Nail design 2018 - the most fashionable ideas of the new season

Nail design 2018 is an indispensable component in creating a stylish and spectacular image for any fashionista. At the same time, the selection of different details plays an important role: the shape and length of the nail plates, the choice of colors and decorative ornaments.

Fashionable nail design 2018

Stylists, creating nails in 2018, are guided by the latest fashion trends, among which are the following:

  • nail art is widespread, where all fingers are covered with a single-color varnish, and only a few of them are performed with original drawings and decorative elements;
  • all kinds of geometric and abstract ornaments are very popular, these can be circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, rhombuses, stripes and lines located in different directions;
  • kamifubuki, small bright circles of different colors, which are applied to a transparent or colored base, are capable of giving a festive mood;
  • very original is the design of nails 2018, on which there is a mosaic or stained glass elements;
  • a combination of varnishes with different structures is relevant, for example, a matte strip can be applied to a glossy coating or vice versa;
  • volumetric droplets applied on top of the main coating will look elegant and unusual;
  • the use of all kinds of textures is welcome: it can be velvet sand, a mirror finish, ornaments made using modeling,
  • You can attract attention to yourself if you apply the ombre technique, when one shade smoothly turns into another. At the same time, it is worth noting the geometric gradient, where the transition of tones is carried out by drawing small triangles.

trendy nail design 2018nails 2018

What is the shape of nails in fashion 2018?

One of the main components in creating a stylish nail art is the fashionable form of nails 2018. You can designate its variations:

  • the most relevant is the shape in the form of a spatula. At the same time, it is recommended to make the edges slightly rounded, which gives the nail plate femininity;
  • the rounded oval shape also does not lose its position on the fashionable Olympus and will appeal to lovers of the classics. With the help of this form, the design of short nails 2018 can be designed;
  • girls who prefer extravagance will appreciate pointed nails. This form will look especially good on long nail plates.

what shape of nails is in fashion 2018trendy nail shape 2018

Fashionable nail length 2018

When deciding what kind of nail design to make in 2018, what is important is how long they will have. The following variations are possible:

  • you can opt for the classic version, medium length. Almost any patterns and coatings will look good on it;
  • manicure for short nails 2018 will look very neat and fit perfectly into a casual or business bow;
  • long nail plates are ideal for lovers of catchy, memorable bows. It will be possible to embody the most daring fantasies on them, apply almost any patterns. Especially effectively they will fit into the evening look.

fashionable nail length 2018manicure for short nails 2018

Trendy nail color 2018

The color of nails 2018 will help to make the image unique, stylists are guided by such fashion trends:

  • you can give depth and fullness with the help of black varnish, which can be either matte or glossy;
  • very original colors look like wood, marble, reptile skin;
  • a win-win option for everyday wear will be nude shades, these are flesh, pale pink, light walnut tones;
  • you can look bright if you apply saturated colors: aquamarine, hot pink, red, yellow, light green, orange.

trendy nail color 2018nail color 2018

Nails 2018 — fashion ideas of the season

This season, stylists will be able to fully show their imagination, creating nails 2018, fashion ideas for which are extremely diverse. Among the most relevant of them are the following:

  • a real hit is craquelure, a technique in which the surface of the nail looks like it is covered with small cracks, from under which paint of a different color appears;
  • a stylish novelty can be called nail design 2018, made with the help of sliders presented on a variety of topics. For example, it can be floral, animal, geometric ornaments, inscriptions, lace patterns.
  • the use of thermal varnish makes it possible to change the color of the manicure during the day, depending on the lighting and temperature conditions;
  • magnetic varnish is able to give originality due to the fact that it lies on the surface, creating interesting multi-colored stains;
  • rhinestones are capable of giving a unique varnish, which are glued on one finger in one or several pieces, or cover the entire surface of the nail plate;
  • a great solution would be the choice of mirror coatings, varnishes with a metallic effect, broken glass technique.

nails 2018 fashion ideas of the seasonnails 2018 fashion ideas

French on nails 2018

One of the most common options is the nail design for 2018, made in the form of a jacket. We can note such current trends used in its application:

  • classic, where a transparent coating and a white tip are applied;
  • discreet pastel coatings do not lose their relevance: beige, cream, mint, light pink. They can decorate both the main part and the tip of the nail plate;
  • a rhinestone sticker, drawing patterns or any images can give a spectacular look;
  • girls who love memorable bows can use bright varnishes that paint over the tip of the nail.

french nails 2018nail design for 2018

Drawings on nails 2018

You can make a manicure unique if you apply fashionable drawings on nails 2018. There are such variations that are popular with the fair sex of all ages:

  • drawing flowers and leaves on one or more fingers;
  • images of animals or relevant prints: leopard, coloring under the skin of reptiles;
  • in recent seasons, nail art with ice cream is incredibly relevant;
  • trendy nail designs 2018 may have abstract, geometric, lace patterns;
  • drawings can be depicted using a variety of coatings, laid out with rhinestones.

drawings on nails 2018fashion drawings on nails 2018

Matte nails 2018

Girls can look very feminine and elegant if they choose beautiful nails 2018 made with a matte finish. There are such variations of its application:

  • nails can be completely matte;
  • alternation of matte and glossy varnishes is allowed;
  • it is possible to draw patterns performed with a glossy finish over a matte finish. They can be made in the form of lace, geometric lines, stripes.

matte nails 2018

Broken glass nail design 2018

The use of certain techniques allows you to make an incredibly stylish nail design 2018. One of them is broken glass, it has such distinctive characteristics:

  • overflows of shades similar to each other or constituting a contrast;
  • broken glass can decorate one finger, several or all at once;
  • it is possible to decorate a certain part of the nail with broken glass, for example, a strip in the middle, a moon zone.

broken glass nail design 2018

Mirror nails 2018

The ideal solution for an evening out would be to use a coating that has a mirror effect. There are such variations of its application:

  • can be applied over other colored varnish, creating a spectacular mirror surface;
  • mirror varnish can be used on its own and have its own color, for example, golden nails look extremely impressive, the design of 2018 in this design is very common. Another option would be metallic lacquer.

mirror nails 2018beautiful nails 2018

Nail design 2018 with rhinestones

Nails with rhinestones 2018 look festive and elegant, which are presented in different design variations, among which the following can be noted:

  • highlighting with rhinestones a certain part of the nail plate, for example, the tip of the nail, the zone of the moon. At the same time, both this entire area can be filled with rhinestones, and separated from another part with the help of pebbles;
  • laying out beautiful original patterns with rhinestones, for example, twigs, leaves or fancy curls;
  • location on the surface of the nail of one or more rhinestones;
  • full coverage of the surface of the nail plate with rhinestones.

nail design 2018 with rhinestonesnail design 2018 with rhinestones

Bright nails 2018

The design of stylish nails 2018, made with the help of varnishes of bright colors, will be catchy and memorable. There are such variations of its design:

  • covering all fingers with a single-color varnish of bright colors: orange, red, aquamarine, purple, hot pink, light green, yellow;
  • alternation of coatings similar in color or contrasting with each other;
  • drawing a certain part of the nail with bright colored varnish;
  • fashionable manicure 2018 for short nails, on nail plates of medium length or very elongated can be bright and saturated.

bright nails 2018stylish nail design 2018

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