Nail design with rhinestones 2013

Beautiful nails are a necessary element of a harmonious female image. Masters who are fluent in the art of Nail design are able to turn women’s nails into a unique style accessory. This allows not only to experiment in any direction, but also completely obey the flight of fancy. An opportunity not only to attract attention, but also a way of self-expression that emphasizes your individuality.

Fashionable manicure with rhinestones

There are many variations and technologies on how to decorate nails. A particularly relevant nail design in 2013 is all kinds of manicure with rhinestones: classic, bright, extreme, extraordinary and many others. In addition, there are various types of rhinestones for manicure — glass, plastic, zirconium, rock crystal. It all depends on individual preferences and the capabilities of your wallet. Given the shape, size and structure of the stones, you can create a unique nail design. By adding just a few rhinestones to a simple manicure, you can visually change it and add shine.

Pebbles are applied with tweezers or a toothpick and fixed with glue for tips, gel or acrylic. If your own nails are too short, then it is better to use extensions, as a manicure with rhinestones visually shortens the nail.

This is especially true for french lovers. Here, any options for fashionable nail design with rhinestones are possible — patterns and lines suitable for any style and occasion. Whether it’s a nightclub, a wedding, a date, a holiday or just an element that adorns the everyday look. In addition, in a manicure with rhinestones in 2013, combinations with other materials are possible. For example, foil, sequins, dried flowers, modeling, stickers, drawings and others.

One of the fashion trends of the summer of 2013 — nail design with rhinestones can improve any manicure.

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