what hairstyles are in fashion 2014

No matter how stylish your look is, completeness cannot be achieved without a perfectly matched hairstyle. Fashion for hairstyles is not as changeable as for clothes or shoes. But to look in a new way, you should listen to the recommendations of stylists. What hairstyles are in fashion 2014?

Fashion trends 2014 for hairstyles

Fashion 2014 for hairstyles is characterized by simplicity, elegance, lack of pretentiousness. This is especially reflected in hairstyles with loose long hair. This image is universal and does not require special care. Waves and curls are relevant, the fashion for corrugation and hairstyles with the effect of wet hair are returning. According to the forecasts of stylists, in the spring of 2014 the fashion for hairstyles in the style of the 60s will revive — bouffants, bunches. Popular ethnic style with a variety of plaits, braids and braids. For those who obey the principle “not like everyone else”, the masters in the 2014 season offer asymmetrical hairstyles.

The most popular will be a pixie haircut and an asymmetrical bob. As well as hairstyles, in which a smooth transition is made from very short hair (shaved for shocking) on ​​one side of the head to longer on the other. Asymmetric bangs are relevant. For lovers of unusual images, leading stylists have prepared a gift — outrageous hairstyles 2014, distinguished by geometrically clear cut lines and the use of bright, acid colors in some details of hairstyles. This season’s trendy hairstyle will be ponytail, as a tribute to the coming Year of the Horse.

Everyday and holiday hairstyles

Casual hairstyles 2014, as well as the same hairstyles in previous seasons, are comfortable, neat and practical. First of all, when choosing a hairstyle, you must be guided by a sense of proportion. Not always appropriate, for example, loose hair.

Of course, there is room for fantasy to unfold when creating evening hairstyles. Braids laid in the form of a crown are very relevant this season. Many leading stylists, paying tribute to the increased popularity of the Baroque style, widely use hair accessories — stylish hairpins, hoops, tiaras, veils. This is especially true for the festive hairstyles of the 2014 season, and for hair of any length. For everyday hairstyles, you can limit yourself to simpler and more practical accessories in the form of crab hairpins or colored elastic bands.

Remember, no matter what hairstyle is chosen, you will look beautiful if your hair is healthy and well-groomed.

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