Whitening nail pencil

French manicure has become an integral part of the image of many women. This is not surprising, because such nail care allows you not only to give them a healthy look, but also looks harmonious with any outfit. To facilitate the creation of a French manicure, a whitening pencil is available. Let’s see how to use it correctly.

Appointment of a whitening nail pencil

Until recently, French manicure was a rather laborious procedure, which required 2 bottles of varnish — white and colorless, as well as strips of self-adhesive paper. Manicure whitening pencil eliminates the painstaking gluing of strips and neat coloring of the tips of the nails with varnish. It allows you to give your nails a perfectly white color, which, moreover, will last a long time.

How to whiten nails with a pencil?

The process takes several minutes, but the effect is instantaneous and provides nails with a well-groomed appearance for 2-3 days. For whitening, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the nail plates from the inside and give them the desired shape. It is best to first soak your nails in warm water, and then use a special spatula for cleaning. After the edges of the nails are dry, you should carefully and evenly paint them on the inside with a whitening pencil, to enhance the effect, you can wet it. If white marks remain on the fingers, they must be removed with a damp cloth.

How to choose a whitening pencil for French manicure?

The most popular brands are:

  1. Oriflame.
  2. Essence.
  3. Lady Rose.
  4. Yves Rocher.

All 4 firms produce fairly high-quality pencils with a soft texture that give nails a well-groomed appearance for up to 5 days. A nice addition to the design of the Yves Rocher whitening pencil is a cap with a pointed edge, with which you can easily push back the cuticle and clean the inside of the nail.

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