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A fashionable bow for every day should be chosen by every girl in order to know in advance what and where to go, without spending too much time choosing clothes. In addition, a well-thought-out image will allow you to always look stylish and spectacular, in accordance with fashion trends, which, of course, first of all, must be carefully studied. Let’s figure out how to create a fashionable image.

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It is impossible to start every day by getting acquainted with fashion trends and choosing clothes and makeup, as it takes too much time, which is always lacking anyway. Therefore, the most convenient option is to study the latest fashionable images of girls in order, based on them, to create your own bows for every day and for some special events. It will be really easy for you to stay true to fashion.

Stylish rebellion. It is worth noting that this is an exclusively youth image that will not suit business women who prefer a classic style. But it is really very fashionable now. Sneakers or high platform shoes. Accessories are desirable to choose massive. Top: loose T-shirts with bright prints, T-shirts: short front, revealing the navel, and elongated back, denim shirts. Bottoms: Jeans or shorts — popular as a skinny shape (length just above the ankle), and flared, which again returned to the catwalks after a short break.

«Striped flight». The stripe is in trend right now, so don’t forget to use it in your bows. The trendiest «striped» look is undoubtedly a black and white striped long skirt paired with a plain white shirt and high heeled pumps. This look combines classic style and modern.

classical repertoire. Since high-waisted shirts and skirts are in fashion, feel free to create a simple, but nevertheless memorable and catchy classic look. A shirt or blouse in combination with a pencil skirt, interesting shoes and a bag-bag — that’s the perfect fashionable bow for working days.

A riot of colors. This season, a wide variety of bright colors and colorful floral prints delight the eyes. In summer, a strict look can be diluted with a floral blouse, which will immediately add its romantic touch. Floral print shirt dresses are also very interesting. You can add a thin strap, flat sandals and a stylish small leather handbag to this dress. It turns out a great image for walking in the park.

Denim. Returning to the catwalks, denim firmly holds its position. Denim items are very convenient because they are versatile — they can be combined with almost any style. Complete a long dress with a denim vest and it will sparkle with new colors. Denim shirts are perfect for summer outings. They look great with tapered and slightly cropped trousers in bright colors or with long, wide trousers that visually make you look taller.

Sporty style. Also this season, images in which there are sports notes are very popular. Sports shirt dress and bright sneakers or high heels. You can complement the bow with a massive chain or bracelet.

Fringe or «hello from the past.» The once fashionable fringe has regained its position. Dresses with fringe and lurex look very stylish — they are perfect for parties or dates. Since the fringe is already enough decoration, it is best to pair this dress with simple heeled shoes and a plain clutch. An interesting everyday look will be a fringed skirt, a white shirt, a denim vest and sneakers.

Finally, I would like to note that every girl should choose fashionable bows for herself, only paying attention to other people’s images and advice, but not being guided solely by them. Listen more to your sense of style and then you can create your own unique version.

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