nails with rhinestones

Girls always strive to look brighter, more expressive, more noticeable. There are many different ways to do this, and one of the most popular is the use of manicure nails with rhinestones. Such a bright design will decorate any handles and can replace some jewelry, such as rings.

Popular nail design with rhinestones

Short nails with rhinestones look just as impressive as long ones, a sharp shape looks as harmonious as a round or square one. Brides often choose this design for themselves, because wedding nails with rhinestones look very festive and beautiful.

One of the most popular options are french nails with rhinestones. Moreover, accents can be made both on individual fingers on the hand, and all nails stand out. Sometimes the nail growth line can be decorated with rhinestones, usually the smallest crystals are used for this, sometimes the upper edge can be completely decorated with rhinestones. Another interesting option: the usual jacket on all the nails on both hands, and the nail plates on the ring fingers are completely covered with rhinestones.

You can also often see drawings on nails with rhinestones. These can be both simple compositions, when the main pattern is made using varnish, and rhinestones are used only as accents, or complex combinations using multi-colored crystals, which, when laid out in a certain order, form a pattern.

Making a design with rhinestones at home

Simple compositions with beautiful patterns on nails with rhinestones can be created at home. To do this, it is enough to stock up on the following materials: a base for manicure, colored varnishes, rhinestones of the right size, glue for rhinestones (if you use small crystals, they may well be fixed with the help of the base), a toothpick, a top coat.

First, we do a manicure so that the hands look well-groomed. We give the nails the necessary shape. For example, if you decide to make a jacket on sharp nails with rhinestones, then the nails must first be filed and then carefully polished.

We apply the base on the nail, make a design with the help of colored varnishes. Next, on the dried varnish, we apply either another layer of a transparent base, or droplets of glue in those places where the rhinestones should be located. We place the rhinestones in the right order with a toothpick. We cover the finished manicure on top with a top for greater strength and durability.

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