Simple manicure - fashion trends for short and long nails

Fashion trends in modern nail art are constantly changing, and designers from season to season offer stylish and original novelties. But the most popular are solutions that you can do yourself at home. A simple manicure helps to complete the image, spending a minimum of time and money.

Manicure 2019 — simple fashion trends

This season, stylists offer many original ideas that are easy to implement. The trend is not only the use of techniques with varnishes, but also the use of stylish additions. In addition, both laconic and discreet solutions, as well as catchy and rich design ideas are in fashion. In the fashion selection, every girl will find a good option for every day in casual, romantic and even business style. Let’s see the most popular simple manicure 2019:

  1. Bright style. To add attractiveness to the hands or to emphasize the image, stylists suggest giving preference to rich and bright varnishes. You can combine several shades in one design, which will make the whole bow original and outstanding.

manicure 2019 simple fashion trends

  1. In pastel colors. A touch of tenderness and romance will be added by solutions of fresh light tones. This season, both cold and warm colors are in trend. The most popular are all shades of pink, mint, lavender, lemon and light green.

simple manicure 2019

  1. deep colors. Ideas in rich dark colors look very impressive and decisive — sapphire, emerald, marsala, chocolate, graphite, purple and others. Against such a background, a shiny and sparkling finish looks especially good.

simple and stylish manicure

Simple manicure for short nails

For nails of natural length, simple ideas are considered an actual choice, because they do not distort the shape due to a minimum of finishing. However, in any case, it is important to pay attention not only to the decorative side of the issue, but also to the cosmetic one, moisturizing the skin, removing the cuticle and leveling the surface of the nail plates. The simplest and most beautiful manicure for short nails is presented in both dark and light pastel colors. For an eye-catching look, stylists suggest adding glitter, a few sparkling crystals on one finger, foil ribbons, or a feng shui-style sticker.

simple manicure for short nails

Simple manicure for long nails

Girls with beautiful long nails are offered a much larger choice, since on a large surface even the most uncomplicated ideas can be translated into original and unusual solutions. A simple and stylish manicure can be done in bright or rich deep color, completing the design with a matte top. Such ideas are attractive and emphasize the length. A fashionable choice is the feng shui style with a combination of coverage in neutral colors and a marble pattern on one finger. Simple geometric patterns in the form of stripes or peas remain relevant.

easy manicure for long nails

Easy Manicure Ideas

If you think that a simple design involves only varnishing in one, maximum two colors, then this belief is a big delusion. Stylists offer many interesting solutions using beautiful and original finishes. Often, complex nail-art is complemented by decor, but the additions are easy to fix on the nails. In addition, with the help of different shades, stylish interpretations can be made in the technique of art painting or by combining colors. Let’s see the simplest and most beautiful manicure:

  1. ombre. Gradient transitions always look original and spectacular. If you are looking for the most affordable way to design such a design, stylists suggest choosing an ombre in one color palette with a finger-to-finger stretch.

simple manicure ideas

  1. with foil. Shiny foil is considered a very effective and stylish addition. Designers use two types of tools — liquid paste and adhesive tapes. Both solutions look very unusual.

simple and beautiful manicure

  1. with sequins. This type of finish looks very impressive, but is considered one of the easiest to apply. With the help of a shiny varnish, you can make beautiful stretch marks, and loose glitter helps to make textured patterns.

simple manicure 2019

  1. Feng Shui. For several years now, the fashion trend has been to highlight one or two fingers with a stylish finish. The easiest way to do this is with a contrasting color. But stylists also use simple decor — foil, sparkles, rhinestones.

easiest manicure ever

  1. Minimalism. One of the fashionable solutions are ideas in a concise and restrained style. This design is characterized by neutral, classic or light colors. Acceptable finishes may be a miniature pattern, one stone, a strip of foil on one finger.

gentle simple manicure 2019

Just plain manicure

The most popular choice remains a monochrome coating in one color. In recent seasons, any decisions are in trend, both bright and saturated, and restrained and light. The simplest manicure involves only varnishing. However, designers also offer original additions that do not violate the monochromatic style. In this case, rub, glitter, matte top will be the actual decor. The monochrome version is universal for an image in any style. The exception is evening ensembles, which suggest more expressive and catchy ideas with jewelry.

simple plain manicure

Simple manicure with rhinestones

Sparkling crystals have always been considered the most beautiful and sophisticated type of decor. This finish was originally purely for the evening style, but today stylists use rhinestones for everyday bows. No matter how intricate and original the stones look in the design, fixing them is easy. A simple gentle manicure is presented in pastel colors or light colors, complemented by pebbles on one finger. And it can be a generous scattering of rhinestones and pixies or an elegant chain, a hole, a strip, a flower.

simple manicure with rhinestones

Manicure with a simple pattern

Any images on the nails will always emphasize the individual style and originality of the fashionista. In contemporary nail-art, the most beautiful technique is hand-painted. But this method is not within the power of everyone, it requires professionalism and skill. To complement the design with an attractive pattern, stylists suggest using stickers, sliders or translations. Such a tool will help to make an original and even complex print with a minimum of effort. A simple manicure for medium nails and a short length can be done in the form of dots using dots.

simple pattern manicure

Simple matte manicure

Non-reflective coating gives hands neatness and tidiness. Such a finish is considered especially successful for ideas in dark and rich colors, for example, a simple red manicure. And the easiest way is to cover a plain design with a matte top. But if you want to add originality, stylists offer to combine ideas with gloss. In this case, the final will be a transparent varnish. With it, you can make the effect of water drops or highlight a strip of jacket, holes. A matte top goes well with shiny decor — foil, glitter, kamifubuki and more.

simple matte manicure

Simple black and white manicure

A win-win choice for any look is a design in shades of the classic palette. Black and white polishes can be combined in simple stripes or dotted ideas. In recent seasons, unusual abstract stains have been in trend. This option can be easily done on your own with a thin brush or needle. A simple black manicure with a white pattern that interprets marble remains a fashionable solution. Another simple choice would be the Feng Shui style. And here the main color can be both light and dark.

simple black and white manicure

Simple french manicure

The French style remains a classic in contemporary nail art. The combination of a white smile and a neutral or transparent base is considered traditional. This option is the most gentle simple manicure of 2019. To diversify the design a little, stylists suggest replacing the light classic color with more saturated and catchy varnishes. In addition, different forms of the edge strip are in trend — straight, semicircular, geometric triangular, wide and narrow. French is universal for an image in any style. Laconic and restrained ideas are suitable for both business bows and romantic ensembles.

simple french manicure

Simple moon manicure

Highlighting the hole at the root of the nail plates is considered a stylish alternative to French. Like French design, the easiest way to make moon nail-art is in combination with white and neutral. However, stylists offer other ideas that look more attractive. A simple manicure with stripes is in fashion. The line can be contrasting or transparent, separating the well from the base. Another stylish choice would be sequins, a few large stones, or foil tape. Lunar design always looks very romantic and original with a semicircular or concave crescent.

simple moon manicure

Simple nude manicure

A universal solution that will complement the image in any style is considered to be a design in neutral colors. Nude palette is perfect for business strict bows, romantic feminine combinations and practical casual. A simple manicure in pastel colors is presented in the ombre technique. Several shades of the palette are involved here, for example, ivory, ivory, coffee with milk, caramel and shortbread. A fashionable choice would be a solid color finish with a matte finish or a one-finger addition with a miniature minimalist pattern.

simple nude manicure

Simple manicure with rubbing

This type of decor always attracts attention due to the beautiful shine. The rubbed pigment is represented by many beautiful shades. But the main advantage of rubbing is the ease of use of this finish. The main condition is considered to be a sticky surface, on which the powder is rubbed. A simple bright manicure will perfectly complement the rub of the northern lights, Maybug and a mirror on a rich colored background. Pearl and holographic nails look more gentle and sophisticated. By rubbing, you can highlight one or two fingers in Feng Shui, add a jacket or holes.

simple manicure with rubbing

Simple monogram manicure

This type of pattern looks very romantic and feminine. A simple manicure 2019 is presented with a frame in the form of an openwork pattern. And this option is relevant both for all fingers, and only for one or two in Feng Shui. The most popular combination of shades was the ensemble of a light base and a dark pattern. However, for long nails, stylists make more saturated decisions. Openwork patterns can complement the classic jacket and moon design. Such a stylish nail-art is perfect for images in a romantic style, and in discreet and discreet colors it will complement a business bow.

simple monogram manicure

Simple geometry manicure

The geometric theme is represented by a separate line in design shows with a pattern. Such a choice can not only complement the bow in an original way, but also visually adjust the shape of the nail plates and their length. One of the easiest solutions is considered to be the ideas of the moon and French design with a triangular finish. A simple geometric manicure is also presented in the form of straight lines. The easiest way to make stripes is with foil tapes, but you can also use a thin brush. A stylish solution would be polka dots. Stylists offer this option with kamifubuki or dots.

simple geometry manicure

Simple wedding manicure

Wedding nail design always meets the romantic style. Therefore, the main trends are aimed at tenderness, sophistication and grace. Often, nail-art for the bride is presented in light and pastel colors. In laconic solutions, a minimum of decoration is used, but such ideas look very beautiful and feminine. Let’s see the simplest options for a wedding look:

  1. with pearls. Small pearls are considered an excellent addition, which can be combined with several stones or rhinestones. An excellent choice is also a design with a pearl rub on a plain light base.

simple wedding manicure

  1. With lace. Another stylish solution was ideas with openwork patterns. For simplicity and conciseness, the Feng Shui style in an ensemble with a plain light coating or sliders, stickers, transfers with lace will be relevant.

simple and stylish manicure

  1. Simple white manicure. A win-win solution for the image of the bride is a monochrome white design. To add appeal, stylists suggest using several rhinestones or stones on one finger, pearl powder, shiny strips of foil or glitter.

simple white manicure

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