trendy hair shades 2014

Every fashionista, of course, cares not only about updating her wardrobe, but also about a stylish hairstyle, in particular, about the shade of her hair. After all, it is the hairstyle that becomes the final touch of the image. Therefore, it is simply necessary to be aware of what the most fashionable shades of hair will be in 2014.

The winter of 2014 did not change the fashion shades of hair much, and the main trends in hair coloring will remain the same.

Trendy chocolate shades of hair

If you have naturally dark hair, then pay attention to chocolate, nut shades, and also cocoa. These colors will soften your facial features, give more femininity. This year, stylists categorically do not advise using blue-black color, it often looks too vulgar.

If you have dark skin, then use chestnut shades of hair dyes. They will look very organic, and emphasize the golden hue of the skin.

If you use paint 2-3 tones darker than your natural color, then do not forget about eyebrows and eyelashes, but do not overdo it with a black pencil, it is better to use dark brown or gray.

Fashionable hair shade for blondes

Light shades of hair are always fashionable. Blondes have always been very attractive to the male gaze, and this season is no exception.

The main advice of stylists is to focus on the naturalness of the shade. No yellowness and platinum blond, only natural shades, of course, do not forget to paint over the regrown roots in time.

We also do not recommend combining light strands with dark skin — it looks vulgar. No self-tanners or busting with a solarium. If your skin is naturally dark, then use shades from the light brown palette.

The most important rule for any shade of hair is naturalness and well-groomed healthy hair.

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