fashion drawings on nails 2014

Any fashionista knows perfectly well that manicure is the most important component of a harmonious image. The main thing is that it should be relevant and fit correctly into the overall style of the outfit. In addition, in 2014, various patterns on the nails are in fashion, and if they are chosen correctly, the manicure only benefits from this. In general, in the current season, in addition to geometric shapes, various symbols, zigzags, and even words are relevant. The most trendy combinations are purple with white or gold, black with white, red with gray.

Beautiful drawings on sharp nails 2014

Do not forget that the fashion for the same nails has long passed. And now the nails on the handles can be radically different from each other. And the ring and index fingers, which stand out from the rest, have become almost the rule.

Very fashionable animal theme. Feel free to complement cat tracks and spots (under the jaguar) with a muzzle or silhouette. They are still in fashion. And you can get a cute family of pandas if you add a couple of strokes to the usual jacket!

Now is the time to decorate your nails with a sprig of sakura. Floral décor never goes out of style, and is popular at any time of the year and in any color.

Another trend — a few dark blotches on a light base — very simple, but incredibly fashionable.

Don’t change red! It looks great ombre effect and moon manicure. By the way, red peas are still relevant.

Do not be lazy at home to create beauty for yourself. Manicure gradient or ombre — it’s like a rainbow on the nails after the rain — looks great and unusual. The transition from one saturated color to another will not leave anyone without attention. We offer two ways to apply such a manicure at home:

  1. Simple. From the thumb to the little finger, apply different shades of the same color to the nails.
  2. A little harder, but more effective. On the surface of a small sponge, apply the colors you need. It is necessary that they smoothly pass from one to another. Apply a sponge to a pre-prepared nail and cover with a dryer-fixer. Remove residue on your finger with nail polish remover. Manicure as from the salon is ready!
  3. fashion drawings on nails 20141

Bright fashion drawings on nails 2014 — new items

In 2014, many stylists recommend that girls who plan to apply drawings on short nails take a jacket as a basis. And in general, this year differs from the previous ones in that, firstly, absolutely any two colors are considered compatible with a transparent base, and secondly, you can no longer repeat the natural forms of the nail border — angular curves and lines are in trend. And the true innovations of 2014 are massive patterns, lace and transitions.

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