Glitter — what is it and how to use liquid glitter?


Glitter - what is it, how can it be applied to nails, eyelids, lips and body?

Glitter — what is it — today all fashionistas know. Sparkling notes in makeup and manicure are just his merit. Multi-colored glitters are used on their own and as part of various cosmetic products, and they fit perfectly into almost any look.

Glitter — what is it?

New fashion trends appear every day. Relatively recently, brilliance and luxury have once again returned to fashion. Glitter — what is it? This is exactly the component of cosmetics that gives the image radiance. Simply put, these are sparkles of various shapes, colors, sizes that can be applied to almost all parts of the body. In addition, glitters are used in needlework. Often, with their help, craftswomen decorate paintings, postcards, clothing and footwear, and accessories.

There are a couple of basic forms of glitter release:

  1. Dry glitter must be applied over some sort of base. As the latter, special adhesives, lip glosses, lipsticks can act.
  2. Liquid glitter is more convenient to use. It is sold already mixed with the foundation, so it can be applied to any surface on the body directly from the tube.

What are glitters for?

For beauty, mainly, because sequins in moderation are always beautiful. According to professionals, what is glitter for? Manicurists add shiny elements to the base for nail plates and designs. They make original drawings and decorative elements. Hairdressers love glitter too — what kind of festive hairstyle is it without a mysterious and attractive glow? Sequins shimmer very effectively on the hair, because salon visitors are crazy about them.

Makeup artists love doing makeup with glitter. The latter will perfectly decorate the eyes, lips and face. You can draw with glitter. And not only on the face, but also on the body. Some artists even offer temporary glowing tattoos. This will please the eye and will not wash off completely after the first bath. Glitter tattoos in the bikini area are very popular. It hurts to fill a real tattoo here, but a shiny one is just right.

Glitter — how to use?

glitter how to use

It is not enough to know about glitter, what it is, you also need to be able to use it correctly. Otherwise, the result will not be as spectacular, but you don’t want that, do you? So how do you use glitter? For starters, it would be nice to decide where to apply the sparkles. Depending on the purpose, the size of the decor is selected. For manicure, for example, any elements will do. On the face, large elements may not hold.

Be sure to stock up on all the necessary tools. It is best to use separate brushes and sponges. The grains of sand are very small, and it’s not so easy to wash them off, and they may not fit into a new make-up or design. Do not forget that before applying glitter — only if it is not liquid — the surface of the skin should be treated with a base coat, which must also be purchased if necessary.

Glitter for nails

Dry glitter can be used as a base coat or for drawing designs. Small particles are applied with a brush. Larger glitter is convenient to lay out with tweezers or a stick. Apply glitter for nails should be on wet polish, otherwise they will not attach securely and will very soon begin to fall off. Liquid gloss is a little easier to use, but even despite the fact that it is already mixed with varnish, it is recommended to cover the shining layer from above with a fixer.

Eye Glitter

Glitter shadows are considered especially popular. As a rule, they are applied on a cream base, but if eye glitter is initially liquid or creamy, a primer is not required. A radiant decor is applied to the moving eyelid. When applied under the eyes, it does not hurt to put a napkin. Glitter eye shadows crumble easily, and removing them from the face is not an easy task.

Many people apply makeup with their fingertips, but the eyes will look much neater and more expressive if you use a flat, wide brush. Before applying the glitter, it is advisable to wipe the skin with a tonic or micellar water. If you wear lenses, make-up should be done carefully — small grains of sand can cause discomfort.

Glitter for lips

There are several main ways to apply it:

  1. Dry. In this case, lip glosses are applied with a cotton swab directly on lipstick with a glossy or creamy finish.
  2. Wet. Glitter is applied to makeup with a wet brush, and the result is more uniform.
  3. Mixed. It involves pre-mixing lipstick with glitter.
  4. With primer. Some brands have special products that are applied over the main layer of cosmetics.

body glitter

body glitter

On some holidays, you want to shine completely. For such cases, glitter sequins for the body were invented. Small particles themselves cling well to the skin, but in order for beauty to last as long as possible, its surface must first be treated with a primer. In most cases, it comes with decorative elements. If not, a light cream or mild soap can be used instead of bases.

Glitter manicure

Another popular use for glitter. They can be applied to varnishes and gels of different colors, but at the last stage, the design must be fixed without fail. Thanks to this, the shine will be brighter, and last longer. Glitter is applied to ordinary and gel polish in two ways:

  1. The surface of the nail is treated with a base layer, and glitter is poured on it with a spatula. After obtaining a uniform layer, the excess glitter is brushed off with a brush.
  2. The decor is applied with a brush, a special stick or tweezers. This method is more suitable for larger elements and complex designs.

manicure with glittermanicure with glittermanicure with glittermanicure with glittermanicure with glitter

Makeup with glitter

To make it cool, it must be done by a professional or a person who has a good hand, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the perfect result the first time. When applying glitter for the face and body, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Don’t go overboard with glitter. Emphasis should be placed either on the lips, or on the eyes, or on the cheeks, for example.
  2. It is best to use glitter on contrasting backgrounds.
  3. Matte blotches set off dry and liquid glitter for the eyes and make makeup more spectacular.
  4. The main disadvantage of glitter is that it is very poorly washed off. You need to prepare for this before applying makeup.

makeup with glittermakeup with glittermakeup with glittermakeup with glittermakeup with glitter


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