French manicure 2018 - fashion trends, new items, interesting ideas

In every season, something new appears in the world of the nail art industry. French is one of the most popular types of manicure. Initially, the white even edge of the nail was painted, like a smile, but then other types of jacket appeared: colored, with a variety of decor, non-standard, and so on.

French manicure 2018 — fashion trends

Hands are the business card of any woman, so each of them devotes a lot of time to caring for her palms. Among the main types of fashionable French manicure in 2018 are:

  • classic jacket, where the edge of the nail is covered with white varnish. The base of the nail coating will be a color close to natural (transparent, pink, beige). This type of manicure remains popular as before;
  • colored jacket, where the tips or bases of the nails are painted with colored varnish;
  • black is considered the most stylish French manicure of 2018;
  • french with gold. The golden design subtly and unobtrusively makes the manicure dazzling;
  • jacket with lace. A lace pattern is made on the nails using specially made lace;
  • non-standard jacket, where the tip of the nail is of a special shape: in the form of the letter V, triangle, zigzag or beveled;
  • jacket with a pattern. The principle of manicure is that the drawing that is applied connects the main painted color of the entire plate with a shade of the edge of the nail;
  • fan jacket, additional decor is used for it: sparkles, foil, rhinestones and other details.

In the winter season, French manicure 2018 trends in the nail art industry will be popular with mirror motifs. You will not need to spend a lot of time drawing patterns, you just need to combine the shades favorably. Gold is best combined with a warm and bright tone, and silver with a cold and gentle one. One glittery streak will spice up any color manicure. In 2018, there will be fashionable shades of yellow, brown, golden, red.

a shiny strip will revive the manicure

Fashionable French manicure 2018

fan french jacket with a pattern

French manicure 2018 for short nails

The fashion for short nails will continue in 2018, and the jacket allows you to feel comfortable in any circumstances. French manicure brings grace to small nails, so it is popular in both white and colored tones. The most popular is French 2018 on short nails of natural color. Longitudinal 2-3 strips similar in color will visually lengthen the nail. Suitable shades for this:

  • aquamarine and green;
  • yellow and sand;
  • scarlet and red.

  french 2018 on short nails

French manicure 2018 for short nails

  french on short nails natural colorfrench 2018 on short nails of natural color

French manicure 2018 for long nails

A jacket will be especially suitable for a long manicure, because often the nails grow slowly to the desired length and their edges are very different from the base in texture and color. For long nails, any design is suitable and it is convenient to apply any decor on them, but French manicure 2018 is especially popular fashion trends, which are diverse, classic style.

for long nails

French manicure 2018 for long nails

for a long manicure french for long manicure

French Manicure Ideas 2018

New-fangled masters bring to life a variety of drawings on the nails. It remains only to choose the option you like to look fashionable. The design of the French manicure 2018 is different. For coating, you can use flowers, geometric shapes, lines, and even ready-made stickers. French manicure ideas 2018 with snowflakes and Christmas decorations are suitable for winter. Seascapes are appropriate in summer, cartoon characters will cheer you up, abstract and ethnic images will create a mystery.

french manicure ideas 2018

Interesting French Manicure Ideas 2018

manicure ideas 2018manicure ideas 2018 with snowflakes

French manicure 2018 with a pattern

When choosing a picture, a girl needs to decide where she is going to go, what mood her image will create. The drawings that the nail art masters offer are a huge variety and it is difficult to designate the most stylish ones. The French manicure of 2018 will be in fashion with:

  • flower drawings;
  • clear lines;
  • geometric shapes;
  • oriental patterns.

Graphic drawings have been in trend for a long time and perfectly complement any manicure. Their advantage is that even those who do not have the ability to draw can perform this jacket. Geometric shapes and various lines give the nails a resemblance to the canvases of contemporary artists. Monograms and lace, made with thin lines, will adequately decorate everyday and festive manicure.

Floral motifs perfectly create a pair of jackets, giving sophistication and femininity to the hands. Drawings of flowers are pleasing to the eye and are especially beautiful in the technique of artistic painting. A small floral ornament can be applied to all nails. For those who do not know how to draw, they came up with a lightweight option — special stickers. It is necessary to choose muted shades for everyday manicure, and voluminous bright floral patterns are suitable for a festive jacket.

floral motifs

French manicure 2018 with a pattern

monograms and laceflower drawings

Manicure black French 2018

Preferences in 2018 to the black color scheme will remain. A dark jacket is a manifestation of chic, grace and modesty. A white tip in such a manicure is not needed. Beige or neutral tones are suitable for the base, and the edge can be black. The dark gamma with gold will look more spectacular if the black edging is updated with another golden line, which will be thinner than the main and not the classic semicircular shape, but triangular. At the peak of popularity is the French manicure of 2018 — a black matte base with a glossy border.

beige or neutral pink tones

Manicure black French 2018

dark jacket not a classic semicircular, but a triangular shape.

French manicure 2018 with decor

To date, the fashion trend is a decorated French manicure 2018 using:

  • kamifubuk (special confetti);
  • foil;
  • broken glass;
  • rhinestone;
  • stones;
  • beads.

Broken glass, perfectly fit into the basis of the French manicure. It is necessary to apply such decor with restraint, decorating only one or two nails, it is ideal for the summer season. Another stylish solution is kamifubuki. They can lay out a smile or place only on accent fingers. The color scheme of such confetti should generally be in harmony with the manicure.

Stones and beads are also used for a fashionable French look. Rhinestones come in different colors and with their radiance they will make the manicure better. If you liked the French manicure 2018 with stones, the coating with rhinestones along the entire arched part of the nail will look great, but it is better to decorate only one finger in this way. In order not to worry about the integrity of your jacket, you should glue the rhinestones well. It is better to fix them several times with varnish or special glue.

broken glass and kamifubuki

French manicure 2018 with decor

beads for a fashionable French lookfrench manicure 2018 with stones

Color manicure french 2018

In 2018, girls can paint their nails not only in a traditional white jacket, but also in other colors they like. Milky and creamy shade will suit everyone. For those who love a bright jacket 2018, the masters advise black, burgundy, bright blue, malachite and gold colors. If the nail plate is covered with a neutral tone, then the edges on each finger may be different. Fair-skinned fashionistas who prefer the classics should choose colors close to peach and light pink, but dark-skinned women will suit a coffee-beige shade.

bright french 2018

Color manicure french 2018

milky and creamyberry shades

Matte French manicure 2018

Matte manicure French 2018 is gaining extraordinary popularity, because it looks romantic and noble, it can be called innovative. The current option in 2018 is a combination of matte and glossy finishes. Creating a matte French manicure 2018, you can select any shades and textures, every woman will be able to choose the right option for herself. The edge of the nail can shine, one has only to cover it with a regular tone over matte.

matte french manicure 2018

Matte French manicure 2018

matte french manicurematte and glossy combinations

French manicure 2018 with rubbing

Rubbing is one of the latest trends in the nail art industry. The name is similar to the method of applying manicure. There are different coverage options:

  • holographic;
  • pearl;
  • mirror;
  • May beetle (chameleon);
  • Northern Lights.

Nails look different with each such idea. If the pigment is applied to the entire plate, then additional decoration is not necessary. A stylish 2018 French manicure with a rub will distinguish its owner from a thousand women and is perfect for short nails. This image looks very beautiful in the light of the sun. The combination of pearl rubbing and the effect of broken glass will be attractive.


French manicure 2018 with rubbing

maybug (chameleon) pearl

French manicure 2018 with gold

French 2018 includes a fashion trend — the use of gold in manicure design. You can make a smile with golden color or draw a golden pattern. Also, a golden stripe or golden sequins on the nail cover will complement the festive outfit. Manicure golden jacket 2018 has become a real hit. To make such a coating at home, you need to choose gold nail polish from a palette of metallic shades.

golden stripe

French manicure 2018 with gold

golden sequinsgolden french manicure 2018

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