acrylic nail polish

Today, the assortment of varnishes on store shelves is simply amazing in its diversity. Moreover, they differ not only in shades, visual effects, etc., but also in their purpose and functions. So, not so long ago, acrylic nail polish appeared on sale. Consider what this varnish is intended for and how to apply it correctly.

The composition and purpose of acrylic nail polish

Acrylic lacquer — This is an acrylic-based varnish that does not contain formaldehyde and toluene in its composition — toxic substances that can cause significant harm to health. Acrylic, on the other hand (the one that is often encountered when building nails) is considered harmless when applied to nails. Also, acrylic varnish may contain various additives that strengthen the structure of the nail plate. For example, nylon fibers, which, when applied, cover the nails with the finest mesh of nylon, giving them greater strength.

Acrylic, covering the nail plates, creates a durable dense film that protects against the harmful effects of the environment, the action of chemicals, frequent contact with water, etc. In addition, thanks to acrylic, nails become harder, stop breaking and exfoliating, and their surface looks even and smooth. Thus, acrylic lacquer is primarily used as a protective agent that hardens the nails.

Acrylic lacquer is usually clear and can be used as a base coat before regular decorative lacquer is applied. However, there are colored acrylic varnishes (matte and glossy), which are used as an independent tool.

Application of acrylic varnish

Applying acrylic nail polish takes some skill, but with a little practice, you can quickly and easily get the job done, creating a flawless manicure.

  1. Before applying acrylic varnish, clean and degrease the nails with a special tool.
  2. The varnish should be applied in a very thin layer, starting from the central part of the nail.
  3. After applying the first layer, let the varnish dry a little. After that, a second layer of acrylic varnish or a layer of decorative varnish is applied.

The main thing when applying acrylic varnish is not to apply a lot of it, but at the same time, before painting each nail, you should dip the brush into the varnish.

With the correct application of acrylic varnish, the nails look very neat, with a perfectly smooth surface, without bubbles, grooves, etc.

How to choose acrylic varnish?

As already mentioned, acrylic nail polish can be clear or colored. Which one to choose depends on your personal preferences. The main thing is to give preference to a quality product and not to purchase a fake or expired product. Of course, cheap varnish can not be good. At the same time, expensive goods do not always live up to expectations, and often turn out to be on the same level with goods of an average price category in terms of quality.

Among the manufacturers of acrylic lacquer today, the most affordable (both in terms of price and availability on store shelves) are products of the American cosmetic brand. Sally Hansen. However, opinions about acrylic nail polish from this manufacturer among consumers are ambiguous. Among the advantages of the funds can be distinguishedAcrylic based varnish a convenient bottle, and, most importantly, a brush for applying varnish. The varnish really strengthens the nails, so they do not exfoliate, bend or crack. However, some note that the tool is difficult to apply due to the density, and also that the varnish hardens for a long time or cracks on the nails later (perhaps this is due to insufficiently professional varnish application).

And with the help of acrylic varnish it is convenient to make various drawings on the nails: it fixes rhinestones, stickers and just applications well. True, it takes a long time to dry. And one more thing: if the layer is too thick, then bubbles may form.

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