Wedding nail design 2016

Of course, every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. And this means that not only the dress, shoes, makeup and hairstyle should be ideal, but also the nails. In 2016, the wedding nail design is so diverse that both lovers of the classics and girls who prefer original ideas can choose the right option.

Wedding Manicure Ideas

It’s worth starting with the fact that in 2016 the oval and almond-shaped forms of the nail plates replaced the boring rectangular and square ones. A soft square is relevant only if the nails are round and small by nature. As for the color scheme, in 2016 brides for the wedding prefer to order a nail design that is as close as possible to what is worn in everyday life. These are polishes of white, light pink, powdery, pale blue and cream shades.

French manicure is perhaps the most popular nail design for a wedding, and in 2016 the situation remains unchanged. The natural base and the highlighted tips of the plates always look appropriate and neat. But if we consider the fashion ideas of the season, then in 2016 wedding nails with a jacket have changed. Nail art masters offer to replace the white and pale pink color on the tips of the nails with catchy varnish. Extravagant brides from the fan jacket are delighted!

The idea of ​​a shocking wedding manicure is also supported by a 3D-style design. Thanks to beads, shining stones or original rhinestone designs, nail design acquires a special chic. A similar effect is produced by unique lace, delicate curls and unusual stripes.

Nails for a bride’s wedding in 2016 can also be colored if the selected shades resonate with the theme of the celebration. Green, wine, cherry, lilac — if these colors are in harmony with the wedding look, why not? In addition, options that correspond to boho, shabby chic, retro and vintage styles are welcome.

Such a design as velvet sand in 2016 also has every right to decorate wedding nails, because the fine-grained texture always looks luxurious.

Having decided in 2016 to do nail extensions for the wedding, we should not forget that this procedure should be carried out a few days before the celebration. The fact is that you will have to get used to artificial nails, and the result may not always be the one you expected.

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