Unfortunately, not all people in the world are photogenic. In fact, most people need to work a lot and hard on themselves in order to turn out well in a photo. If you feel like one of those people, and it seems to you that in order to create one decent photo you need to take 10 shots, then this information is for you.

Here you will find some tips and tricks to help you look great when you are filmed. Read and try these tips to feel confident in front of the camera. So, let’s begin:

1. If you are standing in one place, then in no case put one hand under the other.

The best solution would be a casual crossing of the arms. Try placing your palms on opposite hands just above the elbow. In addition, do not forget about the position of the head. She shouldn’t be relaxed. Make sure that the chin is slightly raised and the neck is stretched up. This little trick will make your facial features more refined. Most importantly, do not forget to decorate your face with your unique smile. Happened? Excellent.

Hand position

2. But the problem of «where to put your hands» is not solved on this!

And if relaxed crossing is not at all your option, then it is worth remembering the most convenient trick — putting your palms on your waist. At the same time, you should make sure that this is not an aggressive “hands to hips” posture! Take your elbows to the side, relax your hands and spread your fingers, demonstrating a manicure. But most importantly, if you get carried away, do not bite your nails and do not squeeze your waist — this way you will only add wrinkles to the body and clothes.

hands on the waist

3. Never let your arms hang freely along your body. If in life it looks natural, then in the frame it is simply “unkempt”.


In this case, let one hand be relaxed and lowered down, and put the other on the waist, while tilting your head slightly to the side.

hand visas and at the waist

4. One of the most common mistakes is touching your cheek or chin with your hands.

This pose also needs to be rehearsed, otherwise it will seem in the finished photographs that you had a toothache during the shooting. Do you want to make your image in the frame attractive and intriguing? Then touch your cheek or chin only with your fingertips and then, as if by accident!

cheek touch

5. The next tip is very simple and pleasant, because you will have to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror in order to determine the best angle for your profile.

Let’s start! Approach the mirror and turn your head left and right until you decide which reflection in the mirror you like best. In order to get great photos, always remember to turn your head to the best side of your face when shooting.

Face angle

Of course, we know that to a greater extent the beauty of the picture depends on the skill of the photographer, but in some ways we can help him:

6. Do not allow yourself to be photographed from above, otherwise your head will be disproportionately larger in relation to the body in the photo.

The only exceptions are new-fangled selfies, on which you purposely create the image of an anime girl or a cute look of a cat from the movie «Shrek».


7. Don’t go overboard with cheek puffs! And if you really want to reduce them a little, just touch your tongue to the palate, and turn your head ¾.


8. Think squinting is arrogant? Well, in vain — if the models did not use this trick, then on the podium and advertising photos their face would look surprised and frightened. Try it yourself!


9. The main detail of a successful shot is a smile.

By the way, the times when before the camera clicks the photographer asks to say “cheese” or “cheese” have long sunk into oblivion. It has been proven that the most natural smile comes from saying words that end in «a», like «panda», or just imagining someone you love. But, even smiling with your most natural smile, you should know the measure — the radiance of all 32 teeth can emphasize non-existent wrinkles in the photo!


10. Remember, if you want to have a wide open look in the photo, tilt your chin down a little and look up. Voila!

open look

11. Excessive facial expressions will also have to be brought under control. You know that not all people in the world are photogenic, so a “frozen” antics or a kiss can play a cruel joke. The best advice is to smile with your eyes!


12. Find the «lucky side».

As you know, the human face is not symmetrical. Observe which side you look best when shooting — with it and turn to the camera in the future.


13. Do not look at the camera «frowningly».

This look will make your nose look longer and your face look menacingly unpleasant. It is better to look directly at the camera without tilting your head down.


14. Of course, do not forget about the position of the legs. They should create an hourglass silhouette of the body.

The legs should be placed one in front of the other, as in the picture below. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking «shapeless» or «pear-shaped», which will make you visually larger than you really are.

Leg position

15. And one last piece of advice: Do you remember how the shots turn out if the photographer shoots you from above? So, don’t let the photographer shoot you from below as well — that way you’ll look fatter even if you’re not!

Shooting from a lower angle

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