot trend.
  5. Beads should be multi-row, it is not necessary to wear all the available beads at once, but mix a long string of beads with a chain with coins, add a thin choker — this is a hint of this direction.
  6. Bracelets are a separate issue. They can be completely different: from beads, from leather, woven from ribbons and threads. The main thing is that there are a lot of them. Slave bracelets are very fashionable, connecting a bracelet and a ring at once.

hippie style jewelry

Hippie Jewelry

hippie chic stylehippie style for girls

Hippie Makeup

Makeup, like clothes, is a minimum of vulgarity and a maximum of naturalness. The following characteristic features can be noted:

  1. Nude notes are welcome in combination with ethnic elements. For example, these are wide arrows or clearly drawn bright lips.
  2. The main thing is not to overdo it with details. If arrows are applied to the eyes, then it is better to refrain from bright or dark lipsticks and give preference to lip gloss.
  3. Hippie-chic makeup does not tolerate painted eyebrows, which are now being abused by many. It is better to use an eyebrow brush and emphasize the natural growth line.
  4. It is the same with contouring, which should not be abused at all. It is best to give preference to light BB creams and shading of blush and shadows.
  5. Eyeshadows in natural shades blend perfectly with the overall look.
  6. Instead of blush, it is best to use a bronzer and a light shimmer on the cheekbone line. It will give the skin a shade of freshness and not overloaded with color.

hippie makeup

Hippie Makeup

hippie chic makeuphippie style in clothes for girls 2018

hippie hairstyle

Hairstyles of this direction welcome negligence, they have the following features:

  1. If the hair is curly by nature, then it is best to let it go, slightly wetting it with water or styling mousse.
  2. On loose hair, small hippie-style pigtails with colored ribbons and braid woven into them are appropriate.
  3. One of the hairstyle options is French braids or spikelet weaving.
  4. It is best to leave a few strands loose and not woven when braiding.
  5. Loose hair can be pinned up with several hairpins or barrettes, in combination with a hair band. The main thing is freedom and allowing the wind to play in your hair.

hippie hairstyle

hippie hairstyle

classic hippie hairstylemodern hippie style

Hippie Manicure

Manicure, like everything else, requires deliberate negligence. This does not mean that varnish or gel polish should be applied unevenly or without following the technology. Deliberate carelessness can be observed in the decor, but not in the manicure itself:

  1. The modern hippie style is characterized by nails in nude tones, covered with either colorless varnish, or beige or milky shades.
  2. The next extreme is a dark manicure: burgundy, wine, black varnish.
  3. Much attention is paid to decor in manicure. Nails can be decorated with geometric patterns, patterns in the form of flowers and feathers.
  4. A multi-colored or rainbow manicure is also welcome.

hippie manicure

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