Dress code - types of dress code for women

In modern fashion, there are situations that require a certain style in the image and the choice of clothes of a particular design. Such conditions are called a dress code, the violation of which can affect the reputation and general opinion of others about the fashionista. And in order to emphasize your savvy in this matter, you need to be able to understand the concept itself.

Dress code — what does it mean?

Such a concept in a modern style means certain requirements in creating an image for a specific event. As a rule, the dress code for women is provided for by the business sphere — meetings, work environment. Often, social events and receptions also require compliance with specific rules in choosing a wardrobe. The conditions of appearance are also put forward by public institutions, where it is necessary to remain restrained and concise, but at the same time be able to stand out from the rest. The main difference between clothes is often the color:

  1. Classic colors. Strict colors — black, white and gray — are considered ideal solutions for any situation with specific rules in the image.
  2. dress code what does it mean

  3. Deep tones of color shades. Your bow will not disturb the restrained atmosphere if it contains shades such as navy blue, blue-green, brown, marsala. However, it is worth stopping at one color without using color mixes.
  4. dress code for women

  5. Nude. The last few years, restrained fashion allows for a neutral palette in the design of a laconic wardrobe. Here, medium shades are considered the most relevant — ivory, coffee with milk, sand.

dress code in the office

Types of dress code

The rules in creating an image are determined by various criteria — religious norms, activities (for example, the service sector or studies), public places of a specific theme (restaurants, clubs, theaters), private events (commercial party). There are situations where the dress code for women is not strictly limited. Such types are called optional, creative, semi-formal, after five, dressy casual. Here, some points are allowed at the discretion of the fashionista directly. For example, clothing and shoes should be discreet, but eye-catching jewelry may be present.

types of dress codebusiness dress codebasic dress codes

Dress code black tie

Translated, this species means «black tie». However, the name should not be taken literally. It does not necessarily have a classic accessory. The black tie dress code for women is formal but not overly formal. Such rules are inherent in weddings, theatrical premieres, evening receptions on the occasion of the presentation of an award (for example, an Oscar). The main attribute of this look is an evening dress or a cocktail outfit for daytime events. Heeled shoes and an elegant hairstyle are considered mandatory. Both expensive jewelry and bijouterie are possible.

dress code black tie

Dress code white tie

This view is considered the most official and solemn. Compliance with such rules involves events of particular importance — a ball, the marriage of famous people, a presidential party. An obligatory element is an elegant dress on the floor or no higher than the ankle. Evening dress code for women requires covered hands. Therefore, in the warm season, it is worth picking up long gloves, and in the cold, wear closed styles with a sleeve. The hairstyle should be collected and complemented by expressive, but not catchy makeup. Details such as a fur cape and expensive jewelry are appropriate.

dress code white tie

cocktail dress code

The level of a cocktail event is indicated by such events as a corporate party, a social event on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, a buffet table at the conclusion of an agreement. The images are more relaxed and can include both a dress and a pantsuit. When choosing the first element, the length will be no more than a palm above the knee. Pants can be oversized 7/8 or even 3/4. The dress code for a cocktail for women in winter involves the presence of fur capes or capes. There is freedom of choice in the decor — embroidery, sequins, lace. Heels and a clutch became obligatory.

cocktail dress code

Dress code smart casual

This species has vague concepts in the choice of clothing. Certain criteria are difficult to single out, but the general direction can be described as something between a business classic and a cocktail. If you wear a dress with sequins to a party, then the smart casual dress code for women provides for styles without catchy decor, but simpler in cut. But the design of costumes can be finished with ruffles, frills, peplum, neckline cutouts. This form of clothing is suitable for lunch with colleagues, press lunch, date. This is the perfect solution where it is important to look too dressy or boring.

dress code smart casual

Dress code for the theater

A few decades ago, the theater was considered a place to go out. For such an event, not only the style of clothing as a whole was carefully chosen, but also the fabric, colors, finishes and even fragrance. But what to wear for such an occasion today, when the official bows for reviewing theatrical productions are not so categorical? It is important to understand what should be excluded. And here stylists distinguish two main taboos — beach wardrobe and sports style. Evening dress code is ideal, especially if the performance starts in the evening. But let’s see the latest ideas:

  1. clothing. A good choice would be a strict dress with a beautiful finish — lace or leather inserts, a laconic composition of rhinestones and stones. An alternative solution would be a classic, but not strict suit with trousers and an asymmetrical or original cut jacket.
  2. dress code for the theater

  3. Shoes. Completing an image can be either open or closed. But be sure to use shoes with a closed toe, under which you can wear tights or stockings. Bare feet should be excluded.
  4. evening dress code

  5. Bag. The most common option in choosing a bag is considered a clutch. This model is ideal for the criteria of concise form and neat complement. Alternatively, a stylized small handmade version is suitable.
  6. dress code for women

  7. Perfume. Given that there are always a lot of people in the theater, the aroma will have to be fresh, but not sharp. Floral perfumes are perfect. Such solutions can be found in such famous brands as Chanel, Dior, Versace and others.

dress code what does it mean

Office dress code

The business sphere is the most common case where compliance with the rules for choosing specific clothes is unshakable. Here it is important to remain restrained and concise, not only in the combination of details, but also in hair, manicure, and makeup. It is important not to use harsh and rich flavors. Contrasting colors are excluded, except for a combination of classic tones. Taboo is imposed on prints. The exceptions are non-staining geometric abstractions — an English cell, a strip, a herringbone. Let’s find out what the dress code provides for in the office for women:

  1. Skirt. The actual style is considered to be a pencil of a narrow straight cut. The length of the skirt is traditionally presented below the knee. Recently, however, models are acceptable five centimeters above the kneecap.
  2. office dress code

  3. Blouse. A white plain denim shirt remains the standard win-win choice. However, if you don’t wear a jacket or your company’s dress code is not too strict, silk or chiffon blouses with puffed sleeves, ascot collars, and other trims are acceptable.
  4. dress code in the office

  5. Jacket. This element of the wardrobe is often considered a must. The single-breasted jacket with button fastening, turn-down collar and narrow lapels remains classic.
  6. business dress code

  7. Shoes. Closed shoes are always required in the office. The toes must not be bare under any circumstances. In the cold period, pumps, derbies or oxfords, heeled ankle boots will be relevant. In summer, clogs on a wide block are acceptable.

office dress code for women

Office dress code — dresses

One of the most common elements of clothing for an office look is a dress. Such a detail will emphasize femininity, elegance and sophistication, which is often lacking in independent business women. However, not every style is appropriate in a business bow. The laconic case is considered the most relevant. This model has a narrow straight silhouette. It is rare to find flashy decor here. The dress code for the office provides for a length from mid-calf to ten centimeters above the knee. The case is presented on the modern market both in a closed warm cut and in the form of a strict sundress.

office dress code dresses

Office dress code — trouser suit

If you are looking for a functional option, and your image suggests an energetic and active rhythm, then a set with trousers will be an actual choice. The upper part of such an element of the wardrobe is always presented in the form of a classic jacket. In fashionable tees, there is a vest that can be worn under a jacket or in an independent solution. A business dress code is trousers made of suit fabric or thick wool with a straight or tapered cut. In the past few years, an oversized 7/8 length has been acceptable. Acceptable trims are high waist and center-smoothed creases.

office dress code pantsuit

Office dress code — accessories

Do not think that office bows are boring unsightly combinations. Stylish additions will help dispel such a misconception. Without a doubt, bulky jewelry and eye-catching jewelry are excluded in this look. However, small earrings, a ring (no more than one) and a watch are considered acceptable. The office dress code for women often includes a tie. Such an accessory will not only emphasize the severity of the style, but also dilute the laconic design of the wardrobe. The bag is an important part. A briefcase, a manual model of a geometric shape, a tablet and a leather folder are considered traditional.

office dress code accessories

Office dress code — manicure

The handles of a business lady must be well-groomed. And it is important to pay attention not only to the design of nails, but also to the skin, cuticles, and the shape of the nail plates. The casual dress code allows an elongated, more expressive manicure. A discreet finish is possible here — ombre in soothing colors, Feng Shui style in one color palette, rich monochrome coating. However, if you are constrained by strict frames, then your nails should be soft in shape and short in length — no more than two millimeters above the pad. The actual choice of varnish is considered a neutral palette in a monochromatic solution.

office dress code manicure

Business dress code — hairstyle

The hair of a business woman should not interfere or distract. Therefore, stylists insist on short pixie haircuts. If you are a happy owner of long curls, then your dignity should be removed in a neat hairstyle. A fashionable business dress code for women is hair gathered in a bun. At the same time, such styling should be perfectly smooth, but the curl itself can have a beautiful shape. An alternative would be a «shell» or even tail, elongated with an iron. The office style does not provide for bright coloring and the presence of any decorative hair holders.

business dress code hairstyle

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