what shape of nails is in fashion 2015

What form of nails is now in fashion — in 2015 this question worries sophisticated fashionistas no less than before. After all, everyone knows that a manicure, like any other detail of a female image, is subject to the influence of Her Majesty Fashion. The shape, length, color of the coating are all important components of a fashionable set and a limitless field for experiments for fashion industry gurus.

So, what shape to give your nails to stay on the crest of fashion in 2015, let’s try to figure it out?

Fashionable manicure of 2015 — actual length and shape of nails

Surely, modern fashionistas have noticed that light negligence and natural shades are welcomed in hairstyles, simple and feminine silhouettes in clothes, and natural length and the absence of sharp corners in manicure. Outrageousness and originality were replaced by naturalness.

This year, designers strongly recommend giving up sharp and super-long nails. These trends have already left the list of favorites, giving way to practical short lengths and natural shapes.

So, in 2015, oval or almond-shaped nails are considered fashionable, the length of which protrudes beyond the fingertips by only a few millimeters. Also popular is the shape of the «soft rectangle».

For categorical young ladies who do not want to give up glamorous long nails, stylists advise smoothing the corners in order to give the plate the most natural shape.

Girls who continue to build up their nails should also not overdo it with the length — you can lengthen the native plate by no more than 1 centimeter, while making sure to give the desired contours.

In other words, in 2015, answering the question of what shape and length of nails are now in fashion, stylists and nail technicians categorically declare that everything should be as natural and feminine as possible. This trend also extends to nail design: nude style coating, classic French or moon manicure, unobtrusive patterns and ornaments are the main favorites of the season.

In addition, do not forget that naturalness, fashionable this year, does not in any way imply an untidy and unkempt appearance of ladies’ fingers. It is still necessary to carry out a regular cuticle care procedure, monitor the health of the nail plate and the condition of the skin of the handles.

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