Stickers for nails

A beautiful, unusual and attention-grabbing manicure was the prerogative of professional salons for a long time and required remarkable skills. A variety of nail stickers have corrected this situation, and now any woman can quickly and independently design.

How to apply stickers on nails?

There is, perhaps, nothing easier than to perform a similar manicure. First of all, you need to decide whether you will paste over the entire surface of the nail or just decorate a plain coating with a fixture. In the first option, it will be necessary to fit the purchased stickers to the shape of your nail plates. In the second — just carefully cut out the desired pattern.

Here is how to use the nail stickers:

  1. Clean the surface, apply a base coat, let it dry completely.
  2. Gently stick the device on the nail and press firmly with a cotton swab, sponge or sponge.
  3. If you use a sticker on the entire nail plate, carefully smooth it out to eliminate wrinkles and swelling.
  4. Cover the manicure with colorless varnish.

You can independently improve and complicate the design of nails with stickers, using several varieties instead of one base color, creating gradient shades. In addition, the combination of the products in question with sparkles, rhinestones and small feathers looks original.

Shellac nail stickers

The described nail coating is a thick, dense gel, which is designed to protect the plates from external mechanical damage, as well as increase the duration of the manicure.

Under shellac, you can use any kind of stickers, the only rule is to attach them before applying the final Top Coat layer. Thus, the completed manicure will last much longer, and the sticker will not be erased or torn.

Water or transfer nail stickers

This subspecies of products is also called a decal. The essence of the method is that the purchased stickers or cut out images must first be dipped in warm water, and then carefully remove the film with a pattern and transfer it to the nail plate.

A huge plus of water stickers is their absolute invisibility, it is almost impossible to distinguish a manicure with a decal from a professionally made high-quality design.

Nail stickers — lace

This type of product is great for various special occasions and wedding manicure. As a rule, lace is not glued to the entire nail plate, it is used to form the extreme part of the nail or the side zones.

The device in question is often produced in a water version, so that only the pattern is clearly visible, without a film base.

An interesting option for using stickers in the form of lace is their coloring. The white base image can be independently coated with a varnish of a different color so that the pattern becomes more pronounced and contrasts with the base surface of the nails.

3D nail stickers

This unusual novelty allows you to achieve a visual three-dimensional volume of the picture.

In addition to the usual flat stickers, there are stickers made of gel materials, silicates, acrylic, metal, and polymer clay. They are a bit more difficult to attach as they are large and rather heavy. Therefore, you should first purchase a special glue for such manicure decorations.

One of the stickers that you should pay attention to is 3D gel stickers. They have a base and a coating, between which there is a filler with a pattern. The stickers are very resistant to damage and create unusual visual effects, overflows and gradients when changing the angle of view.

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