photo session of pregnant women in nature

What could be more important for a woman than waiting for the birth of a baby? Just the birth itself. New troubles and worries have not yet appeared, but there is already a sea of ​​indescribable sensations and impressions. You feel very different and look different. Eyes radiate with happiness, the smile does not leave the face. You are like the sun, giving your light to others. A photo session will help to save these wonderful moments, capture a wonderful period of waiting, reverent love for the baby.

Choose a place

The first step is to decide on the location of the shooting. You can do it at home, in the studio or outdoors. Of course, the most tender and natural photos of pregnant girls in nature are obtained. Nature creates a unique backdrop that cannot be recreated in a studio. The sun’s rays, azure sky, lawns with bright colors… When photographing a pregnant woman in nature, the pictures are natural, bright and «fresh».

Choose a place where you feel comfortable, and you can feel calm and relaxed, and outsiders will not interfere with the shooting. It can be cute shots with the sun in the palm of your hand, a tea party at a picnic, just a photo walk through the forest or park. There are a lot of ideas for a photo shoot of pregnant women in nature. Nude maternity photography is especially popular today. Such a series can be made not only in the studio, but also in nature, where it will be more natural in harmony with nature.

You can choose for the background city courtyards with graffiti drawings, picturesque bridges or rural cozy houses with living creatures and rustic flavor. Organize a photo shoot on the shore of a lake or river. Here you can not only shoot against the backdrop of a pond, but also launch paper boats, remembering your childhood. Use additional props: a boat and a lifebuoy, chairs and a table brought in advance, an interesting lamp, pillows and other cute little things.

Prepare in advance for the photo shoot of your future baby his things or toys. It can be booties or a hat, a teddy bear or a doll.

What to wear?

If you want to look sweet and romantic, choose clothes in light, delicate colors from light flowing natural fabrics. If photographs of a pregnant woman in nature will be taken by the river, then you can put on a vest. For an autumn photo shoot, you can choose bright colors. For example, red looks attractive in combination with golden autumn leaves. In a field with sunflowers, a rich blue sundress is perfect. The choice of clothing depends on the overall design and image.

Getting ready to shoot

Like any responsible event, a photo shoot of pregnant women in nature requires some preparation. Choosing a photographer is important. A woman should trust him, feel relaxed and confident. A good photographer will advise you on the best poses, background, and subject matter. It is recommended to do a professional make-up to hide imperfections and give maximum tenderness and freshness to the face. It should be almost imperceptible and natural.

Be sure to involve the future dad in the photo shoot. His participation will additionally show him the importance of this period and give you joyful moments. And photographs of pregnant women in nature will preserve for your child the wonderful moments of communication between his parents, which are distinguished by special warmth and love for him.

Be sure to sleep well and rest the night before. Don’t drink a lot of fluids to avoid swelling. Clothing should be comfortable and loose. Be sure to take something to eat with you. It can be fruits or sandwiches. They will also come in handy for your photo picnic. You must be irresistible, look fresh and blooming. So take care of grooming. Make a mask, update your manicure. And you will proudly show your photos to future children, remembering the exciting period of waiting for a miracle.

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