autumn manicure 2013

Well-groomed and beautiful female hands will certainly indicate that their owner is a fairly successful and stylish woman. In addition, a trendy autumn manicure will help emphasize refined taste, as well as harmoniously complement your completed look. After all, neat nails always remain in trend, regardless of their shape and length.

The fall season has long been in full swing, so it’s not surprising that many fashionistas around the world want to find out as soon as possible about what ideas for autumn manicure are relevant this season.

Fashionable manicure of the season autumn-winter 2013-2014

Forget about long nails — they are a thing of the past, and this fall, a natural look has firmly come into fashion. That is why extended nails should be abandoned, because nails, the edges of which barely protrude beyond the fingertips, will become popular again in the new season. As for the shape of the nails, pay attention to the rounded, as well as almond-shaped. After all, it is on such nails that almost any fashionable manicure will look best. Also, square marigolds, which are practical, are still in trend.

The classic French manicure has been and remains relevant at all times, although it has undergone quite strong changes in the new season. However, the delicate pastel shade is being replaced by a bright, sharply contrasting with other colors fashionable autumn manicure in 2013 using red, white, black, and gold. Most designers also offer a rather original variation of the jacket: apply varnish only on the nail hole, leaving most of it open. In the event that a French manicure is overkill for you, or you like simpler manicure options, do not forget that in the new season, short nails painted in a dark color of varnish remain at the peak of fashion.

Shades of trendy manicure for summer and autumn 2013

Most likely, the red color of the varnish will not soon go out of fashion. It is important to remember that stylists advise applying it on short oval or almond-shaped nails. Dark blue is becoming quite a popular shade in the new season. However, many designers strongly advise you to match the color of the varnish with the shade of clothing or accessories you have chosen. After the summer, the lilac hue noticeably faded into the background, but now its place has been replaced by bright and colorful shades of yellow, light green and pale pink. Don’t forget about warm, pastel colors of nail polish. They will help every woman to turn into a stylish and sophisticated lady. For a windy, cool autumn day, a dark gray varnish is perfect. It looks quite advantageous with almost any style of clothing, and will certainly be in harmony with your autumn outfits.

Autumn manicure: drawings

As for the decorative design of the autumn manicure, here you should abandon various rhinestones, sparkles, as well as varnishes, which contain glitter. Because against the background of natural severity, excess in the form of brilliant shades, as well as other brightly shimmering elements on the nails, will look too pretentious and extremely inappropriate. Stylists strongly recommend abandoning the patterns on the nails, because even the most original and dim patterns in the autumn season have long lost their popularity. At the same time, thematic drawings have lost their relevance. Indeed, as noted earlier, this autumn season, restraint in manicure is at the peak of its popularity.

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