red dress shoes

Red is the color of passion. This color attracts the attention of men more than others. Everyone knows that if a woman is dressed in a red dress, then she cannot go unnoticed. A red dress evokes mixed feelings in the opposite sex: admiration and modesty, fear and attraction. However, to make such an impression, the whole image of a woman must maintain one rhythm. First of all, it concerns shoes. Not every shoes will fit a red dress. Therefore, a fashionista should approach this issue with all seriousness.

What shoes go with a red dress?

Despite the latest fashion requirements to be bright and juicy, such a wardrobe element as a red dress does not accept other accents in the image. Therefore, stylists do not recommend choosing bright shoes for a red dress. The only good solution in this case would be red shoes. However, it is necessary to select shoes so that their color is the same shade as the dress.

The most win-win option would be black shoes in combination with a red dress. The black color is both not intrusive and not faded, which is ideal for the image of a woman in red.

White pumps look beautiful with a red dress. But, unlike black, the classic white color cannot be present only on shoes. At the very least, it’s better not to allow this option. Choose a red dress with white elements: inserts, buttons, collar. If this is excluded, add white to the image with the help of accessories. Even a white manicure will do.

And another good combination, according to stylists, is a red dress and beige shoes. Unlike white, beige is calmer and less catchy, which allows you not to complement the image with shoes of this color with other accessories. According to the designers, beige shoes can successfully replace white shoes complete with such an outfit.

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